The best universities to go to if you want a First - revealed

Your chance of getting a First or a 2:1 varies massively depending on which university you attend

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Students at some British universities are almost twice as likely to be awarded a first class or 2:1 degree than other institutions, it has emerged.

Figures show Oxford University gives the most top honours to graduates, with 92.1 per cent of students get a First or 2:1.

At the other end of the scale, students at the University of Sunderland are the least likely to make top honours, with just 49.5 per cent of their students achieving them.

These are the best and worst universities to go to if you want to achieve a first or a 2:1.

The best

1. Oxford: 92.1 per cent of students achieve top honours

2. St Andrews: 89.6 per cent

3. Cambridge 89.3 per cent

4. UCL: 87.9 per cent

5. Durham: 87.4 per cent

6. Imperial: 87.3 per cent

7. Bristol: 86.3 per cent

8. Birmingham: 84.4 per cent

9. Bath: 84.1 per cent

10. Exeter: 84.1 per cent


The worst

1. Sunderland: 49.5 per cent of students achieve top honours

2. Buckingham: 50.7 per cent

3. Trinity Saint David: 51.4 per cent

4. Glyndwr 53.6 per cent

5. East London: 53.9 per cent

6. Bolton: 54.9 per cent

7. London Metropolitan: 55.1 per cent

8. Newman: 56.0 per cent

9. Bedfordshire: 56.6 per cent

10. Buckinghamshire New: 57.0 per cent

It comes after research revealed more than half of all university leavers are employed in a job that does not require a degree.