Trojan horse schools inquiries were ‘confused’, claim MPS

5 major inquiries investigated an alleged plot by Islamists to take over schools

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There was a “worrying and wasteful” lack of collaboration between the numerous inquiries into the “Trojan horse” schools affair, MPs have warned.

The Commons Education Select Committee delivered its highly critical verdict yesterday on the way investigations into allegations of Islamist extremism in Birmingham schools were carried out.

The report was particularly  critical of Ofsted, the education standards watchdog, saying the way it had carried out its investigation had “undermined” confidence in the inspection regime.

“We found a worrying and wasteful lack of co-ordination between the various inquiries,” said Graham Stuart, the Conservative chairman of the committee. “In the case of the Birmingham schools, the number of overlapping inquiries contributed to the sense of crisis and confusion.”

Five major inquiries were set up into the Trojan horse affair, in which an anonymous letter suggested there was a plot by hardline Islamists to take over the city’s schools.