Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abacus P CY SS12 9GJ2785938127.798.5
Abbotsweld P CY CM18 6TE2972665226.1100.5
Alderton J CY IG10 3HE5287777526.999.3
All Saints' CofE P VA CO12 4HT2989797527.6100.9
All Saints CofE P VA CO12 5BA1874846827.8100.3
All Saints Maldon CofE P VC CM9 6HY4584878427.999.2
Alresford P CY CO7 8AU2176907626.7100.4
Alton Park J CY CO15 1DL10666635525.498.9
Ashdon P CY CB10 2HB786867128.3101.4
Ashingdon FD SS4 3LN4097929228.399.8
Baddow Hall J CY CM2 7QZ6086867828.098.6
Bardfield P CY SS16 4NL4270736825.7100.1
Barling Magna Community P CY SS3 0LN2387877828.799.8
Barnes Farm J CY CM2 6QH8389908528.699.6
Baynards P CY CO5 0ND989898929.3101.7
Beckers Green P CY CM7 3PR3767675625.899.2
Beehive Lane Community P CY CM2 9SR2488808028.2102.6
Belchamp St Paul CofE P VA CO10 7BP989898928.399.3
Bentfield P CY CM24 8DX3174817126.998.3
Bentley St Paul's CofE P VA CM15 9SE3090939030.0100.9
Birchanger CofE P VC CM23 5QF12100929229.399.6
Birch CofE P VA CO2 0LZ20100898928.7100.9
Bishops' CofE & Roman CP VA CM1 6ZQ3783898127.699.3
Bishop William Ward CofE P VA CO6 4AT1091828229.2100.5
Blackmore P CY CM4 0QR2488968829.699.8
Bocking Church Street P CY CM7 5LA3073636026.398.5
Boreham P CY CM3 3DB2095959528.8100.5
Boxted St Peter's CofE VC CO4 5YN1681635626.899.0
Bradfield P CY CO11 2UZ1687808028.299.3
Brightlingsea J CY CO7 0HU8472806626.798.0
Brightside P CY CM12 0LE5082928028.599.4
Brinkley Grove P FD CO4 9GF5777727026.899.3
Briscoe P & N CY SS13 1PN1974585324.698.2
Broadfields P CY CM20 3QA2564564824.699.2
Broomfield P FD CM1 7DN4580937627.899.4
Broomgrove J CY CO7 9QB5875887228.399.6
Buckhurst Hill Community P CY IG9 6DS4693968928.9100.7
Bulmer St Andrew's CofE P VC CO10 7EH1173917328.499.8
Burnham-on-Crouch P CY CM0 8LG6279796827.199.8
Buttsbury J FD CM12 0QR11995888528.998.9
Canewdon Endowed CofE P & N VC SS4 3PA2291737327.498.2
Cann Hall P CY CO16 8DA5970545024.898.8
Canvey J CY SS8 0JG5993959029.2101.6
Cathedral CofE P VA CM1 1PA4283887928.799.8
Chancellor Park P CY CM2 6PT3097939329.9100.8
Chappel CofE P VC CO6 2DD5<<<<<
Chase Lane P & N CY CO12 4NB5188827827.499.8
Cherry Tree P & Speech & Language Unit CY CO2 0BG2268595925.298.8
Cherry Tree P CY SS16 4AG5173696325.399.4
Chigwell P CY IG7 6DW4083797627.199.7
Chipping Ongar P CY CM5 9LA2684727227.6100.5
Chrishall Holy Trinity & St Nicholas CofE P VA SG8 8QE1310010010029.5101.1
Churchgate CofE P VA CM17 0LB2874706726.399.6
Church Langley Community P CY CM17 9TH7380877928.7100.8
Clavering P CY CB11 4PE1984897928.999.7
Cold Norton P CY CM3 6JE2186958629.0101.0
Collingwood P FD CM3 5YJ4584696426.999.2
Colne Engaine CofE P VA CO6 2HA1675756327.299.7
Coopersale & Theydon Garnon CofE P VC CM16 7QX1883948328.599.9
Copford CofE P VC CO6 1BX3010010010030.5101.4
Coppins Green P FD CO15 3SP5746543523.597.5
Crays Hill P CY CM11 2UZ2370016.397.4
Cressing P CY CM77 8JE1593878028.8100.7
Danbury Park Community P CY CM3 4AB3795929228.998.7
Debden CofE P VC CB11 3LE1776767127.299.2
Dedham CofE P VC CO7 6BZ30931009331.0100.9
De Vere P CY CO9 3EA2190909027.799.5
Doddinghurst CofE J VC CM15 0NJ5383877927.899.0
Down Hall P CY SS6 9LW4591787327.599.4
Downham CofE P VC CM11 1NU3178816927.399.5
Downs P & N FD CM20 3RB2970876727.4101.0
Dr Walker's CofE P VC CM5 0RG15100939329.4100.9
Dunmow St Mary's P FD CM6 1EB6883747427.398.9
Earls Colne P & N FD CO6 2RH5788868228.799.6
East Hanningfield CofE P VC CM3 8AE1680807327.6100.2
Edward Francis Community J CY SS6 8AZ6090837829.299.6
Elm Hall P CY CM8 2SD15100808028.4100.4
Elmstead P FD CO7 7YQ3272786927.699.7
Elmwood P FD CM3 5NB5596787828.0100.2
Elsenham CofE P VC CM22 6DD1794828227.898.6
Engaines P FD CO16 9PH4063685525.199.7
Epping P CY CM16 5DU5084716727.999.2
Epping Upland CofE P VC CM16 6QJ1894949428.8100.1
Eversley P CY SS13 2EF5876837326.699.3
Fairhouse Community J CY SS14 1QP4558795626.2100.0
Farnham CofE P VA CM23 1HR5<<<<<
Fawbert & Barnard's P VC CM17 0DA2982898227.899.7
Feering CofE P VC CO5 9QB1889838327.599.9
Felmore P CY SS13 1QX5867716025.798.9
Felsted P CY CM6 3EB2796969629.9100.3
Finchingfield CofE P VC CM7 4LD1010010010029.7100.9
Fingringhoe CofE P VA CO5 7BN1471363624.498.0
Flitch Green P CY CM6 3GG1392696927.298.5
Ford End CofE P VC CM3 1LQ1385858529.3101.8
Fordham All Saints CofE P VC CO6 3NN1410010010030.2100.5
Friars Grove P CY CO4 0PZ6373847327.899.5
Frinton-on-Sea P CY CO13 9LQ3073836727.199.5
Frobisher P & N CY CO15 2QH3656585324.498.5
Ghyllgrove Community J CY SS14 2BG4560675325.198.3
Glebe J & Unit for Hearing Impaired CY SS6 9HG5665706126.298.7
Gosbecks P CY CO2 9DG4783817526.998.6
Gosfield Community P CY CO9 1ST2190868128.4101.1
Grange P CY SS12 0LR4488848127.699.8
Great Bardfield P CY CM7 4RN2488888428.0100.7
Great Bentley P CY CO7 8LD2893968928.899.9
Great Berry P CY SS16 6SG59981009829.6101.6
Great Bradfords J CY CM7 9LW9087817927.899.4
Great Chesterford CofE P VA CB10 1NN2896969329.2100.5
Great Clacton CofE J VA CO15 4HR7382585425.899.0
Great Dunmow P FD CM6 1ZR58100989830.0101.7
Great Easton CofE P VA CM6 2DR27881008828.299.9
Great Leighs P CY CM3 1RP2782867127.199.3
Great Sampford Community P CY CB10 2RL1182828228.1100.0
Great Tey CofE P VC CO6 1AZ1090706027.099.7
Great Totham P FD CM9 8PN6488807828.8100.2
Great Wakering P CY SS3 0EJ5676786926.998.4
Great Waltham CofE P VC CM3 1DF2492969230.1100.8
Greensted J CY SS14 1RX4272887026.498.9
Grove Wood P FD SS6 8UA9089858328.399.5
Hadleigh J FD SS7 2DQ7572836827.499.0
Hamford P CY CO14 8TE4276685926.399.5
Hamilton P CY CO3 3GB6095939229.6100.8
Hare Street Community P & N CY CM19 4BU6093939227.8101.3
Harlowbury P CY CM17 0DX1669756325.799.7
Harwich Community P & N CY CO12 3NP2768826825.899.7
Hatfield Heath Community P CY CM22 7EA29100868629.7100.6
Hatfield Peverel St Andrew's J FD CM3 2JX5076887427.799.9
Hazelmere J CY CO4 3JP4270706326.0100.3
Heathlands CofE P VC CO6 3JF4384847927.898.3
Henham & Ugley P & N CY CM22 6BP2186958628.6100.4
Henry Moore P FD CM17 9LW5997979529.7100.7
Hereward P CY IG10 2HR4281766927.0100.1
Heybridge P FD CM9 4TU4669766425.599.2
High Beech CofE P VC IG10 4AP1510010010029.2100.2
Highfields P CY CO11 2BN4894888328.699.7
High Ongar P CY CM5 9NB2181907627.999.7
Highwood P CY CM1 3QH7100717128.399.7
Highwoods Community P CY CO4 9SN4587878028.0100.3
Hillhouse CofE P VC EN9 3EL2552443623.697.4
Hilltop J CY SS11 8LP8390827728.097.9
Hockley P FD SS5 4UR4088706827.598.7
Hogarth P CY CM15 8BG3070575025.899.5
Holland Haven P FD CO15 5PP4665524325.098.0
Holland Park P FD CO15 6NG6473786426.898.5
Holly Trees P CY CM14 5RY4674837427.4100.0
Holt Farm J CY SS4 1RS8676857327.499.1
Holy Cross CP VA CM18 6JJ2889968929.4100.3
Holy Family CP VA CM8 1DX2696848428.8100.2
Holy Family CP VA SS7 5PX3097979330.1100.8
Holy Trinity CofE P VC CO9 1JH2572726425.498.8
Holy Trinity CofE P VC CO3 9UE1888828228.1100.2
Home Farm P CY CO3 4JL3090979028.3100.3
Howbridge CofE J VC CM8 1BZ8069645325.898.4
Hutton All Saints' CofE P VA CM13 1JW3382857627.799.3
Ingatestone & Fryerning CofE J VA CM4 0AL3990908728.1100.2
Ingrave Johnstone CofE P VA CM13 3NU3197979429.7100.6
Ivy Chimneys P CY CM16 4EP3388858228.2101.0
Janet Duke P CY SS15 5LS7260464224.396.8
Jerounds Community J CY CM19 4PH4379817027.598.6
John Bunyan J CY CM7 5UL4271837126.099.5
John Ray J CY CM7 1HL9477766527.399.7
Jotmans Hall P FD SS7 5RG5483938128.6100.3
Katherine Semar J CY CB11 4DU5793979329.1100.1
Katherines P FD CM19 5NJ3284817526.997.8
Kelvedon Hatch Community P CY CM15 0DH2692817728.5100.2
Kelvedon St Mary's CofE P VC CO5 9DS5591968729.8100.0
Kendall CofE P VC CO1 2HH2143524323.799.2
Kents Hill J CY SS7 5PS8894807828.299.2
King's Ford J CY CO2 9AZ2152674825.098.7
Kingsmoor P FD CM18 7PS2442423323.098.4
Kings Road P CY CM1 2BB5072746426.8100.2
Kingston FD SS7 3HG3090837728.0100.3
Kingswood J FD SS16 5DE6088858327.599.4
Kirby P CY CO13 0LW3288757227.198.4
Laindon Park P CY SS15 5SE1473737326.298.8
Lambourne P CY RM4 1AU2881858127.699.9
Langenhoe Community P CY CO5 7PG1283838328.099.0
Langham P CY CO4 5PB1587807327.898.4
Larchwood P CY CM15 9NG3055595224.897.5
Larkrise P CY CM2 9UB2669656225.097.6
Latchingdon CofE P VC CM3 6JS2471966727.3100.2
Latton Green P CY CM18 7HT3083737027.2100.3
Lawford CofE P VA CO11 2EF3194979029.8100.8
Lawford Mead J CY CM1 2JH3873767025.999.2
Layer-de-la-Haye CofE P VC CO2 0DS2789898928.399.9
Lee Chapel P CY SS16 5RU6592959128.8100.1
Leigh Beck J CY SS8 7TD8979756927.098.3
Leverton J FD EN9 3BE5786797927.3100.5
Lexden P with Unit for Hearing Impaired Pupils CY CO3 9AS3073575725.998.8
Limes Farm J CY IG7 5LP3892848427.799.7
Lincewood P CY SS16 6AZ4768796426.299.8
Little Hallingbury CofE P VA CM22 7RE2085808029.9100.2
Little Parndon P FD CM20 1PU4069726426.699.6
Little Waltham CofE P VA CM3 3NY2383757127.399.4
Long Ridings P CY CM13 1DU6088787829.2100.6
Longwood P CY CM18 7RQ2282918226.3101.2
Lubbins Park Community P CY SS8 7HF2081908127.3100.3
Lyons Hall CY CM7 9FH7792928828.9101.8
Maldon P CY CM9 5DQ5477847026.798.4
Manuden P CY CM23 1DE1410010010031.5100.0
Margaretting CofE P VC CM4 0HA1010010010028.899.3
Matching Green CofE P VC CM17 0QB583838326.5100.3
Mayflower P CY CO12 4AJ4673786926.799.3
Maylandsea P CY CM3 6AD4078837326.699.4
Meadgate P CY CM2 7NS3079726926.699.1
Melbourne Park P & N CY CM1 2DX1979847926.498.6
Merrylands P CY SS15 6QS5674555225.899.0
Mersea Island FD CO5 8QX7275836826.799.0
Messing-Cum-Inworth P CY CO5 9TH888757526.399.1
Mildmay J CY CM2 8AU5684817827.899.3
Milldene P CY CO5 0EF3097909029.2100.3
Millfields P FD CO7 9RD3010010010030.7101.6
Millhouse J CY SS15 5QF5569856526.297.3
Milwards P & N FD CM19 4QX2867635626.099.5
Mistley Norman CofE P VC CO11 1LS1292838327.599.9
Monkwick J CY CO2 8NN4367706325.599.2
Montgomery J CY CO2 9QG5474877226.999.1
Moreton CofE P VA CM5 0JD2893938628.399.7
Moulsham J CY CM2 9DG14192878428.999.8
Mountnessing CofE P VC CM15 0UH1673877328.098.9
Myland Community P CY CO4 5LD4083887828.1100.4
Nazeing P CY EN9 2HS3576857627.299.3
Newlands Spring P FD CM1 4UU5893898928.8100.2
Newport P CY CB11 3PU2496888328.399.9
Noak Bridge P CY SS15 4JS2581817328.0100.5
North Crescent P FD SS12 9AP1968745825.999.9
Northlands J FD SS13 3JQ6459594324.897.5
North P & N CY CO1 1RP4677615726.499.8
Northwick Park P FD SS8 9SU6168906627.499.7
Notley Green P CY CM77 7ZJ5484807527.699.1
Oakfield P CY SS12 9PW6085787528.4100.4
Old Heath Community P CY CO2 8DD2496928828.6101.2
Our Lady Immaculate CP VA CM2 0RG3294919129.4101.2
Our Lady of Ransom CP VA SS6 9EH5196908829.899.5
Parsons Heath CofE P VC CO4 3EZ3073736727.6100.0
Pear Tree Mead P & N CY CM18 7BY4491958929.3102.9
Perryfields J CY CM1 7PP6796969430.1100.8
Phoenix P CY SS15 5NQ3553635023.698.4
Pitsea J CY SS13 3AB4370826826.098.2
Plumberow P FD SS5 5BX9693929028.9100.2
Potter Street P FD CM17 9EU944443322.797.0
Powers Hall J CY CM8 1NA7474736526.599.2
Prettygate J CY CO3 4PH6378797127.899.5
Priory P CY CM3 4ES2588888829.6100.7
Purford Green P CY CM18 6HP2871757125.898.0
Purleigh Community P CY CM3 6PJ3410010010029.5101.2
Queen Boudica P CY CO4 5XT989898928.0100.9
Quilters J FD CM12 9LD6395928929.5100.0
R A Butler J FD CB11 3DG7396999629.5100.0
Radwinter CofE P VA CB10 2TX1410010010029.6101.1
Ravenscroft P CY CO16 8TZ4456635624.298.5
Rayleigh P CY SS6 7DD5895908628.399.7
Rayne P & N CY CM77 6BZ3281777727.299.1
Rettendon P CY CM3 8DW1479797927.2100.3
Richard de Clare Community P CY CO9 2JT5981907627.799.7
Rickling CofE P VC CB11 3YG1687808028.998.8
Ridgewell CofE P VA CO9 4SA971575725.399.6
Rivenhall CofE P VC CM8 3PQ1282737325.9100.0
Riverside P CY SS5 6ND5271716226.398.0
Roach Vale P CY CO4 3YN3076696626.499.7
Robert Drake P FD SS7 3HT45981009829.7100.9
Rochford P & N FD SS4 1NJ3181776826.499.9
Rodings P FD CM6 1PZ3278756927.0100.0
Rolph CofE P VA CO16 0DY3181948128.5100.6
Roxwell CofE P VC CM1 4PE1173736428.199.3
Roydon P CY CM19 5HN2377867326.597.9
Runwell Community P CY SS11 7BJ4090959029.0100.2
Ryedene Community P CY SS16 4SY3087808027.8102.9
Shalford P CY CM7 5EZ1392928527.2100.1
Sheering CofE P VC CM22 7LU1080808026.798.5
Shelley P CY CM5 0FF771575724.9100.1
Silver End P CY CM8 3RZ3573767025.699.6
South Benfleet Foundation P FD SS7 5HA5988908528.5101.5
South Green J FD CM12 9RJ6090938829.3100.4
Southminster CofE P VC CM0 7ES2157574325.097.7
Spinney J CY CM20 3BW3964413824.898.2
Springfield P CY CM1 6XW4478807327.398.7
Spring Meadow P CY CO12 4LB3979877427.2101.5
St Alban's CP VA CM20 2NP3090938328.599.8
Stambridge P CY SS4 2AP1136363622.598.5
St Andrew's CofE P VA CO6 3AZ1<<<<<
St Andrew's CofE P VA CO9 2BH3583868327.699.9
St Andrew's CofE P VC CO6 1HL2488797928.698.6
St Andrew's CofE P VC CO9 4PT2467585425.098.2
St Andrew's CofE P VA CM16 6EH3288817227.6100.4
St Andrew's J CY CO4 3QJ5475666025.9101.2
Stanley Drapkin P CY CB9 7ED4191848428.098.2
St Anne Line Catholic J VA SS15 5AF5786817927.499.5
Stanway Fiveways P CY CO3 0QG3079837627.298.7
Stanway P CY CO3 0RH3776705926.799.7
Stapleford Abbotts P CY RM4 1EJ2167766726.399.9
St Cedd's CofE P VA CM0 7PY2997979328.9100.2
St Clare's CP VA CO16 8AG4578766927.098.7
Stebbing P CY CM6 3SH7100717128.4100.3
St Francis CP VA CM7 2SY3097878728.5100.2
St Francis CP VA CM9 6HN3394949430.5100.9
St George's CofE P VC CO7 7HX1984847927.5100.0
St George's New Town J CY CO2 7RU6983747127.7100.6
St Giles' CofE P VC CO9 2RG1262625424.999.3
St Helen's Catholic J VA CM15 9BY7895919029.599.3
Stisted CofE P VA CM77 8AN13100858530.2102.6
St James' CofE P VA CM18 7RH3168685826.099.0
St James' CofE P VA CO1 2RA3882797627.1100.0
St John CofE P Danbury VC CM3 4NS2485777728.299.3
St John Fisher CP VA IG10 2DY5888797628.0100.4
St John's CofE P VC CO4 0HH2886797928.499.9
St John's CofE P VC IG9 5RX4495919129.6100.1
St John's Green P CY CO2 7HE3077877328.3101.3
St John the Baptist CofE P Pebmarsh VA CO9 2NH7100717127.9100.4
St Joseph's CP VA CM3 5JX2291777727.599.6
St Joseph's CP VA CO12 3SU1667676026.499.4
St Joseph's CP VA SS8 9DP3097979729.2100.5
St Joseph the Worker CP VA CM13 1BJ3010010010030.1100.3
St Katherine's CofE P FD SS8 9QA3080877727.799.9
St Lawrence CofE P VC CO5 7HR2079957928.3100.8
St Luke's CP VA CM19 4LU3281717125.998.0
St Luke's CofE P VC CO5 0SU4381867627.1100.3
St Margaret's CofE P VA SS13 2DU3761665325.999.5
St Margaret's CofE P Toppesfield VC CO9 4DS710010010033.0101.9
St Mary's CofE P VA CB10 1BQ1477856928.2100.0
St Mary's CofE P VA CM0 8LZ2479757126.999.7
St Mary's CofE P VA CM15 9AL5594989430.1100.4
St Mary's CofE P VA CM22 7HH1292585826.898.8
St Mary's CofE P Woodham Ferrers VA CM3 8RJ11911009129.5100.5
St Mary's CofE P VC CO7 7NS1587878726.8100.3
St Mary's CofE Foundation P FD CM24 8JP1678947827.799.8
St Michael's CofE J VA CM2 8RR4777797027.198.6
St Michael's CofE P VA CM7 2NS5993989329.3100.3
St Michael's P & N CY CO2 9RA14100929228.0100.5
St Nicholas CofE P VC CM0 7TJ888888826.698.4
St Nicholas' CofE P VC SS6 9NE1694756927.6100.2
Stock CofE P VC CM4 9BQ3093838329.4100.5
St Osyth CofE P FD CO16 8PN4173635625.498.3
St Peter's CP VA CM11 2UB4595989329.9100.8
St Peter's CofE P VA CM14 5QN4495989530.699.6
St Peters CofE P VA CM2 8UQ1486867928.799.6
St Peter's CofE P VC CO6 1YU3478816927.199.9
St Peter's CofE P VC CO9 3NR2596848428.3100.1
St Pius X CP VA CM1 4HY3177847728.2100.9
St Teresa's CP VA CO3 9BE2996828228.5100.1
St Teresa's CP VA SS14 1UE2793858128.0100.4
St Teresa's CP VA SS4 1RF2889716827.398.2
St Thomas More CP VA CB11 3DW29100979730.0100.8
St Thomas More's CP VA CO1 2QB2810010010029.7101.3
St Thomas of Canterbury CofE J VA CM15 9BX7894918829.499.6
Sunnymede J FD CM11 2HL7681847427.399.4
Takeley P FD CM22 6QY3197939328.499.9
Tany's Dell Community P CY CM20 2LS2872725225.6101.7
Templars P & N CY CM8 2NJ4480615926.597.8
Tendring P CY CO16 0BP2195868627.3100.4
Terling CofE P VA CM3 2PN1486867927.499.2
Thaxted P FD CM6 2LW3987928729.4100.8
Theydon Bois P CY CM16 7DH4183686126.9100.2
Thomas Willingale FD IG10 3SR5782737026.699.1
Thundersley P CY SS7 3PT5072625626.298.3
Tiptree Heath P CY CO5 0PG2496838328.6100.1
Tollesbury CY CM9 8QE3077837027.299.6
Tolleshunt D'Arcy St Nicholas CofE P VA CM9 8UB1872565025.798.7
Trinity Road P CY CM2 6HS3272766226.198.5
Trinity St Mary's CofE P VA CM3 5JX3281847427.399.6
Two Village CofE P VC CO12 5EL2980877327.5100.4
Tyrrells CY CM1 6JN5998848329.4100.5
Upshire P Foundation FD EN9 3PX3067806026.399.0
Vange P & N CY SS16 4QA1533533324.098.2
Waltham Holy Cross J CY EN9 1LG8475736326.697.8
Walton on the Naze P FD CO14 8PT4068686325.898.8
Warley P CY CM14 5LF2487918728.8100.6
Water Lane P CY CM19 5RD2378877426.3100.2
Waterman P CY SS4 1QF850635024.8101.1
Weeley St Andrew's CofE P VA CO16 9DH3080736727.598.8
Wentworth P CY CM9 6JN6187848027.799.0
Westerings P FD SS5 4NZ5782817227.698.7
West Horndon P CY CM13 3TR1776887127.298.7
Westlands Community P CY CM1 2SB5078847826.9100.8
Westwood P FD SS7 2SU3680807127.299.1
Wethersfield CofE P VC CM7 4BP1275837527.0100.1
White Bridge J CY IG10 3DR5868776326.598.3
White Court CY CM77 7UE7897909029.2101.1
White Notley CofE P VC CM8 1RZ1587938728.698.8
Whitmore J CY SS14 2TP3073877326.899.7
Wickford J CY SS12 0AG9594858428.899.9
William Martin CofE J VC CM18 6PN5772756025.997.7
William Read P CY SS8 0JE5972786625.899.3
Willow Brook P & N CY CO4 0DT2333502922.997.3
Willowbrook P CY CM13 2RG2979826826.699.2
Willows P CY SS14 2EX6367705925.799.6
Wimbish P CY CB10 2XE771715727.099.7
Winter Gardens P CY SS8 9QA5676787226.399.9
Wix & Wrabness P CY CO11 2RS1687878727.299.4
Woodham Ley P CY SS7 4DN22100959529.0101.3
Woodham Walter CofE P VC CM9 6RF1681817527.999.1
Woodville P FD CM3 5SE5398898930.4100.4
Writtle J CY CM1 3HG3583726927.098.4
Wyburns P FD SS6 7PE3077776827.4100.1
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expenses on shoots: WORLDbytes: Volunteering with a media based charity,for a ...

Tradewind Recruitment: Year 4 Teacher

£90 - £140 per day: Tradewind Recruitment: A school in Tameside is currently l...

Tradewind Recruitment: SEN Teaching Assistant

£50 - £70 per day: Tradewind Recruitment: Tradewind are currently looking for ...

Recruitment Genius: Telesales Advisor - OTE £30,000

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The difference between America and Israel? There isn’t one

The difference between America and Israel? There isn’t one

Netanyahu knows he can get away with anything in America, says Robert Fisk
Families clubbing together to build their own affordable accommodation

Do It Yourself approach to securing a new house

Community land trusts marking a new trend for taking the initiative away from developers
Head of WWF UK: We didn’t send Cameron to the Arctic to see green ideas freeze

David Nussbaum: We didn’t send Cameron to the Arctic to see green ideas freeze

The head of WWF UK remains sanguine despite the Government’s failure to live up to its pledges on the environment
Author Kazuo Ishiguro on being inspired by shoot-outs and samurai

Author Kazuo Ishiguro on being inspired by shoot-outs and samurai

Set in a mythologised 5th-century Britain, ‘The Buried Giant’ is a strange beast
With money, corruption and drugs, this monk fears Buddhism in Thailand is a ‘poisoned fruit’

Money, corruption and drugs

The monk who fears Buddhism in Thailand is a ‘poisoned fruit’
America's first slavery museum established at Django Unchained plantation - 150 years after slavery outlawed

150 years after it was outlawed...

... America's first slavery museum is established in Louisiana
Kelly Clarkson: How I snubbed Simon Cowell and become a Grammy-winning superstar

Kelly Clarkson: How I snubbed Simon Cowell and become a Grammy-winning superstar

The first 'American Idol' winner on how she manages to remain her own woman – Jane Austen fascination and all
Tony Oursler on exploring our uneasy relationship with technology with his new show

You won't believe your eyes

Tony Oursler's new show explores our uneasy relationship with technology. He's one of a growing number of artists with that preoccupation
Ian Herbert: Peter Moores must go. He should never have been brought back to fail again

Moores must go. He should never have been brought back to fail again

The England coach leaves players to find solutions - which makes you wonder where he adds value, says Ian Herbert
War with Isis: Fears that the looming battle for Mosul will unleash 'a million refugees'

The battle for Mosul will unleash 'a million refugees'

Aid agencies prepare for vast exodus following planned Iraqi offensive against the Isis-held city, reports Patrick Cockburn
Yvette Cooper: We can't lose the election. There's too much on the line

Yvette Cooper: We can't lose the election. There's too much on the line

The shadow Home Secretary on fighting radical Islam, protecting children, and why anyone in Labour who's thinking beyond May must 'sort themselves out'
A bad week for the Greens: Leader Natalie Bennett's 'car crash' radio interview is followed by Brighton council's failure to set a budget due to infighting

It's not easy being Green

After a bad week in which its leader had a public meltdown and its only city council couldn't agree on a budget vote, what next for the alternative party? It's over to Caroline Lucas to find out
Gorillas nearly missed: BBC producers didn't want to broadcast Sir David Attenborough's famed Rwandan encounter

Gorillas nearly missed

BBC producers didn't want to broadcast Sir David Attenborough's famed Rwandan encounter
Downton Abbey effect sees impoverished Italian nobles inspired to open their doors to paying guests for up to €650 a night

The Downton Abbey effect

Impoverished Italian nobles are opening their doors to paying guests, inspired by the TV drama
China's wild panda numbers have increased by 17% since 2003, new census reveals

China's wild panda numbers on the up

New census reveals 17% since 2003