Valentine: The geography of lurve

Passion and travel are permanently entwined. To celebrate the first Valentine's Day to fall on a Saturday for 10 years, the travel section is offering prizes you'll love in our first `smooch your way around the world' quiz
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There are 11 steps to heaven. First, answer these 10 questions as best you can; in the affectionate nature of The Independent, we value heroic endeavour rather more than total accuracy, ie make us laugh, and we'll forgive the odd mistake. Next, complete the tie-break on the ideal venue for smooching, and you'll be on the runway for a free flight for two on the ultimate romantic airline, Love Air.

This carrier for canoodlers has an international network that stretches all the way from Biggin Hill in Kent to Le Touquet on the north coast of France. Normally, the lowest fare on this run is an instant-purchase pounds 99 return, but Love Air (01279 681435) is offering a loving couple a free day-trip.

The 10 runners-up won't have to seek solace in each other's arms - Cadogan Books is offering its perfectly matched couple of love guides, Have Bride, Will Travel and Perfect Honeymoons and Original Weddings, which normally retail at pounds 8.99 each.

Send your entry to The Geography of Love, Travel, The Independent, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL, to arrive by 29 February (OK, we know there isn't one this year, but it sounded more romantic than 1 March).

Entries from same-sex or mixed-sex couples are equally welcome. This competition is not open to employees of Newspaper Publishing plc, their families and present or former partners. The Travel Editor's decision is possibly overly sentimental, but definitely final.

1. Success, Paradise, Friendship and Ogle are all real place names.

In which South American country would a guy find them?

(a) Guyana

(b) Paraguay

(c) Uruguay

2. IAN, SUE and JAN are in one country, while BOB, SID and LIZ are elsewhere. What would be the best means of transport for them to get together - and why?

3. Where is the best place to find a MAN?

4. Hope, Derbyshire; Desire, Louisiana; Happy, Texas. Which was the stamping-ground of Tennessee Williams?

5 ... and which of Alfred, Lord Byron?

6. In which US location would Gary Puckett be most likely to find true love with a young girl?

(a) Union City, Tennessee

(b) Union Grove, Illinois

(c) Union Gap, Washington

7 ... and where would Blondie be blue?

8. Which is the closest airport to Kissimmee?

(a) Love Field, Texas

(b) Orlando International, Florida

(c) French Lick, Kentucky

9. Wedding is in Germany and Blessing is in Texas. So where is Font?

10. River deep, mountain high: one of these geographical features is a mountain, while the other two are rivers. As the climax of this competition, name the hill:

(a) You, China

(b) Pasin, Guatemala

(c) Yes, England

Tie-break: complete the following in 12 words or thereabouts: "The place I would most like to be kissed is ..."

In order to avoid the risk of a Clintonesque kerfuffle, any tie-break suggestions that mention one or more body parts will be immediately disqualified.