Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abbotswood J FD SO40 8EB15274736527.198.8
Abbotts Ann CofE P VC SP11 7BG1367606025.097.4
All Saints CofE J VA GU51 5AJ10293918929.5100.5
All Saints CofE P VC SO23 0PS1669886926.6100.1
Alverstoke CofE J VA PO12 2JS6787797527.999.7
Ampfield CofE P VC SO51 9BT1167896727.0100.8
Amport CofE P VA SP11 8BA9100888831.1101.0
Andover CofE P VC SP10 1EP3169725926.198.4
Andrews' Endowed CofE P VA GU34 4EL1894838329.2100.3
Anstey J CY GU34 2DR6481837527.699.4
Anton J CY SP10 2HA6498989728.5100.1
Appleshaw St Peter's CofE P VA SP11 9HR1275836727.399.3
Ashford Hill P CY RG19 8BB1783837827.899.2
Ashley J FD BH25 5BP6677716726.798.4
Awbridge P CY SO51 0HL1878787826.7100.2
Balksbury J CY SP10 3QP5990807728.399.2
Barncroft P CY PO9 3AG85797726.9100.0
Bartley CofE J VC SO40 2HR7077837028.099.4
Barton Stacey CofE P VC SO21 3RY1310010010029.8100.3
Beaulieu Village P CY SO42 7YD1675947528.0100.3
Beaumont J CY GU11 1QJ3361765225.798.1
Bedenham P CY PO13 0XT3771766827.3100.2
Bentley CofE P VC GU10 5JP3210010010031.2101.1
Berrywood P CY SO30 2TL9094888429.399.7
Bidbury J CY PO9 3EF3784737026.198.8
Binsted CofE P VC GU34 4NX8100868627.9100.4
Bishop's Waltham J CY SO32 1EP4580857427.6100.1
Bishopswood J CY RG26 3NA5084807428.199.9
Blackfield P FD SO45 1XA6489908628.9101.8
Bordon J CY GU35 0JB5194989228.9101.9
Bosmere J CY PO9 1DA8989878228.7100.5
Botley CofE P VC SO30 2EA4595989330.1101.9
Braishfield P CY SO51 0QF1392929230.2100.9
Bramley CofE P VC RG26 5AH5082727026.698.7
Bransgore CofE P VC BH23 8JH5094929029.2101.5
Breamore CofE P VC SP6 2EF2084847929.1100.1
Brockenhurst CofE P VC SO42 7RX2896969329.9100.5
Brockhurst J CY PO12 4SL4477756827.4100.0
Broughton P CY SO20 8AN980706026.499.3
Burghclere P CY RG20 9HT18100838329.3100.2
Buriton P CY GU31 5RX1191919129.299.3
Burley P CY BH24 4AP1275676727.0100.5
Burnham Copse P CY RG26 4HN2176716726.7100.3
Bursledon J CY SO31 8BZ4477827527.1100.0
Butts P CY GU34 1PW2692929230.0100.8
Cadland P CY SO45 2HW4488817927.6100.0
Calmore J FD SO40 2ZZ5176847226.797.7
Castle Hill J CY RG23 8BN6484898128.299.2
Castle P CY PO16 9QQ5888888327.899.7
Chalk Ridge P CY RG22 4ER5377696726.899.0
Charles Kingsley's CofE P VA RG27 0LX3210010010031.4101.4
Chawton CofE P VC GU34 1SG2010010010029.499.9
Cherbourg P CY SO50 5QF4977756726.4100.4
Cheriton P CY SO24 0QA1510010010031.0102.1
Cherrywood Community P CY GU14 8LH2181868126.9101.2
Chiltern P CY RG22 5BB3792868127.8101.0
Church Crookham J CY GU52 8BN8782827728.098.9
Clanfield J CY PO8 0RE7382867827.898.9
Clatford CofE P VA SP11 7RE2510010010032.6102.9
Cliddesden P CY RG25 2QU15100939329.1100.5
Colden Common P CY SO50 6HW4078887327.397.8
Compton All Saints CofE P VA SO21 2AS1710010010030.2100.1
Cove J CY GU14 9SA6990817627.999.4
Cranford Park P VC GU46 6LB13100929230.0101.2
Crescent P CY SO50 9DH2986907628.399.1
Crofton Anne Dale J CY PO14 3PH9190928729.1100.5
Crofton Hammond J CY PO14 2DE5795888829.0100.2
Crondall P CY GU10 5QG2710010010029.9101.7
Cupernham J CY SO51 7JT6483867928.399.9
Curdridge P CY SO32 2DR1369625426.399.5
Denmead J CY PO7 6PH5988797627.198.8
Dogmersfield CofE P VA RG27 8SS1010010010029.7101.0
Droxford J CY SO32 3QR35100979731.0101.9
Durley CofE P VC SO32 2AR1688888127.499.8
East Meon CofE P VC GU32 1NR786717126.699.5
Ecchinswell & Sydmonton CofE P VC RG20 4UA1164735526.599.7
Elson J CY PO12 4EX6884716927.398.7
Elvetham Heath P CY GU51 1DP6298959530.2100.7
Emsworth P CY PO10 7LX2767815625.998.6
Endeavour P CY SP11 6RD3<<<<<
Fairfields P CY RG21 3DH5394898528.5100.4
Fair Oak J CY SO50 7AN13584827627.799.5
Fernhill P CY GU14 9BY2966624525.398.7
Fordingbridge J CY SP6 1HJ5891938929.7100.5
Four Lanes Community J CY RG24 8PQ8394919028.398.6
Four Marks CofE P VC GU34 5AS4798989830.0102.0
Foxhills J CY SO40 7ED7476816927.799.6
Freegrounds J CY SO30 0GG8978787227.497.8
Frogmore J CY GU17 0NY4996858527.498.7
Front Lawn J FD PO9 5HX5050523124.197.3
Fryern J CY SO53 2LN3882797427.299.6
Gomer J CY PO12 2RP6082837827.999.4
Grange Community J CY GU14 8TA5284827528.2101.7
Grange J CY PO13 9TS6769645625.799.5
Grateley P CY SP11 8JS786868627.099.6
Grayshott CofE P VC GU26 6LR2990837627.799.5
Great Binfields P CY RG24 8AJ3382887928.9101.4
Greatham P CY GU33 6HA3096969630.3101.0
Greenfields J CY RG27 8DQ5387877928.7100.0
Guillemont J CY GU14 9ES8576726626.898.5
Hale P CY SP6 2NE1392858527.9100.3
Halterworth Community P CY SO51 9AD6595888629.7100.2
Hamble P CY SO31 4ND4584696227.5100.2
Harestock P CY SO22 6LU3977726726.599.0
Harrison P CY PO16 7EQ8394989328.7100.5
Hart Plain J CY PO8 8SA8278827226.898.6
Haselworth P CY PO12 1SQ1681444424.998.9
Hatch Warren J CY RG22 4PQ9092878429.399.9
Hatherden CofE P VA SP11 0HT1283837528.099.2
Hawley P CY GU17 9BH4491848028.2100.5
Heatherside J CY GU52 7TH8579857428.399.9
Herne J CY GU31 4BP10590918729.099.9
Hiltingbury J CY SO53 5NP9992918829.6100.3
Holbrook P CY PO13 0JN3665735925.699.6
Holme CofE P VC GU35 8PQ1283838328.8101.4
Hook J CY RG27 9NR8298898929.6100.3
Hook-with-Warsash CofE P VC SO31 9GF6398979730.4100.3
Hordle CofE P VA SO41 0FB4892969228.7100.8
Horndean CofE J VC PO8 9NW12193898828.999.4
Hulbert J CY PO7 8ED4170756526.098.9
Hurstbourne Tarrant CofE P VC SP11 0AX1010010010030.9102.8
Hyde CofE P VC SP6 2QL8100636327.099.7
Hythe P CY SO45 6BL4293989329.0100.8
Itchen Abbas P CY SO21 1BE1210010010030.3100.4
John Keble CofE P VA SO21 2LA1594949429.3100.5
Kempshott J CY RG22 5LL8695989429.199.2
Kingsclere CofE P VC RG20 5RE3385917928.999.6
Kings Copse P CY SO30 0PQ2979837227.899.7
Kings Furlong J CY RG21 8YJ6779786927.199.9
King's Somborne CofE P VC SO20 6PN17881008828.8100.2
Kings Worthy P CY SO23 7QS3090939028.6101.3
Knight's Enham J CY SP10 4BS4880908026.8101.1
Knightwood P CY SO53 4HW6292959029.6101.0
Langrish P CY GU32 3PJ2893838329.199.3
Lee-on-the-Solent J CY PO13 9DL8687757127.499.9
Leesland CofE J VC PO12 3QF8269665425.698.8
Liphook CofE J VC GU30 7QE8282837828.4100.3
Liss J CY GU33 7LQ6185898429.0100.9
Lockerley CofE Endowed P VA SO51 0JG970807027.699.6
Locks Heath J CY SO31 9NZ12894939029.4100.2
Longparish CofE P VA SP11 6PB16941009429.5101.4
Long Sutton CofE P VC RG29 1ST17941009430.5101.1
Lymington J CY SO41 9GP6486958428.899.4
Manor Field J CY RG22 4DH5285746627.099.9
Manor J CY GU14 9DX7869816827.299.0
Marchwood J CY SO40 4ZH6387898427.998.7
Marnel J CY RG24 9PT8079867626.899.2
Mayhill J CY RG29 1NB4689777728.1100.2
Medstead CofE P VC GU34 5LG30971009730.3100.6
Mengham J CY PO11 9ET2167715725.799.3
Merdon J CY SO53 1EJ6885847827.999.5
Merton J CY RG24 9HB3876847027.3100.4
Micheldever CofE P VC SO21 3DB1377777726.899.5
Milford-on-Sea CofE P VA SO41 0RF4190959030.0100.9
Mill Hill P CY PO7 7DB2382737327.3100.2
Mill Rythe J CY PO11 0PA7989948828.7100.2
Morelands P CY PO7 5QL4881837927.8101.0
Netley Abbey J CY SO31 5EL4564645625.999.5
Newlands P CY GU46 6EY2090909028.799.3
New Milton J CY BH25 6DS9579726727.6100.2
Newport J CY GU12 4PW5695939328.4101.0
Newtown CofE P VC PO12 1JD5976806926.999.1
Nightingale P CY SO50 9JW4563655424.999.5
North Baddesley J CY SO52 9EP5992908529.3101.0
Northern J Community CY PO16 8DG4279726726.798.4
North Waltham P CY RG25 2BL1688888828.9101.0
Norwood P CY SO50 5JL2889858527.4100.0
Nursling CofE P VC SO16 0XH3385918229.499.5
Oakfield P CY SO40 3LN2685777327.8100.2
Oakley CofE J VC RG23 7JZ65981009830.5101.3
Oak Meadow CofE P VC PO15 6LL2143433323.397.0
Oakridge J CY RG21 5RR4771786726.398.5
Olivers Battery P CY SO22 4HP3394919129.8101.0
Orchard J CY SO45 4SB10288868328.999.9
Orchard Lea J CY PO15 6BJ5677806827.198.4
Otterbourne CofE P VC SO21 2EQ36921009229.0101.0
Our Lady & St Joseph CP VA SO41 8GY1587878728.0100.7
Overton CofE P VC RG25 3ES4487938428.899.4
Owslebury P CY SO21 1LS1894837828.8100.2
Padnell J CY PO8 8EA6072736326.698.8
Park Gate P CY SO31 6LX6085878228.3100.3
Park P CY GU11 3SL2375836727.199.8
Park View J CY RG22 6RT5568705525.798.0
Peel Common J CY PO13 0QD5171615325.598.5
Pennington CofE J VC SO41 8HX4267554825.599.5
Portway J CY SP10 3PE9482837427.699.9
Potley Hill P CY GU46 6AG4589898728.199.1
Poulner J CY BH24 3LA8389787628.399.8
Preston Candover CofE P VC RG25 2EE1580937327.6100.1
Priory P FD RG26 5QD2110010010030.6100.7
Purbrook J CY PO7 5NQ9677867427.799.8
Queen's Inclosure P CY PO7 8NT5596918729.7102.0
Ranvilles J CY PO14 3BN5686807928.199.6
Red Barn Community P CY PO16 8HJ30100939327.9101.6
Redlands P CY PO16 0UD3686898328.3100.1
Riders J CY PO9 4RY5666665225.398.5
Ringwood J CY BH24 1NH9691898529.5100.2
Roman Way P CY SP10 5JY30891008928.1101.6
Romsey Abbey CofE P VA SO51 8EP3284757528.3100.2
Romsey P CY SO51 7PH3165685226.199.4
Ropley CofE P VC SO24 0DS2496969630.9101.1
Rowlands Castle St John's CofE P VC PO9 6BB2095858529.3101.8
Rowledge CofE P VC GU10 4BW3090908728.998.8
Rowner J CY PO13 0BN4779857227.199.6
Rownhams St John's CofE P VC SO16 8AD4484867528.1100.3
Rucstall P CY RG21 3EX3589717127.6101.1
Saint James' CofE P VC SO30 3EG5186737127.699.4
Saint Lawrence CofE P VC GU34 2BY2510010010029.2102.1
Sarisbury CofE J VC SO31 7AP8992858328.8100.0
Scantabout P CY SO53 2NR3194908428.699.7
Selborne CofE P VA GU34 3JA1377857727.8100.6
Shakespeare J CY SO50 4JT8279827627.499.1
Shamblehurst P CY SO30 4EJ4780806926.899.0
Sharps Copse P & N CY PO9 5PE3367676125.6100.8
Sheet P CY GU32 2AS16100818129.4100.9
Sherborne St John CofE P VC RG24 9HT1889948928.399.5
Shipton Bellinger P CY SP9 7TW2596838328.5100.4
Silchester CofE P VA RG7 2NJ25961009630.8102.1
Siskin J CY PO13 8AA2570574825.099.6
Smannell & Enham CofE P VA SP11 6JJ1486645727.0100.4
Sopley P CY BH23 8ET16100888830.0101.0
South Baddesley CofE P VC SO41 5RP1794949430.0100.5
South Farnborough J CY GU14 6PL6583757127.199.3
South View J CY RG21 5LL4283817427.4100.8
South Wonston P CY SO21 3EH4969826927.498.2
Sparsholt CofE P VC SO21 2NR2210010010031.699.8
St Alban's CofE P VA PO9 2JX3184948128.399.8
Stanmore P CY SO22 4AJ4667806525.9100.1
St Anne's CP VA RG22 6RE3385858228.5101.0
St Anthony's CP VA PO14 4RP3097878728.5100.2
St Bede CofE P VC SO23 7DD4598939330.1101.4
St Bede's CP VA RG24 9DX3391948829.5102.1
St Bernadette's CP VA GU14 8LS6584898127.9100.3
Steep CofE P VC GU32 2DE10100808028.2100.3
St Faith's CofE P VA SO23 9QB2110010010030.9101.5
St Francis CofE P VA SO53 4ST6494959230.1101.5
St James CofE P VC PO10 7PX32941009429.799.5
St John's CofE P VA RG21 3JU3494888529.0100.5
St John's VA PO12 4JH5468665325.299.7
St John the Baptist CP VA SP10 3PF3497858529.9101.6
St John the Baptist CofE P VC SO32 2LY4591898929.4100.1
St John the Baptist CofE P VC PO14 4NH2688818128.0100.1
St Joseph's CP VA GU11 3DD6494908728.9100.2
St Jude's RC P VA PO14 1ND3990747227.699.8
St Luke's CofE P VC SO41 6AE3297919130.1100.3
St Mark's CofE P VA GU14 6DU15100939329.2100.3
St Mark's CofE P VA RG22 4US6994868428.9100.7
St Martin's East Woodhay CofE P VA RG20 0AF18100949429.7101.2
St Mary Bourne P CY SP11 6AU2089898430.0100.8
St Mary's Bentworth CofE P VA GU34 5RE16100949430.0100.7
St Mary's CP VA PO12 3NB3284817527.498.7
St Mary's CofE J VA RG24 7DE8991808028.599.9
St Matthew's CofE P VA GU33 6BN3181746526.5100.3
St Michael's CofE J VC GU11 3SS9784767227.099.2
Stockbridge P CY SO20 6EJ1392857728.299.5
Stoke Park J CY SO50 6GR9285827528.3100.2
St Patrick's CP VA GU14 7BW3184848127.698.8
St Peter's CP VA PO7 7BP6483817627.598.2
St Peter's CP VA SO22 4JB4810010010030.4101.0
St Peter's CofE J VA GU14 7AP5487767327.498.8
St Swithun Wells CP VA SO53 2JP3010010010030.5101.1
St Thomas More's CP VA PO9 3DR3382797926.999.7
Sun Hill J CY SO24 9NB6787877827.898.5
Swanmore CofE P VA SO32 2PA6487878129.0100.9
Tadley Community P CY RG26 3PB5693938929.0101.1
Talavera J CY GU11 1RG8073605525.899.2
Thruxton & Fyfield CofE P VA SP11 8NT1587404025.999.4
Tiptoe P CY SO41 6FU1974797427.6100.0
Titchfield P CY PO14 4AU2779797527.8100.8
Tower Hill P CY GU14 0BW3089938628.3101.2
Trosnant J & BESD Unit CY PO9 3BD5064705824.898.9
Twyford St Mary's CofE P VC SO21 1QQ2195959529.0100.0
Upham CofE P VA SO32 1JD12921009230.099.6
Uplands P CY PO16 7QP3882897628.3100.8
Velmead J CY GU52 7LG9691908529.2100.0
Vernham Dean Gillum's CofE P VC SP11 0JY16941009429.399.3
Vigo J CY SP10 1JZ6070756226.499.9
Wallisdean J CY PO14 1HU5265715525.799.5
Wallop P CY SO20 8EH2195858529.4100.1
Warren Park P FD PO9 4LR6057634725.099.7
Waterside P CY SO45 6ET1974796325.699.7
Weeke P CY SO22 6DR4994949030.1100.5
Wellow CY SO51 6BG3268746127.299.7
Wellstead P CY SO30 2LE16811008128.7102.2
Western CofE P VC SO22 5AR6293929030.2100.7
Western Downland CofE P VA SP6 3NA2110010010032.3101.8
Westfields J CY GU46 6NN9795898729.5100.7
West Meon CofE P VC GU32 1LF910010010030.0100.8
West Tytherley CofE P VC SP5 1JX1283757526.899.1
Weyford J CY GU35 0ET4252745025.498.9
Wherwell P CY SP11 7JP15100808028.8101.0
Whitchurch CofE P VC RG28 7LS5190949028.8101.1
Whiteley P CY PO15 7LA8489898529.3101.1
Whitewater CofE P VC RG27 9BG1291919129.2100.6
Wickham CofE P VC PO17 5HU3077676026.599.5
Wicor P CY PO16 9DL6689727227.6101.0
Wildground J CY SO45 4LG5077736527.199.8
William Gilpin CofE P VA SO41 5QG1688695626.899.9
Winklebury J CY RG23 8AF3475756626.899.1
Winnall P CY SO23 0NY1872896726.899.8
Woodcot P CY PO13 0SG2195909027.7101.7
Woodcroft P CY PO8 9QD2654503823.198.4
Woodlea P CY GU35 9QX2592848027.799.5
Woolton Hill J CY RG20 9XE4587918029.0100.0
Wootey J CY GU34 2JA2810010010030.6101.3
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