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Primary Tables 2011


Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Allithwaite CofE P VC LA11 7RD1089897827.799.9
Allonby P CY CA15 6QG2<<<<<
All Saint's CofE VC CA13 9BH2681898126.798.3
Alston P CY CA9 3UF11100737327.098.5
Ambleside P VA LA22 9DH1958745325.697.7
Appleby P FD CA16 6TX4583857627.799.9
Arlecdon P CY CA26 3XA1010010010027.0100.2
Arnside National CofE VA LA5 0DW19951009529.4100.0
Asby Endowed VC CA16 6EX5<<<<<
Ashfield J CY CA14 4ES5684777527.998.9
Askam Village FD LA16 7DA2972695525.798.4
Aspatria Richmond Hill CY CA7 3BQ21861008627.799.7
Barrow Island Community P CY LA14 2SJ3168746126.8100.2
Bassenthwaite P CY CA12 4QH1070907029.4100.1
Beaconside CofE P VA CA11 8EN5883696226.898.3
Beckermet CofE VA CA21 2YD11801008029.1100.6
Beckstone P CY CA14 5PX4083737027.399.7
Beetham CofE P VA LA7 7AS5<<<<<
Belle Vue P CY CA2 7PT6097939329.1101.0
Bewcastle CY CA6 6PF5<<<<<
Bishop Harvey Goodwin CofE VA CA2 4HG5257614524.298.4
Black Combe J CY LA18 5DT1875636326.499.9
Blackford CofE P VA CA6 4ES888757526.398.7
Blennerhasset CY CA7 3RL888757528.9100.2
Bolton P CY CA16 6AW810010010028.999.8
Boltons CofE VC CA7 8PA19100808028.299.1
Bookwell P CY CA22 2LT3197979729.4101.7
Borrowdale CofE P VA CA12 5XG3<<<<<
Bowness-on-Solway P FD CA7 5AF10100787828.099.4
Braithwaite CofE P VA CA12 5TD1292929228.8100.2
Brampton P FD CA8 1BZ4168635926.297.6
Bransty P CY CA28 6EG1675887527.6101.4
Bridekirk Dovenby CofE P VC CA13 0PG1310010010030.9102.0
Brook Street P CY CA1 2JB2277686426.5102.0
Brough P CY CA17 4EW1292757528.5100.7
Broughton CofE VC LA20 6BJ5<<<<<
Broughton Moor P CY CA15 7RZ1060706026.199.6
Broughton P FD CA13 0YT1593939329.6101.6
Burgh by Sands CY CA5 6AP1110010010029.2101.5
Burlington CofE VC LA17 7UH989898929.8100.0
Burton Morewood CofE P VC LA6 1ND2171676227.299.9
Caldew Lea CY CA2 7BE2956634424.598.5
Calthwaite CofE VA CA11 9QT2<<<<<
Cambridge P CY LA13 9RP3168846126.299.9
Captain Shaw's CofE VC LA19 5TG5<<<<<
Cartmel CofE P VC LA11 6PR3<<<<<
Castle Carrock FD CA8 9LU2195868628.398.6
Castle Park CY LA9 6BE3871766126.6100.4
Clifton P CY CA10 2EG1275756726.899.5
Coniston CofE P VC LA21 8AL1282828228.498.8
Croftlands J CY LA12 9JU3594888828.999.1
Crosby-on-Eden CofE FD CA6 4QN1392928529.1100.1
Crosby Ravensworth CofE VA CA10 3JJ667505024.597.9
Crosscanonby St John's CofE VC CA15 6RX1694888828.599.8
Crosscrake CofE P VA LA8 0LB12731007329.7100.6
Crosthwaite CofE VA LA8 8HT6100838329.7101.3
Cummersdale CY CA2 6BD1292838327.3100.1
Cumwhinton CY CA4 8DU1889838327.599.5
Dalton St Mary's CofE P VA LA15 8QR3197818128.599.4
Dane Ghyll CY LA14 4PG3190908728.899.9
Dean Barwick VA LA11 6RS4<<<<<
Dean CofE VA CA14 4TH1894787827.399.4
Dean Gibson CP VA LA9 5HB1894616126.099.0
Dearham P FD CA15 7HR1894949430.2102.0
Dent CofE P VA LA10 5QJ4<<<<<
Derwent Vale P & N CY CA14 1WA786717125.798.7
Distington Community CY CA14 5TE1573736025.499.6
Eaglesfield Paddle CofE P VA CA13 0QY3010010010030.2100.2
Ennerdale & Kinniside CofE P VC CA23 3AR667836728.899.5
Ewanrigg J CY CA15 8HN3769615325.398.5
Fairfield J CY CA13 0DX5595919129.899.5
Fellview P CY CA7 8HF710010010029.6101.0
Fir Ends P FD CA6 6AY1675696326.299.9
Flimby P FD CA15 8PJ1958684724.8100.5
Flookburgh CofE P FD LA11 7LE1369696226.199.1
Frizington Community P CY CA26 3PF2291868628.9100.9
George Romney J CY LA15 8SE5997959128.999.9
Ghyllside P CY LA9 4JB4980887827.4100.1
Gilsland CofE P FD CA8 7AA2<<<<<
Goodly Dale P CY LA23 2JX1175837528.9100.1
Gosforth CofE VC CA20 1AZ2190959029.4101.4
Grange CofE P VC LA11 7JF1974585326.799.1
Grasmere CofE P VA LA22 9SJ4<<<<<
Grayrigg CofE VA LA8 9BU4<<<<<
Great Corby P CY CA4 8NE4<<<<<
Great Orton P CY CA5 6NA5<<<<<
Greengate J CY LA14 1BG7478807026.999.4
Greystoke CY CA11 0TP11100646428.1100.4
Hallbankgate Village FD CA8 2NJ4<<<<<
Haverigg P CY LA18 4HA11100919128.6101.2
Hawkshead Esthwaite P CY LA22 0NT1090909027.9100.4
Hayton CofE P FD CA8 9HR2796929229.4100.7
Hensingham Community P CY CA28 8QZ2171433824.198.6
Heron Hill P CY LA9 7JH5593918427.799.6
Heversham St Peter's CofE P VA LA7 7FG1191919129.5100.9
High Hesket CofE VC CA4 0HU2997979729.199.9
Holm Cultram Abbey CofE VC CA7 4RU7711007126.6100.2
Holme P CY LA6 1QA1688888127.999.8
Holme St Cuthbert CY CA15 6QZ1110010010030.0101.2
Holy Family CP VA LA13 9LR2986867928.8100.9
Houghton CofE VC CA3 0PA1587808028.299.8
Inglewood J CY CA1 3QA7179676326.299.8
Ireby CofE VC CA7 1DS3<<<<<
Ireleth St Peter's CofE P VA LA16 7EY3<<<<<
Irthington Village CY CA6 4NJ610010010030.0<
Ivegill CofE VA CA4 0PA13100858528.6101.0
Jericho P CY CA28 6UX5698989829.9101.8
Kingmoor J CY CA3 0DU5682827728.199.5
Kirkbampton CofE VC CA5 6HX1788948228.8100.1
Kirkbride P CY CA7 5JR1277857727.299.8
Kirkby Stephen P CY CA17 4AE2680767628.099.7
Kirkby Thore CY CA10 1UU1164826426.199.1
Kirkoswald CofE VC CA10 1EN1392777728.8100.9
Lamplugh CofE VC CA26 3XU683676728.0<
Lanercost CofE P VC CA8 2HL7861008629.6100.9
Langdale CofE VA LA22 9JE4<<<<<
Langwathby CofE P VC CA10 1ND3591898928.9100.1
Lazonby CofE VA CA10 1BL11100919129.599.9
Lees Hill CofE VC CA8 2BB810010010028.999.8
Levens CofE VC LA8 8PU1383757527.399.9
Leven Valley CofE P VA LA12 8QF6100838330.099.3
Lindal & Marton P CY LA12 0NB1082918229.298.5
Lindale CofE P VC LA11 6LE5<<<<<
Long Marton CY CA16 6BT788636328.199.8
Longtown P FD CA6 5UG1974746326.5100.3
Lorton CY CA13 9UL1073827327.399.7
Lowca Community CY CA28 6QS1090909027.6102.0
Low Furness CofE P VC LA12 0TA1210010010029.399.9
Lowther Endowed VA CA10 2HT1794888228.3100.0
Maryport CofE J VC CA15 6JN3871635826.798.3
Milburn CY CA10 1TN5<<<<<
Milnthorpe P CY LA7 7QF1794948828.1100.6
Monkwray J CY CA28 9DT3394919128.8100.7
Montreal CofE P VC CA25 5LW2470746526.399.9
Moor Row Community P CY CA24 3JW10901009027.999.9
Moresby P CY CA28 8UX1867565025.098.8
Morland Area CofE P VA CA10 3AT1486575726.899.1
Nenthead P CY CA9 3LS6100676727.5<
Newbarns P CY LA13 9ET6090928828.8100.8
Newlaithes J CY CA2 6DX5393818128.2101.0
Newton P CY LA13 0LT610010010027.599.0
Newtown Community P CY CA2 7LW1255645523.498.9
Norman Street P CY CA1 2BQ4174816927.699.7
North Lakes CY CA11 8NU4685897828.2100.1
Northside P CY CA14 1BD888757528.5100.8
North Walney P CY LA14 3TN771867127.999.0
Old Hutton CofE VC LA8 0NQ1486938628.3100.4
Orgill P CY CA22 2HH1958635325.4100.5
Ormsgill P CY LA14 4AR2370525224.498.2
Orton CofE VA CA10 3RG888888828.5101.5
Oughterside P FD CA7 2PY3<<<<<
Our Lady & St Patrick's VA CA15 8HN20100959530.5101.9
Our Lady of the Rosary CP VA LA15 8JH1687878729.1100.7
Patterdale CofE VA CA11 0NL567505025.097.7
Pennine Way P CY CA1 3RQ2793938929.0103.1
Pennington CofE VC LA12 0RR25100969630.5102.0
Penny Bridge CofE VA LA12 7RQ13771007728.699.6
Penruddock P FD CA11 0QU786868628.3100.0
Petteril Bank CY CA1 3BX743572922.798.7
Plumbland CofE VC CA7 2DQ10901009028.2100.1
Plumpton CY CA11 9PA1794948830.0100.6
Raughton Head CofE VC CA5 7DD888757527.898.9
Ravenstonedale Endowed VC CA17 4NQ5<<<<<
Robert Ferguson P CY CA2 5LA3368655625.8101.8
Rockcliffe CofE VC CA6 4AA1078897828.399.9
Roose CY LA13 0HF2085908027.399.2
Rosley CofE VA CA7 8AU1190808029.7101.0
Sacred Heart CP VA LA14 2BA3180776327.0100.1
Scotby CofE P FD CA4 8AT3692898628.7100.0
Seascale P CY CA20 1LZ1687938729.1100.3
Seaton CofE J VC CA14 1HA5695888627.697.6
Sedbergh P CY LA10 5AL2375887527.5100.8
Selside Endowed CofE P VA LA8 9LB1010010010031.2103.0
Shankhill CofE P VC CA6 6JA5<<<<<
Shap Endowed CofE P VA CA10 3NL1894888828.8100.1
Silloth P CY CA7 4DR3263756325.7100.4
Sir John Barrow CY LA12 0BD6093797727.898.4
Skelton CY CA11 9SE1493938630.1100.9
South Walney J CY LA14 3EG4198787827.999.9
Stainton CofE P VA CA11 0ET2796969630.0100.0
Stanwix P CY CA3 9DW5796898828.7100.1
Staveley CofE VC LA8 9PH2190818129.0100.4
St Bede's CP VA CA2 7DS2475757527.3100.7
St Bees Village P CY CA27 0AA2396969129.599.8
St Bega's CofE P VA CA19 1TW888757527.098.5
St Begh's Catholic J VA CA28 7TE5584717127.197.9
St Bridget's CP VA CA22 2BD2171574825.998.2
St Bridget's CofE VC CA13 0TU1984686826.899.7
St Bridget's CofE VC CA28 6NY4<<<<<
St Catherine's CP VA CA11 9EL1291919128.4100.6
St Columba's CP VA LA14 3AD30100868628.898.8
St Cuthbert's Catholic Community VA CA1 2UE1573736725.499.1
St Cuthbert's CP VA CA7 9HZ2176766227.399.5
St Cuthbert's CP VA LA23 2DD4<<<<<
St George's CofE VC LA14 2DX2652604423.699.4
St Gregory's CP VA CA14 3PD2986696627.3101.0
St Herbert's CofE P & N VA CA12 4HZ2789818127.7100.1
St James' CP VA LA18 4AS2990868327.699.5
St James' CofE J VA LA14 1NY4976927227.798.5
St James' CofE J VC CA28 7HG4689918728.699.0
St Joseph's CP VA CA13 0DG956785625.798.1
St Joseph's CP VA CA26 3PX5<<<<<
St Margaret Mary CP VA CA2 4JD3090848427.8101.5
St Mark's CofE P VA LA9 7QH2181907628.1100.1
St Mary's CP VA CA14 5LN3174977426.999.5
St Mary's CP VA CA28 9PG1182918230.0101.5
St Mary's CP VA LA12 0EA1710010010030.0100.8
St Mary's CofE P VA LA6 2DN31971009730.2101.2
St Matthew's CofE VA CA7 3NT2<<<<<
St Michael's CofE P VA CA7 2HN5<<<<<
St Michael's CofE P VC CA5 7LN3187777428.8100.0
Stoneraise CY CA5 7AT1669756326.199.2
Storth CofE VC LA7 7JA4<<<<<
St Oswald's CofE P VA LA9 6QR1669816926.899.2
St Patrick's CP VA CA14 2DW3294918828.8100.7
St Patrick's CP VA CA25 5DG3485827627.3100.5
St Patrick's CofE VA LA8 0HH967675627.099.3
St Paul's CofE J VA LA14 4HF2588847628.098.5
St Pius X CP VA LA14 4AA3184585826.699.7
Stramongate P CY LA9 4BT5993959329.2102.1
St Thomas's CofE P VA LA9 5PP3187777727.499.4
Tebay Community P CY CA10 3XB1369926927.999.9
Temple Sowerby CofE P VC CA10 1RZ683505027.0100.0
Thomlinson J CY CA7 9PG6679807327.098.8
Thornhill P CY CA22 2SJ1471717126.199.2
Threlkeld CofE P VC CA12 4RX1292756727.5100.1
Thursby P CY CA5 6PN1510010010031.8100.5
Thwaites CY LA18 5HP683838328.8100.2
Upperby P CY CA2 4JT3995878727.6101.0
Valley P & N CY CA28 8DA3281817528.3101.3
Vicarage Park CofE P VC LA9 5BP2778937827.799.9
Vickerstown CY LA14 3QS2050705025.7100.1
Victoria J CY CA14 2RE5371736326.198.9
Victoria J CY LA14 5NE4493989329.2100.5
Waberthwaite CofE VA LA19 5YJ4<<<<<
Warcop CofE P VA CA16 6NX610010010030.0100.6
Warwick Bridge P FD CA4 8RE1371717126.699.0
Welton CY CA5 7HE5<<<<<
Westfield N & P CY CA14 5BD1547804724.997.8
Wiggonby CofE VA CA7 0JR610010010030.0100.2
Windermere CofE J VA LA23 2DD6489898928.599.9
Wreay CofE P VC CA4 0RL550675024.6<
Yanwath P CY CA10 2LA1983787226.7100.3
Yarlside P CY LA13 0LH3097979330.3101.6
Yewdale CY CA2 7SD3083878027.699.6