Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abbotskerswell P CY TQ12 5NS1385777727.7100.2
All Saints CofE P VA EX13 7LX1794888229.5100.9
All Saints CofE P Marsh VA TQ12 2DJ2080757527.899.6
Alphington P CY EX2 8RQ5277756527.599.2
Appledore Community P & N CY EX39 1PF3281787827.8101.5
Ashburton P CY TQ13 7DW2879797126.998.7
Ashleigh CofE P VC EX32 8LJ3388948828.1100.9
Ashwater P CY EX21 5EW2<<<<<
Aveton Gifford CofE P VC TQ7 4LB1110010010030.0100.8
Awliscombe CofE P VA EX14 3PJ1010010010029.4100.8
Axminster Community P CY EX13 5BU26100969628.6101.2
Bampton CofE P VA EX16 9NW1480878027.299.6
Bassetts Farm P CY EX8 4GB4484848028.3100.8
Beacon CofE P VA EX8 2SR26961009628.9100.6
Beaford Community P & N CY EX19 8LJ1788827628.8100.0
Bearnes Voluntary P VC TQ12 2AU967564425.099.4
Beer CofE P VA EX12 3NB1510010010030.6102.1
Bere Alston P CY PL20 7AU3194949428.4100.3
Berrynarbor CofE P VC EX34 9SE1682828228.1100.7
Berry Pomeroy Parochial CofE P VC TQ9 6LH888887530.0100.2
Bickleigh Down CofE P VA PL6 7JW5774776827.4100.2
Bickleigh on Exe CofE P VC EX16 8RE18881008829.399.6
Bishops Nympton P CY EX36 4PU1010010010029.499.7
Bishops Tawton P CY EX32 0AE1763685825.698.8
Bishopsteignton CY TQ14 9RJ2571837127.799.5
Blackawton P CY TQ9 7BE1980907528.1100.4
Blackpool CofE P VC TQ12 6JB45981009831.0101.7
Black Torrington CofE P VC EX21 5PU610010010028.0100.3
Boasley Cross Community P CY EX20 4JH875635026.3100.0
Bolham Community P CY EX16 7RA1082918228.9100.0
Bovey Tracey P CY TQ13 9HZ4486867729.0100.7
Bow Community P CY EX17 6HU2471756326.499.7
Bowhill P CY EX4 1JT5190847827.5100.2
Bradford P CY EX22 7AB1191828227.599.3
Bradley Barton P & N Unit CY TQ12 1PR3594918829.3100.4
Bradworthy Community P CY EX22 7RT1610010010031.5102.5
Brampford Speke CofE P VC EX5 5HE4<<<<<
Branscombe CofE P VC EX12 3DA5<<<<<
Bratton Fleming Community P CY EX31 4SB1410010010028.9100.3
Brayford P CY EX32 7QJ550333324.698.6
Bridestowe P CY EX20 4EL1182828227.3100.8
Bridgerule CofE P VC EX22 7EN5<<<<<
Brixington P CY EX8 4JQ7878646226.298.6
Broadclyst Academy P Trust ACC EX5 3JG6695989529.8102.4
Broadhembury CofE P VC EX14 3NF2<<<<<
Broadhempston Village P CY TQ9 6BL810010010031.5101.9
Buckfastleigh P CY TQ11 0DD2674937028.0100.3
Buckland Brewer Community P CY EX39 5LX729861424.998.8
Burlescombe CofE P VC EX16 7JH1275756726.099.7
Burrington CofE P VC EX37 9JG5<<<<<
Caen Community P CY EX33 1AD3997929029.5101.5
Canada Hill Community P CY TQ12 6YS43951009529.8101.2
Castle P CY EX16 6QR4374716026.499.9
Chagford CofE P VC TQ13 8BZ2190868630.0100.5
Charleton CofE P VC TQ7 2AL978787827.0100.3
Cheriton Bishop Community P CY EX6 6HY1492837527.5100.5
Cheriton Fitzpaine P CY EX17 4JD8881008829.6100.5
Chittlehampton CofE P VA EX37 9QW683838329.5101.3
Christow Community CY EX6 7PE8891008929.7100.5
Chudleigh CofE Community P VC TQ13 0LS5188807027.698.3
Chudleigh Knighton CofE P VC TQ13 0EU1587807328.5100.9
Chulmleigh P CY EX18 7AA2610010010030.7101.1
Clawton P CY EX22 6QN4<<<<<
Clinton CofE P VA EX20 3EQ5<<<<<
Clyst Heath N & Community P CY EX2 7QT2181868127.799.5
Clyst Honiton CofE P VA EX5 2LZ5<<<<<
Clyst Hydon P CY EX15 2ND910010010030.7101.2
Clyst St Mary P CY EX5 1BG2688928829.1100.3
Cockwood P CY EX6 8RB14921009230.5101.4
Colyton P CY EX24 6NU2564725626.399.1
Combe Martin P CY EX34 0DF2086676226.3100.0
Copplestone P CY EX17 5NX1995898928.6101.6
Cornwood CofE P VC PL21 9PZ1593878729.2100.7
Countess Wear Community CY EX2 7BS3352584523.897.7
Culmstock P CY EX15 3JP16881008828.7100.4
Dalwood P CY EX13 7EW4<<<<<
Dartington CofE P VC TQ9 6JU4578676326.298.9
Dartmouth Academy AC TQ6 9HW1075585025.599.4
Decoy P CY TQ12 1DH6087928728.8101.0
Denbury P CY TQ12 6DP1983676127.299.7
Diptford Parochial CofE P VC TQ9 7NY610010010031.5101.1
Doddiscombsleigh Community CY EX6 7PR11100828228.4100.5
Dolton CofE P VA EX19 8QF978565627.0100.3
Drake's CofE P VA EX9 7DQ1510010010030.2102.1
Duchy Bradninch CY EX5 4RF2684807227.6101.4
Dunsford Community P CY EX6 7DD1110010010029.799.4
East Allington P CY TQ9 7RE9781007828.099.1
East Anstey P CY EX16 9JP4<<<<<
East-the-Water Community P CY EX39 4BZ2283918327.8101.5
East Worlington P CY EX17 4TS5<<<<<
Erme P CY PL21 0AJ2080807528.6101.4
Ermington P CY PL21 9NH2510010010030.6102.5
Exbourne CofE P VC EX20 3SQ1090909029.199.6
Exeter Road Community P CY EX8 1PU2660574724.699.6
Exminster P CY EX6 8AJ5092949029.5101.2
Exwick Heights P CY EX4 2FB3988908529.0101.1
Farway CofE P VA EX24 6EQ888887527.4101.1
Feniton CofE P VA EX14 3EA3090979029.3101.0
Filleigh Community P CY EX32 0RS1681817527.999.6
Forches Cross Community P & N CY EX32 8EF2290909027.8101.6
Fremington Community P & N CY EX31 3DD3892797727.6100.0
Gatehouse P CY EX7 0LW5986726927.499.2
Georgeham CofE P VC EX33 1JT1593676028.099.6
Goodleigh CofE P VC EX32 7LU4<<<<<
Great Torrington J CY EX38 7NU8079767126.899.6
Grove P CY TQ9 5ED3083776728.099.2
Gulworthy P CY PL19 8JA14931009330.4100.1
Halberton P CY EX16 7AT1080808027.9100.9
Halwill Community P CY EX21 5XU1610010010030.0102.6
Harbertonford CofE P VA TQ9 7TA788887527.498.9
Hartland P CY EX39 6BP1479717127.6100.2
Hatherleigh Community P CY EX20 3JB2286868228.1100.1
Hawkchurch CofE VC EX13 5XD810010010028.199.7
Haytor View Community P CY TQ12 4BD2382827728.7100.8
Hayward's P CY EX17 3AX3882907927.499.7
Hazeldown CY TQ14 8SE6184847527.5100.2
Heathcoat P CY EX16 5HE5578787127.2100.5
Hemyock P CY EX15 3RY2186868129.099.5
Hennock Community P CY TQ13 9QB6831008329.0<
Highampton Community P CY EX21 5LE2<<<<<
High Bickington CofE P VC EX37 9AY6831008328.5101.8
Highweek Community P & N CY TQ12 1TX4661675425.299.1
Holbeton CY PL8 1LT8881008829.6101.5
Holsworthy CofE P VC EX22 6HD4275706527.0100.5
Holywell CofE P VC EX31 3HZ1275505024.597.7
Honiton P CY EX14 1QF5184908428.6101.0
Horrabridge Community P CY PL20 7SZ1688948827.6100.1
Horwood & Newton Tracey Community P CY EX31 3PU810010010031.9102.5
Ide P CY EX2 9RN1377927728.2100.2
Ilfracombe CofE J VC EX34 9LW12485726527.099.0
Ilsington CofE P VC TQ13 9RE1867615627.099.4
Instow Community P CY EX39 4LU2286958628.199.7
Inverteign Community N & P CY TQ14 9BB3374856826.799.9
Ipplepen P CY TQ12 5QL3090908728.599.9
Kenn CofE P VC EX6 7TX1285777727.5100.1
Kentisbeare CofE P VC EX15 2AD2692928528.6100.4
Kentisbury P CY EX31 4NG1<<<<<
Kenton P CY EX6 8LX1587878727.099.3
Kilmington P CY EX13 7RG10901009028.5100.3
Kingsacre Community CY EX33 1BQ3187908028.0100.0
Kingsbridge Community P CY TQ7 1NL6184878328.4100.6
Kingskerswell CofE P VC TQ12 5HN3479857127.6100.0
Kings Nympton Community P CY EX37 9SP878675625.7100.3
Kingswear Community P CY TQ6 0BJ8751007526.698.8
Lady Modiford's CofE P VA PL20 6JR810010010028.9100.2
Lady Seaward's CofE P VA EX3 0RE1192928327.899.8
Ladysmith J CY EX1 2PT8675807227.299.3
Lamerton CofE P VC PL19 8RJ6<<<<<
Landkey P CY EX32 0LJ2391878328.9100.3
Landscore P CY EX17 3JH3784958428.399.8
Landscove CofE P VA TQ13 7LY1793939329.6101.9
Langtree Community & N Unit CY EX38 8NF1155915525.999.0
Lapford Community P CY EX17 6QE1462775426.099.7
Lew Trenchard CofE P VC EX20 4DP5<<<<<
Lifton Community P CY PL16 0EH1292857729.199.3
Littleham CofE P VC EX8 2QY1861675624.299.1
Littletown P CY EX14 2EG4678917627.8100.5
Loddiswell P CY TQ7 4QU2<<<<<
Lydford P CY EX20 4AU3<<<<<
Lympstone CofE P VC EX8 5JY1788888828.1100.1
Lynton CofE P VA EX35 6AF1853825325.699.4
Malborough with South Huish CofE P VC TQ7 3RN910010010029.3100.4
Manor P CY PL21 9BG3974726226.399.7
Marldon CofE P VA TQ3 1PD2879716826.498.4
Marpool P CY EX8 3QW4458644425.298.9
Marwood CY EX31 4HF1392929228.499.6
Mary Tavy & Brentor Community P CY PL19 9PR863636327.8101.0
Meavy CofE P VA PL20 6PJ1688948828.9100.2
Membury P CY EX13 7AF1<<<<<
Milton Abbot CY PL19 0PS1610010010030.0100.9
Modbury P CY PL21 0RB2367835826.998.8
Monkleigh P CY EX39 5JY1782948228.199.8
Montgomery P CY EX4 1BS3980907827.5100.1
Morchard Bishop CofE P VA EX17 6PJ1983948328.099.5
Moretonhampstead P CY TQ13 8NA2391968728.799.6
Mrs Ethelston's CofE P VA DT7 3TT3181947728.0100.0
Musbury Community CY EX13 8BB12911009129.5101.1
Newport Community CY EX32 9BW6188908529.1100.1
Newton Ferrers CofE P VC PL8 1AS1170706027.3100.4
Newton Poppleford P CY EX10 0EL29100979729.799.3
Newton St Cyres P CY EX5 5DD1493939330.0100.1
Newtown P CY EX1 2ES2378787026.999.6
Northlew & Ashbury Parochial CofE P VC EX20 3PB3<<<<<
North Molton CY EX36 3HL1974796828.0101.4
North Tawton Community P CY EX20 2HB1970706526.199.6
Offwell CofE P VC EX14 9SA1510010010030.6101.4
Okehampton P CY EX20 1JB6771747027.0101.3
Orchard Vale Community CY EX32 8QY4585898529.0100.8
Otterton CofE P VA EX9 7HU1794948828.6100.7
Ottery St Mary P CY EX11 1HY60?????
Our Lady & St Patrick's RC N & P VA TQ14 9DT3194818128.9100.5
Our Lady's CP VA EX32 8DN2471716726.498.1
Parkham P CY EX39 5PL989787828.0100.3
Parracombe CofE P VC EX31 4QJ710010010030.4101.4
Payhembury CofE P VC EX14 3HT11100808029.1100.5
Pilton the Bluecoat CofE J VA EX31 1JU6787938728.999.2
Pinhoe CofE P VA EX4 8PE4885777227.7100.5
Plymtree CofE P VC EX15 2JU1580938028.0100.9
Princetown P CY PL20 6QE989897827.0100.3
Pyworthy CofE P VC EX22 6ST886868628.398.7
Rackenford CofE P VA EX16 8DU989898928.0100.7
Redhills Community P CY EX4 2BY5688797727.2100.5
Rockbeare CofE P VA EX5 2EQ1082827327.599.7
Rydon P CY TQ12 3LP7395898629.5101.0
Salcombe CofE P VC TQ8 8AG13100858528.4100.5
Sampford Peverell CofE P VC EX16 7BR1292838329.3100.4
Sandford CY EX17 4NE2395868629.399.9
Seaton P CY EX12 2HF6292898529.8100.8
Shaldon P CY TQ14 0DD3388948528.6100.4
Shaugh Prior P CY PL7 5HA3<<<<<
Shebbear Community CY EX21 5SG875756326.399.7
Shirwell Community P CY EX31 4JT4<<<<<
Shute Community P CY EX13 7QR810010010030.0101.4
Sidbury CofE P VC EX10 0SB1291919129.7100.9
Silverton CofE P VC EX5 4JY1979847428.9101.0
South Brent P CY TQ10 9JN3083777027.999.2
Southmead CY EX33 2BU3985807326.999.9
South Molton United CofE J VA EX36 3GN3277837026.798.9
South Tawton P CY EX20 2LG2787838027.699.8
Spreyton CY EX17 5AJ583676726.599.7
St Andrew's CofE P VA EX13 7BJ5<<<<<
St Andrew's CofE P VA PL20 7NA2890939029.399.3
St Andrew's P CY EX15 1HU2969766626.8100.2
Starcross P CY EX6 8QD2871796826.698.8
St Catherine's CofE P & N VA TQ12 6SB1771887127.4100.6
St David's CofE P VC EX4 4EE1554544624.9100.2
St Giles-on-the-Heath Community CY PL15 9SD1479797927.099.7
St Helen's CofE P VA EX39 5AP2492888829.8100.6
Sticklepath Community CY EX31 2HH4276645525.899.9
St John's CP VA EX16 5LB3083696926.5100.9
St John the Baptist Roman CP VA TQ6 9HW1258505022.598.7
St Joseph's CP VA EX8 2JP2986797627.5100.3
St Joseph's CP VA TQ12 1PT1878726127.0100.1
St Leonard's CofE P VC EX2 4NQ5895918829.2100.2
St Margaret's CofE J VA EX39 1EL4882868227.399.1
St Mary's CP VA EX13 5BE2095959028.7100.4
St Mary's CP VA TQ11 0EA667676726.4<
St Mary's CofE P VA PL8 2AG650675025.098.7
St Mary's CofE P VC EX39 2QN5482807727.6100.0
St Michael's CofE P VA EX1 2SN4482757327.599.3
St Michael's CofE P VC TQ12 3BQ5391898728.1101.1
St Nicholas CP VA EX1 3EG4489807728.099.8
St Nicholas CofE J VA EX10 9XB9188777327.799.3
Stockland CofE P VC EX14 9EF15100939331.0100.8
Stoke Canon CofE P VC EX5 4AS2286867628.8100.3
Stoke Fleming Community P CY TQ6 0QA2893868628.9100.9
Stoke Gabriel P CY TQ9 6ST810010010029.6101.1
Stoke Hill J CY EX4 7DP7891787628.299.8
Stokeinteignhead CY TQ12 4QE1385927729.8100.5
Stokenham Area P CY TQ7 2SJ21911009129.2100.9
Stowford P CY PL21 0BG6085928228.6100.4
St Peter's CofE J VA PL19 9HW3489746927.999.6
St Peter's Church VA EX9 6QF3294817727.999.5
St Sidwell's CofE P VA EX4 6PG2979866927.9100.3
St Thomas P CY EX2 9BB2468685925.099.6
Sutcombe Community P CY EX22 7PW610010010028.0100.3
Swimbridge CofE P VA EX32 0PJ710010010030.9101.5
Tavistock Community P CY PL19 8BX4279867627.4100.6
Tedburn St Mary CY EX6 6AA1593878729.6100.5
Thorverton CofE P VC EX5 5NR888887528.5100.0
Thurlestone All Saints CofE P VA TQ7 3NB18100949429.2100.2
Tidcombe P CY EX16 4BP1571766527.499.8
Tipton St John CofE P VA EX10 0AG1410010010030.2100.9
Topsham CY EX3 0DN30100979730.3100.3
Totnes St John's CofE P VC TQ9 5TZ3488696926.899.5
Two Moors P CY EX16 6HH5580716926.198.8
Uffculme P CY EX15 3AY3073575725.799.0
Ugborough P CY PL21 0NJ1681816927.699.9
Umberleigh Community P CY EX37 9AD5<<<<<
Uplowman CofE P VC EX16 7DR9781007829.0100.6
Upottery P CY EX14 9QT1182918227.3100.6
Walter Daw P CY EX2 5AW4484868227.498.8
Webber's CofE P VA TA21 0PE1191919128.1100.3
Wembury P CY PL9 0EB2685857828.8100.8
West Alvington CofE P VC TQ7 3PP3<<<<<
West & East Putford CY EX22 7UT2<<<<<
Westcliff CY EX7 9RA4990908528.2100.5
West Croft J CY EX39 3DE8380766727.399.0
West Down CY EX34 8NF1183928329.8100.3
West Hill P CY EX11 1UQ3297949430.399.9
Whimple P CY EX5 2TS1781948129.3100.4
Whipton Barton J CY EX1 3JP8063795926.299.3
Whitchurch Community P CY PL19 9SR2990908329.2100.8
Widecombe-in-the-Moor P CY TQ13 7TB710010010029.6101.6
Wilcombe P CY EX16 4AL1777626225.2101.3
Willand CY EX15 2QL3588767628.1100.5
Willowbank P CY EX15 1EZ30100777728.0100.7
Willowbrook CY EX4 8NN2038813825.1100.9
Winkleigh Community P CY EX19 8JQ2190908628.199.8
Witheridge CofE P VC EX16 8AH980807027.999.9
Withycombe Raleigh CofE P VC EX8 3BA7084747127.198.6
Wolborough CofE N & P VA TQ12 2JX3168715826.799.7
Woodbury CofE P VA EX5 1NB1910010010030.2101.0
Woodbury Salterton CofE P VA EX5 1PP1694888830.0101.0
Woodlands Park P CY PL21 9TF5188868228.4100.3
Woolacombe CY EX34 7BT2483787428.3100.6
Woolsery P CY EX39 5QS1688948828.1100.9
Wynstream CY EX2 6AY3774746826.0100.2
Yealmpton P CY PL8 2HF2592888828.1100.1
Yeoford Community P CY EX17 5HZ710010010029.199.9
Yeo Valley P CY EX32 7HB3384888427.8101.0
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