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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Addingham P CY LS29 0NR3895898428.699.0
Allerton P CY BD15 7HB4785787626.999.3
All Saints CofE P VC BD5 0NG4476766925.7100.7
All Saints' CofE P VC LS29 9BE4493959330.1100.7
Appleton Academy AC BD12 9PX3083767226.999.8
Ashlands P CY LS29 8JY3381928129.1100.1
Atlas Community P CY BD8 8DL3093939329.0101.6
Baildon CofE P VA BD17 6TE5888918329.7100.7
Bankfoot P CY BD5 9NR3077836726.799.5
Barkerend P CY BD3 0QT6066565324.3100.3
Ben Rhydding P CY LS29 8QH2897979730.7100.4
Blakehill P CY BD10 8QN5990938828.7100.8
Bowling Park P CY BD5 8BT7858705724.599.4
Brackenhill P CY BD7 4HA2782938228.1101.6
Bradford Moor Community P CY BD3 8QQ5784827527.5101.6
Burley & Woodhead CofE P VC LS29 7RQ3293979030.5100.1
Burley Oaks P CY LS29 7EJ4591918730.0100.9
Byron P CY BD3 0AB8987807927.5101.9
Carrwood P CY BD4 0EQ2681968127.0101.7
Cavendish P CY BD2 2DU4362715725.798.0
Clayton CofE P VC BD14 6DD5891808027.799.0
Clayton Village P CY BD14 6AD3692898627.899.9
Copthorne P CY BD7 3AY5698969629.4101.1
Cottingley Village P CY BD16 1SY6092908828.0100.1
Crossflatts P CY BD16 2EP4789918728.299.7
Crossley Hall P CY BD8 0HJ6070746126.098.9
Cullingworth Village P CY BD13 5DA3284696926.598.8
Denholme P CY BD13 4AY2482827327.1100.5
Eastburn J&I CY BD20 8UX2789676727.699.1
East Morton CofE P VC BD20 5SE3093868627.9100.2
Eastwood P CY BD21 3JL5871756925.2100.1
Eldwick P CY BD16 3LE6097959329.9100.2
Fagley P CY BD2 3PU2374656525.2100.9
Farfield P & N CY BD6 2BS4469766725.299.5
Farnham P CY BD7 3HU6172796726.8101.0
Fearnville P CY BD4 8DX4168615625.2100.0
Feversham P CY BD3 9EG6057694724.798.9
Foxhill P FD BD13 1LN3093908728.699.3
Frizinghall P CY BD9 4HP5877726826.399.9
Girlington P CY BD8 9NR6572817225.699.7
Glenaire P CY BD17 7LY2569696526.3100.3
Greengates P CY BD10 9AX2993938628.7101.4
Green Lane P CY BD8 8HT7563615324.899.8
Grove House P CY BD2 4ED5467826526.199.9
Harden P CY BD16 1LJ28100969630.0100.1
Haworth P CY BD22 8DW2892858528.899.8
Heaton P CY BD9 6LL8871716226.397.7
Heaton St Barnabas' CofE P VA BD9 4DA5974534925.498.0
High Crags P CY BD18 2ES5078595726.399.8
Hill Top CofE P FD BD12 0TL29901009029.7102.3
Hollingwood P FD BD7 4BE5884747126.499.8
Holybrook P CY BD10 0EF2574636324.6100.1
Holycroft P CY BD21 1JF5163816325.0100.6
Home Farm P CY BD6 3NR5682857627.2100.3
Horton Grange P CY BD7 2EU7980847426.4100.1
Horton Park P CY BD5 9LQ2969666225.4101.5
Hothfield J CY BD20 0BB6481928027.899.6
Hoyle Court P CY BD17 6DN2796858528.7100.4
Idle CofE P VA BD10 8LU3087908728.9100.1
Ingrow P CY BD21 1BW2070757025.299.0
Iqra Community P CY BD8 8DA5190929029.2101.7
Keelham P FD BD13 4HH1587878028.999.9
Keighley St Andrew's CofE P & N VA BD21 2ND5780696525.3100.4
Killinghall P FD BD3 7JF6084797727.3100.5
Knowleswood P CY BD4 9AE4062826225.2100.0
Lapage P & N CY BD3 8QX8579787126.8102.3
Laycock P CY BD22 0PP1040804025.098.9
Lees P CY BD22 9DL2886938329.0100.7
Ley Top P CY BD15 7PQ3177616125.099.8
Lidget Green P & Children's Centre CY BD7 2QN5674847426.499.8
Lilycroft P CY BD9 5AD5582767326.999.2
Lister P CY BD9 5AT6069776525.699.6
Long Lee P CY BD21 4RU2510010010030.6103.7
Low Ash P CY BD18 1AA5673786226.498.7
Lower Fields P CY BD4 8RG5773615925.399.3
Low Moor CofE P VC BD12 0NN5491968929.6100.8
Margaret McMillan P CY BD9 5DF6074676125.398.8
Marshfield P CY BD5 9DS5685837227.8101.5
Menston P CY LS29 6LF5492969230.0100.4
Merlin Top P CY BD22 6HZ3946513823.499.4
Miriam Lord Community P CY BD8 8RG5652484123.798.9
Myrtle Park P FD BD16 1HB32100787829.099.7
Nessfield P CY BD22 6NP6083817827.9100.3
Newby P CY BD5 7DQ6076716326.299.3
Newhall Park P CY BD4 6AF4575847326.8100.4
Oakworth P FD BD22 7HX5589858028.199.7
Oldfield P CY BD22 0HZ6<<<<<
Our Lady & St Brendan's CP VA BD10 0QA2669545025.599.7
Our Lady of Victories Catholic VA BD22 6JP2986938628.0100.4
Oxenhope CofE P VA BD22 9LH1275675826.5100.0
Parkland P CY BD10 9BG3359594724.798.3
Parkwood P CY BD21 4QH2370656126.0100.6
Peel Park P CY BD2 4PR5882787526.399.2
Poplars Farm P CY BD2 1LQ2989827926.799.5
Priestthorpe P CY BD16 4JS3080837727.799.2
Princeville P CY BD7 2AH5774917226.9101.0
Reevy Hill P CY BD6 3ST2657544624.898.1
Riddlesden St Mary's CofE P VA BD20 5AB4563655325.098.8
Russell Hall P FD BD13 2AW2972766627.499.1
Ryecroft P CY BD4 0LS1955604524.097.6
Sacred Heart CP VA LS29 8NL2893939330.5100.6
Saltaire P CY BD18 4NR5789888128.599.6
Sandal P CY BD17 5DH6788878128.8100.7
Sandy Lane P CY BD15 9JU4384817428.0100.3
Shibden Head P CY BD13 2ND5076736527.399.2
Shipley CofE P VA BD18 2PT3080908027.199.6
Shirley Manor P CY BD12 8SA1984898427.599.9
Southmere P CY BD7 3NR3058775425.0101.6
Springwood Community P CY BD8 8HY5459695424.999.6
Stanbury Village CY BD22 0HA15941009429.199.6
St Anne's CP VA BD21 3AD5589727227.5100.0
St Anthony's CP VA BD14 6HW3093909029.4100.8
St Anthony's CP VA BD18 1HD1989797927.0100.3
St Clare's CP VA BD2 3JD2878787026.999.7
St Columba's CP VA BD4 9PY4473806826.9100.3
St Cuthbert & The F Martyrs' CP VA BD9 5AT2879867527.9101.8
Steeton P CY BD20 6NN4588888128.3100.1
St Francis CP VA BD2 4ES3087838328.2100.1
St James' Church P VC BD15 7YD3059625224.998.4
St John's CofE P FD BD4 6JF6186837827.6100.6
St John the Evangelist CP VA BD6 3DQ2993868327.899.9
St Joseph's CP VA BD16 4HQ2310010010030.3101.5
St Joseph's CP VA BD21 1AR5688888427.899.1
St Joseph's CP VA BD5 0RB4983817727.299.9
St Luke's CofE P VC BD2 3NS2976696925.098.6
St Mary's &St Peter's CP VA BD3 9ND2179757127.399.8
St Matthew's CP VA BD15 7NE2488928327.899.2
St Matthew's CofE P & N VC BD5 8HT5874555025.399.5
Stocks Lane P CY BD13 2RH1369856228.299.9
St Oswald's CofE P VA BD7 3JT5057705524.498.5
St Paul's CofE P VA BD6 1ST2685777327.8100.9
St Philip's CofE P VC BD8 9JL2664685624.898.2
St Stephen's CofE P VA BD5 7HU3097979727.8101.7
St Walburga's CP VA BD18 4RL36100979730.9100.4
St William's CP VA BD8 9RG3067635425.1100.4
St Winefride's CP VA BD6 1SR5593757527.2100.9
Swain House P CY BD2 1JL4890737127.4100.4
Thackley P CY BD10 8PJ3887857927.6100.9
Thornbury P CY BD3 7AU7172726625.9100.2
Thornton P CY BD13 3NN4881747026.999.4
Thorpe P CY BD10 9PY3074716526.399.7
Trinity All Saints CofE P VA BD16 2PP1863745826.899.5
Victoria P CY BD21 2RD3062725525.999.7
Wellington P CY BD2 3DE5993787428.1100.2
Westbourne P CY BD8 7PL5869675725.1100.2
Westminster CofE P VC BD3 0HW4568665525.3100.1
Whetley P CY BD8 9HZ9055504522.698.3
Wibsey P CY BD6 1RL8875806827.399.1
Wilsden P CY BD15 0AE5879797127.899.5
Windhill CofE P VC BD18 2NT1753594125.298.1
Woodlands CofE P VC BD12 7EZ1110010010029.599.5
Woodside P & Children's Centre CY BD6 2PG3087938728.1102.7
Worthinghead P CY BD12 9EL1980958028.4100.1
Worth Valley P CY BD22 7AX2754754625.299.2
Wycliffe CofE P VC BD18 3HZ2673736526.498.8