Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abbey Meadows P CY CB5 8ND3976615825.399.6
Abbots Ripton CofE P VA PE28 2LT17100888828.999.6
Alconbury CofE P VC PE28 4EQ3476857427.899.8
Alderman Jacobs P CY PE7 1XJ8489848228.6100.3
All Saints Interchurch P VA PE15 8ND2774857427.7100.2
Arbury P CY CB4 2DE5888736927.599.4
Ashbeach P CY PE26 2TG2365575224.997.9
Babraham CofE P VC CB22 3AG810010010032.3101.1
Bar Hill Community P CY CB23 8DY2692928428.4100.3
Barnabas Oley CofE P VC SG19 3AE20100959529.799.9
Barrington CofE P VC CB22 7RG714431420.197.0
Barton CofE P VA CB23 7BD1688717127.799.6
Bassingbourn P CY SG8 5NP5190827627.999.6
Beaupre Community P CY PE14 8RH2770706325.799.7
Bellbird P CY CB22 3GB3482797627.099.8
Benwick P CY PE15 0XA1563946327.499.2
Bewick Bridge Community P CY CB1 9ND4085727227.7100.0
Bottisham Community P CY CB5 9BE2990837928.8100.0
Bourn CofE P VC CB23 2SP2291959129.2100.3
Brampton Village P CY PE28 4RF5383787227.399.1
Brington CofE P VC PE28 5AE964736426.799.2
Buckden CofE P VC PE19 5TT3681817627.698.8
Burrough Green CofE P VC CB8 9NH1694828227.998.7
Burrowmoor P CY PE15 9RP5776887427.198.4
Burwell Village College P CY CB25 0DU6489898429.1100.6
Bury CofE P VA PE26 2NJ30931009329.8100.1
Bushmead P CY PE19 8BT3180836726.8100.8
Caldecote P CY CB23 7NX2896969329.1100.4
Castle Camps CofE P VC CB21 4TH2186908628.399.7
Cavalry P CY PE15 9EQ5183857727.999.9
Cheveley CofE P VC CB8 9DF2483716728.099.6
Coates P CY PE7 2BP2781817427.8100.2
Colville P CY CB1 9EJ2379585825.399.8
Coton CofE P VC CB23 7PW1989847930.7100.3
Cottenham P CY CB24 8TA7884817427.298.8
Cromwell Park P CY PE29 6JA2685777327.999.5
Crosshall J FD PE19 7GG12086827427.797.6
Downham Feoffees P VC CB6 2ST2864575425.898.4
Dry Drayton CofE P VC CB23 8DA1182828227.8101.2
Duxford CofE Community P VC CB22 4RA2893898528.9100.1
Earith P CY PE28 3QB1767616125.898.9
Elm CofE P VC PE14 0AG3077716127.099.0
Elm Road P CY PE13 2TB3579797627.299.0
Elsworth CofE P VA CB23 4JD20100808028.599.9
Elton CofE P of the Foundation of Frances & Jane Proby VA PE8 6RS888757527.499.5
Ely St John's Community P CY CB6 3BW5589737328.2101.2
Ely St Mary's CofE J VA CB7 4RB7776877527.898.7
Eynesbury CofE C P VC PE19 2TD2578676326.098.8
Farcet CofE P VC PE7 3AR1889727228.2101.2
Fawcett P CY CB2 9FS1443503623.198.6
Fen Ditton P CY CB5 8SZ1587938728.8100.2
Fen Drayton P CY CB24 4SL9100898930.3101.3
Fenstanton & Hilton P CY PE28 9JR3992767628.299.3
Folksworth CofE P VC PE7 3TY13821008228.199.1
Fordham CofE P VC CB7 5NL3173736326.699.0
Fourfields Community P CY PE7 3ZT4785858128.7101.5
Fowlmere P CY SG8 7SL1285857727.5100.3
Foxton P CY CB22 6RN1385928528.899.7
Friday Bridge Community P CY PE14 0HW1567676025.2100.5
Fulbourn P CY CB21 5BH2990838328.7100.6
Gamlingay Village College FD SG19 3HD6180746726.799.2
Girton Glebe P CY CB3 0PN2981817727.9100.1
Glebelands P CY PE16 6EZ6176797127.4100.1
Godmanchester P CY PE29 2AG5296969430.0100.7
Gorefield P CY PE13 4NB1778947828.299.2
Great Abington P CY CB1 6AE2176716727.9100.1
Great & Little Shelford CofE P VA CB22 5EL2685857728.5100.6
Great Gidding CofE P VC PE28 5NX9100636327.499.0
Great Paxton CofE P VC PE19 6YJ15931009329.099.8
Great Staughton P CY PE19 5BP1694818127.699.4
Great Wilbraham CofE P VC CB21 5JQ1292928329.0100.7
Grove P CY CB4 2NB2159775526.6100.0
Guilden Morden CofE P VC SG8 0JZ9751007528.199.8
Guyhirn CofE P VC PE13 4ED875887526.6100.4
Hardwick Community P CY CB23 7RE3887848228.199.5
Harston & Newton Community P CY CB22 7PX11911009129.7100.5
Hartford Community J CY PE29 1UL5277716326.898.6
Haslingfield Endowed P VC CB23 1JW2090757027.999.6
Hatton Park P CY CB24 3DL2870595925.998.2
Hauxton P CY CB22 5HY5<<<<<
Hemingford Grey P CY PE28 9DU3297919129.099.7
Histon & Impington J CY CB24 9JA8890928829.5101.0
Holme CofE P VC PE7 3PB1182918228.6100.2
Holywell CofE P VC PE27 4TF2584888429.099.2
Houghton P CY PE28 2AY2396838328.799.8
Huntingdon P CY PE29 1AD6056624624.597.6
Icknield P FD CB22 3EA1158423324.398.5
Isleham CofE P VC CB7 5RZ2882898228.098.8
Kennett Community P CY CB8 7QQ5<<<<<
Kettlefields P CY CB8 9UH1310010010029.8101.1
Kinderley P CY PE13 5LG1464715025.798.4
Kingsfield P CY PE16 6ET4969675726.099.4
Kings Hedges P CY CB4 2HU5579777127.0100.3
Lantern Community P CY CB6 2WJ2983796927.8100.1
Leverington Community P CY PE13 5DD2896969629.3100.8
Linton Heights J CY CB21 4XB5986787427.898.5
Lionel Walden P CY PE15 0TF3394979429.6101.2
Little Paxton P CY PE19 6NG3297979428.8100.6
Littleport Community P CY CB6 1JT3992908728.4100.1
Little Thetford CofE P VC CB6 3HD1493939328.5100.7
Manea Community P CY PE15 0HA1688757528.1100.3
Mayfield P CY CB4 3HN5490868229.5102.0
Meadow P CY CB21 4DJ4183887828.499.6
Melbourn P CY SG8 6DB4181837927.699.2
Meldreth P CY SG8 6LA1593808028.599.6
Mepal & Witcham CofE P VC CB6 2AL1170807026.799.4
Meridian P CY CB23 7DD3586918328.9101.1
Midfield Community P CY PE19 2QE2893938928.6100.6
Millfield P CY CB6 1HW3271565025.797.9
Milton CofE P VC CB24 6DL5885857828.599.9
Milton Road P CY CB4 2BD6093989330.199.9
Monkfield Park P CY CB23 5AX6092777527.8100.7
Morley Memorial P CY CB1 7TX5787858228.8101.0
Murrow P CY PE13 4HD1680676725.498.2
Newnham Croft P CY CB3 9JF3388888129.099.1
New Road P CY PE7 1SZ1756565024.298.4
Newton Community P CY PE19 6TL10100909030.0100.1
Oakington CofE P VA CB24 3AL1383838328.8101.6
Offord P CY PE19 5SB1486797928.599.0
Orchard Park Community P CY CB4 2GR6100838329.0100.3
Orchards CofE P VC PE13 3NP4958635024.6100.2
Overhills P CY PE28 0HY888636327.898.8
Over P CY CB24 5PG4293817928.5100.3
Park Lane Foundation P FD PE7 1JB4393938828.7101.3
Park Street CofE P VA CB5 8AR1694888829.499.7
Payne P CY PE13 4JA1078787826.699.8
Peckover P CY PE13 1PJ3886837727.1100.0
Pendragon Community P CY CB23 3XQ3982847927.598.9
Petersfield CofE P VA SG8 5QG1493939331.1100.4
Priory J CY PE19 1TF8190898528.4100.0
Queen Edith Community P FD CB1 8QP6182877928.4100.7
Rackham CofE P VC CB6 2HQ4188817929.0100.4
Ramnoth J CY PE13 2JB6369796426.799.8
Ramsey Community J CY PE26 1JA5875706026.698.4
Ridgefield P FD CB1 3RJ2868826826.699.8
Robert Arkenstall P CY CB6 3UA3479827427.1100.0
Round House P CY PE19 6AW1233502522.896.9
Sawtry J CY PE28 5SH7784837727.999.2
Shirley Community N & P CY CB4 1RW5267635825.399.2
Somersham P CY PE28 3EU5088828027.999.6
Spaldwick Community P CY PE28 0TH25100888829.599.8
Spinney P CY CB1 9PB30971009729.6102.7
St Alban's CP VA CB2 1LS2492969229.5100.6
St Andrew's CofE P VC CB7 5AA4487827627.9100.6
St Anne's CofE P VA PE29 2WW3297696927.899.0
Stapleford Community P FD CB22 5BJ2688848429.099.7
Steeple Morden CofE P VC SG8 0PD3197848428.8101.2
St Helen's P FD PE28 3NY3482686826.598.1
Stilton CofE P VC PE7 3RF1675886926.699.3
St John's CofE P VC PE29 7LA2457835226.299.1
St Laurence's RC P VA CB4 2JX3474826827.399.9
St Luke's CofE P VA CB4 3JZ2572646025.798.3
St Mary's CofE P VA PE19 1NX2281818126.999.6
St Matthew's P CY CB1 2LD6097858129.5100.5
St Pauls CofE P VA CB2 1HJ3093878729.8100.7
St Peter's CofE J VA PE13 2ES6064746125.599.1
St Philip's CofE P VA CB1 3DR4386766927.599.6
Stretham Community P CY CB6 3JN2076676227.599.9
Stukeley Meadows P CY PE29 6UH4275656025.598.3
Sutton CofE P VC CB6 2PU3583716326.998.9
Swaffham Bulbeck CofE P VC CB25 0LX1386867927.6100.9
Swaffham Prior CofE P VC CB25 0LG1983787228.299.6
Swavesey P CY CB24 4RN3897959530.4101.1
Teversham CofE P VA CB1 9AZ1675756927.999.8
Thomas Eaton P CY PE15 0QS2777736925.899.2
Thongsley Fields P & N CY PE29 1PE3659595123.5100.4
Thriplow CofE P VA SG8 7RH1182827326.799.2
Townley P CY PE14 9NA1373736425.9100.2
Upwood P CY PE26 2QA2579837527.599.6
Vine Inter-Church P VA CB23 6DY4684726626.899.2
Warboys Community P CY PE28 2RX4875857326.799.6
Waterbeach Community P CY CB5 9JU4674726126.9100.5
Weatheralls P CY CB7 5BH6277726725.898.0
Westfield J CY PE27 5RG6591928628.8100.1
Westwood Community J CY PE15 8JT9167776525.997.7
Wheatfields P FD PE27 3WF5985837828.6100.7
Wilburton CofE P VC CB6 3RJ1788888127.4100.2
William de Yaxley CofE J VA PE7 3JL5084787327.399.1
William Westley CofE P VC CB2 4NE2410010010030.6101.8
Willingham P CY CB24 5LE3484847628.8100.6
Winhills P CY PE19 2DX3272595325.397.9
Wisbech St Mary CofE P VA PE13 4RJ1377776926.8100.0
Wyton on the Hill Community P CY PE28 2JB1794818128.5100.5
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