Why Lucy, Harry and Hannah are a lot less likely to trash the classroom

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Call your child Sarah and stick her in a uniform and she's bound to have "teacher's pet" written all over her.

This is the finding from a survey of teachers by the Schoolwear Association, aimed at finding out the names of children who teachers believe to be most likely to be well behaved – and discover what most irritated teachers about the poor behaviour of pupils.

While Sarah topped the chart of teachers' pets, she was closely followed by Lucy, Hannah, Harry and Jessica, and the most irritating behaviour was when children answered back or refused to do their homework. Surprisingly, verbal bullying, physical bullying and damage to school property were lower down the teachers' list of hates, although this could be a positive thing in that it may be because this is less likely to happen in the classroom.

Of course, being the Schoolwear Association, it's not surprising that they found the best behaved pupils are those who wear smart uniforms.

Pity they didn't go into the names of pupils who were the worst behaved in class.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for the Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf and Hearing Children who captivated millions as they sang the National Anthem at the start of the Olympic opening ceremony last year.

As with most activities run by charities, they operate constantly on the brink of closure, especially in these straitened times.

To avoid that, they are staging a live performance in London's Connaught Rooms from 6.30pm onwards on 12 July, where they will be auctioning original artworks by a host of celebrities from the world of TV, film, music and sport. Amongst the contributors are Lord Coe, Joan Armatrading and Felicity Kendal.

The young singers will be accompanied on the night by the adult Angels of Kaos choir.

It's a pay-what-you-can night as far as ticket prices are concerned (£40, £25 or £15 are suggested, plus tickets for the under-12s priced at £5). Wish them well!