Cheshire, East

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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Acton CofE P VC CW5 8LG1984958428.7101.5
Adlington P CY SK10 4JX15931009331.4102.1
Alderley Edge Community P CY SK9 7UZ3097949429.6101.6
Alsager Highfields Community P FD ST7 2NW5090929029.3101.2
Ashdene P CY SK9 6LJ6098979530.6100.7
Ash Grove P & N CY SK11 7TF1687938729.1102.2
Astbury St Mary's CofE P VA CW12 4RG22100959529.0100.7
Audlem St James' CofE P VC CW3 0HH1965806026.099.8
Beechwood CY CW1 2PH3679857327.5102.1
Berkeley P CY CW2 6RU4998989629.3102.0
Bexton P CY WA16 9DB5695868529.7101.1
Bickerton Holy Trinity CofE P VC SY14 8AP2180807529.0100.3
Black Firs P CY CW12 4QJ3010010010030.0101.8
Bollinbrook CofE P VA SK10 3AT3080776727.199.3
Bollington Cross CofE P VC SK10 5EG1175755826.598.6
Bollington St John's CofE P VA SK10 5LY771575725.799.6
Bosley St Mary's CofE P VC SK11 0NX3<<<<<
Brereton CofE P VA CW11 1RN21100959530.6101.5
Bridgemere CofE P VA CW5 7PX1282736427.098.7
Brierley P CY CW1 2AZ1910010010031.4103.0
Broken Cross Community CY SK11 8UD1471866426.6100.3
Buglawton P CY CW12 2EL2391959130.1102.3
Bunbury Aldersey CofE P VA CW6 9NR3090848128.399.6
Calveley P CY CW6 9LE757434322.398.3
Chelford CofE P VC SK11 9AY683676728.099.2
Christ the King Catholic & CofE P VA SK11 7SF1883787827.7100.7
Cledford P CY CW10 0DD5788797427.599.2
Cranberry P FD ST7 2LE4472746526.698.5
Daven P CY CW12 3AH3388737326.399.3
Dean Oaks P CY SK9 2LX3575786726.998.5
Dean Valley Community P CY SK10 5HS2983766927.399.2
Dingle P CY CW1 5SD5188888029.6100.1
Disley P CY SK12 2BD3194848128.9100.2
Edleston P CY CW2 7PX3783777427.399.2
Egerton P CY WA16 0EE2997838328.7100.5
Elworth CofE P VC CW11 3HU43951009530.1100.8
Elworth Hall P CY CW11 1TE24881008827.898.9
Excalibur P FD ST7 2RQ3284978129.1101.2
Gainsborough P & N CY CW2 7NH6082706827.3100.1
Gawsworth P CY SK11 9QU2585777728.099.6
Goostrey Community P CY CW4 8PE3291979130.7101.5
Gorsey Bank P CY SK9 5NQ5797919130.2101.0
Haslington P CY CW1 5SL2610010010030.0101.5
Havannah P CY CW12 2DF2186908127.1100.4
Hermitage P CY CW4 7NP3093979030.5101.3
Highfields Community P CY CW5 6HA3087878729.1100.2
High Legh P CY WA16 6NW2475756727.899.8
Hollinhey P CY SK11 0EE2387838329.1100.3
Holmes Chapel P CY CW4 7EB6190777727.699.2
Hungerford P CY CW1 5HA5782746527.399.2
Hurdsfield Community P CY SK10 2LW1694948828.9102.1
Ivy Bank P CY SK11 8PB3281887827.9100.4
Kettleshulme St James CofE P VA SK23 7QU1292928328.8101.2
Lacey Green P CY SK9 4DP2797939329.5102.7
Leighton P CY CW1 3PP5498939329.2100.9
Lindow Community P CY SK9 6EH1587737327.499.7
Little Bollington CofE P VC WA14 4SZ11100828229.5101.0
Lostock Hall P CY SK12 1XG2587968728.899.7
Lower Park CY SK12 1HE4095959330.6102.5
Mablins Lane Community P CY CW1 3YR6484757028.0100.1
Manor Park & N CY WA16 8DB2259594524.297.6
Marlborough P CY SK10 2HJ6093797728.6100.0
Marlfields P CY CW12 4BT3068715825.6100.3
Marton & District CofE P VA SK11 9HD2488838330.0100.9
Midwich P CY CW10 9BS5988838027.9100.2
Millfields P & N CY CW5 5HP2789858128.7100.6
Mobberley CofE P VC WA16 7RA1776827127.099.4
Monks Coppenhall P CY CW1 4LY4888838127.8102.2
Mossley CofE P VC CW12 3JA5487838127.899.8
Mottram St Andrew P FD SK10 4QL2488837528.099.3
Nether Alderley P CY SK10 4TR1681948128.599.5
Oakefield P & N CY CW1 3SL4277706026.299.8
Offley P CY CW11 1GY5691918929.6101.1
Parkroyal Community CY SK11 6QX5285797527.598.3
Pear Tree P CY CW5 7GZ31971009730.0100.4
Pebble Brook P CY CW2 6PL3069666225.398.5
Peover Superior Endowed P VC WA16 8TU9891008928.799.3
Pikemere FD ST7 2SW3278917827.498.9
Pott Shrigley Church VA SK10 5RT771717125.798.9
Prestbury CofE P VA SK10 4JJ4393898629.299.8
Puss Bank CY SK10 1QJ4279837426.999.9
Quinta P CY CW12 4LX4798909029.1100.4
Rainow P CY SK10 5UB1788827628.299.7
Rode Heath P CY ST7 3RY22951009529.6100.3
Sandbach Community P CY CW11 4NS2074686325.7101.8
Scholar Green P CY ST7 3HF2692929229.099.6
Shavington P CY CW2 5BP3589868027.6100.1
Smallwood CofE P VC CW11 2UR2696969229.7100.9
Sound & District P CY CW5 8AE1794949429.599.8
St Alban's CP VA SK10 3HJ6193878529.9101.1
St Anne's CP VA CW5 7DA3093909030.2101.3
St Anne's Fulshaw CofE P VC SK9 5JQ1894828228.4100.0
Stapeley Broad Lane CofE P VC CW5 7QL3077807728.399.3
St Benedict's CP VA SK9 3AE2688848428.4100.2
St Gabriel's CP VA ST7 2PG3097939331.0100.7
St Gregory's CP VA SK10 5HS18100949429.2100.0
St John's CofE P VA CW11 2LE1385777727.798.8
St John the Evangelist CofE P Macclesfield VA SK11 8QN4195939029.2100.7
St Mary's CP VA CW10 9DH3388948429.2100.0
St Mary's CP VA CW12 1HT1889948929.2101.7
St Mary's CP VA CW2 8AD7284907827.8100.3
St Oswald's Worleston CofE P VC CW5 6DP2<<<<<
St Paul's CP VA SK12 1LY1890908529.1100.9
St Vincent's CP VA WA16 8AL3291979129.399.3
Styal P CY SK9 4JE1493939329.8100.9
Underwood West P CY CW1 3LF5167736025.699.1
Upton Priory CY SK10 3ED5890878529.2100.4
Vernon P CY SK12 1NW5587767528.399.4
Vine Tree P CY CW2 8AD2986797628.0100.7
Warmingham CofE P VA CW11 3QN12831008328.8101.2
Weaver P CY CW5 7AJ2993909029.0100.4
Weston Village P CY CW2 5LZ2889797928.4100.0
Wheelock P CY CW11 3RT2786968629.0100.6
Whirley P CY SK10 3JL3090939028.7100.5
Willaston P CY CW5 6QQ22961009629.5100.4
Wilmslow Grange P & N CY SK9 3NG34911009130.2101.0
Wincle CofE P VA SK11 0QH8100888829.399.6
Wistaston Church Lane P CY CW2 8EZ60951009530.3101.2
Wistaston Green P & N CY CW2 8QS3994948828.2101.7
Woodcock's Well CofE P VC ST7 3NQ875757527.999.7
Worth P FD SK12 1QA3594948930.3100.9
Wrenbury P CY CW5 8EN1180807027.0100.3
Wybunbury Delves CofE P VA CW5 7NE2893898929.8100.4
Wyche P CY CW5 5LX2879827126.7100.0