Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Adisham CofE P VC CT3 3JW9781007827.098.5
Aldington P CY TN25 7EE2382827327.499.5
Allington P FD ME16 0PG6093959329.6100.2
All Saints CofE P VC ME1 3TS1563636326.899.2
All Souls' CofE P VA CT19 4LG4482777327.698.8
Amherst CY TN13 2AX9694898830.6100.2
Anthony Roper P FD DA4 0AA4384868128.299.5
Archbishop Courtenay P VA ME15 6YH2143714324.598.2
Ashford Oaks Community P CY TN23 4QR5161755925.2100.9
Aycliffe Community P CY CT17 9HJ1759534724.599.5
Aylesford P CY ME20 7JU4370615526.098.3
Aylesham P CY CT3 3BS3171716826.298.2
Bapchild & Tonge CofE P VA ME9 9NL2987878028.399.5
Barham CofE P VC CT4 6NX3194878128.9100.2
Barming P CY ME16 9DY6187858028.399.5
Barton J CY CT16 2ND3879827626.1100.0
Bean P CY DA2 8AW2896818127.999.7
Beaver Green P CY TN23 5DA7957544623.998.9
Bell Wood Community P CY ME15 9EZ2650272322.798.6
Benenden CofE P VC TN17 4DN1586868629.6100.4
Bethersden P CY TN26 3AH14921009229.1100.1
Bidborough CofE P VC TN3 0UE3093908729.899.7
Birchington CofE P VC CT7 0AS6373655826.298.4
Bishops Down P CY TN4 9SU3097878729.2100.3
Blean P CY CT2 9ED6294928929.599.9
Bobbing Village CY ME9 8PL2789787428.8100.1
Bodsham CofE P VC TN25 5JQ1385928530.2101.0
Borden CofE P VA ME9 8JS1883897828.899.7
Borough Green P FD TN15 8JZ5491948929.199.9
Boughton Monchelsea P CY ME17 4HP3083838029.298.5
Boughton-under-Blean & Dunkirk P VC ME13 9AW3294918829.8101.4
Brabourne CofE P VC TN25 5LQ1493717127.499.1
Bredgar CofE P VA ME9 8HB1788888827.698.1
Bredhurst CofE P VC ME7 3JY1510010010031.6101.6
Brenchley & Matfield CofE P VA TN12 7NY3284888129.0100.1
Brent P CY DA2 6BA5976666126.099.7
Brenzett CofE P VC TN29 9UA2669735425.698.0
Briary P CY CT6 7RS6173696325.599.4
Bridge & Patrixbourne CofE P VC CT4 5JX5895979330.0100.9
Broadwater P CY TN2 5RP1160806025.5100.6
Bromstone P CY CT10 2PW4482868227.7100.6
Brook Community P CY TN25 5PB1175757527.398.3
Brookfield J CY ME20 6PY5279777227.099.2
Brookland CofE P VC TN29 9QR1593878729.099.4
Brunswick House P CY ME16 0QQ5981837528.3100.1
Burham CofE P VC ME1 3SY1385928528.7100.2
Bysing Wood P CY ME13 7NU9100898930.0102.7
Cage Green P CY TN10 4PT5983757127.699.8
Canterbury P FD CT2 8PT2182867726.9100.1
Canterbury Road P CY ME10 4SE3097939329.5101.3
Capel-le-Ferne P CY CT18 7HB2986867927.599.2
Capel P CY TN12 6RP2889787827.8100.5
Cartwright & Kelsey CofE P VA CT3 2JD1782827628.499.6
Castle Hill Community P CY CT19 6HG5242604223.498.6
Cecil Road P & N CY DA11 7BT5182808028.3100.4
Challock P CY TN25 4BU2496929230.4101.6
Chantry P CY DA12 2RL3642643624.7100.0
Charing CofE P VA TN27 0JN1469624626.3100.2
Charlton CofE P VA CT16 2LX2972767226.698.4
Chartham P CY CT4 7QN4489848027.699.6
Cheriton P CY CT20 3EP4989918728.0101.7
Chiddingstone CofE P VC TN8 7AH2195959529.699.7
Chilton P CY CT11 0LQ6075816926.998.9
Chislet CofE P VC CT3 4DU1050505024.898.3
Christ Church CofE J VC CT11 0ZZ6277857127.799.3
Churchill CofE P VC TN16 1EZ3583746927.799.7
Churchill CY CT18 7RH6077777027.1100.2
Claremont P CY TN2 5EB6491928828.799.3
Cliftonville P CY CT9 3LY9073645625.699.1
Cobham P CY DA12 3BN2990908729.3100.1
Colliers Green CofE P VA TN17 2LR15100939329.699.5
Coxheath P CY ME17 4PS3884927927.699.5
Cranbrook CofE P VC TN17 3JZ1974585325.699.5
Craylands CY DA10 0LP2864615026.398.4
Crockenhill P CY BR8 8JG3093979028.5100.7
Crockham Hill CofE P VC TN8 6RP2090959029.399.3
Culverstone Green P CY DA13 0RF2488928328.3100.5
Dame Janet Community J CY CT12 6QY8362433924.497.7
Darenth Community P CY DA2 8DH1771716525.999.1
Dartford Bridge Community P CY DA1 5GB610010010029.5100.5
Davington P CY ME13 7EQ5872746426.499.5
Deal Parochial CofE P VA CT14 7ER3087908729.299.8
Diocesan & Payne Smith CofE P VA CT1 2LU1676827626.399.8
Discovery CY ME19 4GJ4393938828.7100.6
Ditton CofE J VA ME20 6AE4670625926.197.9
Dover Road Community P CY DA11 0RB6253584424.599.7
Downs CofE P VC CT14 7TL5881797827.799.8
Downsview Community P CY BR8 8AU2071676226.098.7
Drapers Mills P CY CT9 2SP5572615225.1100.4
Dunton Green P CY TN13 2UR21100818129.4101.2
Dymchurch P CY TN29 0LE2681777327.099.8
East Borough P CY ME14 5DX6082827728.099.6
Eastchurch CofE P VC ME12 4EJ5871625525.799.4
East Farleigh P CY ME15 0LY2997868329.899.8
Eastling P CY ME13 0BA1878947828.099.3
East Peckham P CY TN12 5LH2472605226.098.2
Eastry CofE P VC CT13 0LR2993939031.2102.3
East Stour P CY TN24 0DW2669736226.5100.4
Edenbridge P CY TN8 5AB3770786825.598.6
Egerton CofE P VC TN27 9DR2886867927.598.7
Elham CofE P VA CT4 6TT16941009428.7100.0
Eythorne Elvington Community P CY CT15 4AN978333324.399.2
Fawkham CofE P VC DA3 8NA1479867927.999.1
Fleetdown P CY DA2 6JX7086827728.298.8
Folkestone Academy AC CT19 5FP6072726527.099.3
Folkestone Christ Church CofE P VC CT20 1DJ5657685125.698.4
Fordcombe CofE P VA TN3 0RY16100818128.9100.5
Four Elms P CY TN8 6NE1486937926.699.5
Frittenden CofE P VC TN17 2DD1385777728.499.8
Furley Park P CY TN23 3PA5983787527.299.4
Garlinge P & N CY CT9 5PA8665675725.399.5
Gateway P CY DA2 6DW3297949128.899.9
Godinton P CY TN23 3JR6085877828.299.5
Goodnestone CofE P VC CT3 1PQ888636329.0100.5
Goudhurst & Kilndown CofE P VC TN17 1DZ2993939029.2100.4
Graveney P CY ME13 9DU1580808027.2100.2
Great Chart P CY TN23 5LB5991868128.499.9
Greatstone P FD TN28 8SY5078847427.799.9
Greenfields Community P CY ME15 8DF3557544924.798.9
Green Park Community P CY CT16 2BN4887857827.1100.9
Grove Park Community P CY ME10 1PT8983807227.899.3
Guston CofE P VC CT15 5LR1675756327.4100.8
Hadlow CY TN11 0EH1759714726.399.4
Halfway Houses P FD ME12 3BE7472706126.698.4
Halstead Community P CY TN14 7EA683838326.599.7
Hampton P CY CT6 8NB8579737127.198.4
Hamstreet P CY TN26 2EA4584847628.099.8
Harcourt P FD CT19 4NE2176867126.7100.6
Harrietsham CofE P VC ME17 1JZ2095797927.599.7
Hartley P CY DA3 8BT6187898229.2100.4
Hartlip Endowed CofE P VA ME9 7TL1191827328.999.9
Hawkhurst CofE P VC TN18 4JJ2259595925.599.5
Hawkinge P CY CT18 7BN4477847527.199.5
Headcorn P CY TN27 9QT2785888128.3100.1
Herne Bay J FD CT6 5DA12484807227.699.2
Herne CofE J VA CT6 7AL7787767527.998.3
Hernhill CofE P VC ME13 9JG30100979729.199.5
Hersden Community P CY CT3 4HS650505024.598.9
Hever CofE P VA TN8 7NH1479937927.6100.2
Hextable P CY BR8 7RL6378867127.398.3
Higham P CY ME3 7JL3278887527.899.2
High Firs P CY BR8 8NR2980676327.099.5
High Halden CofE P VC TN26 3JB9881008829.3100.8
Hildenborough CofE P VC TN11 9HY1872565626.398.9
Hoath P CY CT3 4LA910010010029.098.8
Hollingbourne P CY ME17 1UA1392929230.999.6
Holy Family RC P VA ME15 9PS1676716526.699.4
Holy Trinity & St John's CofE P VC CT9 1LU5881837727.6101.1
Holy Trinity CofE P VA CT10 1RR30100979731.2101.6
Holy Trinity CofE P VA DA1 5AF4382807328.6100.2
Holy Trinity CofE P VA DA12 1LU6685827628.0100.2
Holywell P CY ME9 7AE3070776726.899.2
Hornbeam P CY CT14 9PQ3057835326.099.3
Horsmonden P CY TN12 8NJ2872726227.299.7
Horton Kirby CofE P FD DA4 9BN4386908328.199.3
Hunton CofE P VA ME15 0SJ1362625427.0101.1
Hythe Bay CofE P VC CT21 6HS5472746726.798.0
Ide Hill CofE P VA TN14 6JT5<<<<<
Ightham P CY TN15 9DD2696969229.599.7
Istead Rise P CY DA13 9HG4075656325.897.6
Iwade Community P CY ME9 8RS4783747227.699.3
John Mayne CofE P VC TN27 8AL1794818128.9100.1
John Wesley CofE Methodist P VA TN23 5LW1656564424.998.2
Joydens Wood J CY DA2 7NE7197949329.699.1
Joy Lane P CY CT5 4LT4467675725.698.5
Kemsing P CY TN15 6PU2796969329.0101.5
Kemsley P CY ME10 2RP2684808027.698.5
Kennington CofE J VC TN24 9AG8576837127.098.5
Kingsdown & Ringwould CofE P VC CT14 8DD3097979730.4101.1
Kings Farm P CY DA12 5JT3176887326.099.7
Kings Hill CY ME19 4LS5893868628.8100.1
Kingsmead P CY CT1 1BD1255553623.799.0
Kingsnorth CofE P VC TN23 3EF5983858227.9100.3
Kingswood P CY ME17 3QF1173917326.798.9
Knockhall Community P CY DA9 9RF3479797427.799.9
Laddingford St Mary's CofE P VC ME18 6BL1267756727.398.8
Lady Boswell's CofE P VA TN13 3RW3294919129.499.9
Lady Joanna Thornhill Endowed P VC TN25 5EA6192938929.9100.9
Lamberhurst St Mary's CofE P VC TN3 8EJ1693878029.2100.3
Langafel CofE P VC DA3 7PW5367756526.7100.3
Langdon P CY CT15 5JQ875756327.499.1
Langton Green P CY TN3 0JG31100979731.5101.7
Lansdowne P CY ME10 3BH3161715825.198.8
Lawn P CY DA11 9HB1260806023.7100.8
Leeds & Broomfield CofE P VC ME17 1RL1075756726.099.4
Leigh P CY TN11 8QP18100949429.799.8
Lenham P CY ME17 2QG2979797527.099.6
Linden Grove P CY TN23 5RN5339573923.496.9
Littlebourne CofE P VC CT3 1XS1580877327.499.6
Long Mead Community P CY TN10 3JU1360806026.099.6
Loose J CY ME15 9UW9090828128.098.2
Lower Halstow P CY ME9 7ES1976887627.499.8
Luddenham CY ME13 0TE3310010010030.0100.4
Lunsford P CY ME20 6PY3210010010031.3101.3
Lydden P CY CT15 7LA1070706026.199.5
Lydd P CY TN29 9HN3979675626.399.0
Lyminge CofE P VC CT18 8JA2993979030.2102.0
Lympne CofE P VC CT21 4JG3191918128.2100.1
Lynsted & Norton P CY ME9 0RL1979685826.798.2
Madginford Park J CY ME15 8LH9678766827.298.4
Manor Community P CY DA10 0BU4780897726.998.8
Marden P CY TN12 9JX3367616126.598.3
Maypole P CY DA2 7UZ2997939328.9101.0
Meopham Community P CY DA13 0JW6392928928.499.6
Mereworth Community P CY ME18 5ND2410010010030.1100.5
Mersham P CY TN25 6NU2893867928.499.1
Milstead & Frinsted CofE P VC ME9 0SJ1385858528.8100.4
Milton Court P CY ME10 2EE2955595524.099.1
Minster CofE P VC CT12 4PS6085877828.199.8
Minster in Sheppey P CY ME12 2HX7370817027.2100.1
Minterne Community J CY ME10 1SB9984767427.899.7
Molehill Copse P CY ME15 7ND3874585325.799.4
Monkton CofE P VC CT12 4JQ1694949428.399.6
Morehall P CY CT19 4PN2458675824.497.4
More Park CP VA ME19 6HN3187848127.999.7
Mundella P CY CT19 5QX3382857326.8100.3
Murston J CY ME10 3QN3159694424.899.0
New Ash Green P CY DA3 8JT3468826827.599.7
Newington CofE P VC ME9 7LB863633824.897.2
Newington Community P CY CT12 6HX4668816625.799.4
Newlands P CY CT11 7AJ5372837226.2102.0
Nonington CofE P VC CT15 4LB1280807026.499.2
North Borough J CY ME14 2BP6070806126.899.0
Northbourne CofE P VC CT14 0LP1487807327.699.8
Northdown P CY CT9 3RE4157645525.199.3
Oakfield Community P CY DA1 2SW4976826926.399.9
Oak Trees Community CY ME15 9AX1586645726.4101.1
Offham P CY ME19 5NX2986937929.099.3
Ospringe CofE P VC ME13 8TX3177807028.0100.1
Otford P CY TN14 5PG2580767227.497.9
Our Lady of Hartley CP VA DA3 8BL2997868630.4101.2
Our Lady's CP VA DA1 2HX3297979429.6100.4
Paddock Wood P CY TN12 6JE7781757227.499.8
Painters Ash P CY DA11 8EL5487787227.9101.2
Palace Wood P CY ME16 0HB5893959029.599.9
Palmarsh P CY CT21 6NE970807026.7100.9
Palm Bay P CY CT9 3PP4777686227.199.3
Parkside Community P CY CT1 1EP1170907026.4101.5
Park Way P CY ME15 7AH4365706326.099.5
Pembury CY TN2 4EB4682847127.899.8
Penshurst CofE P VA TN11 8BX910010010031.1100.6
Petham P CY CT4 5RD1765766526.699.2
Phoenix Community P CY TN24 9LS2670816727.4100.3
Pilgrims' Way P & N CY CT1 1XU3454574323.898.8
Platt CofE P VA TN15 8JY1510010010029.4101.0
Platts Heath P CY ME17 2NH1486867927.299.6
Plaxtol P CY TN15 0QD1587736728.299.2
Pluckley CofE P VC TN27 0QS1788767628.1100.2
Preston P CY CT3 1HB1377696927.599.4
Priory Fields CY CT17 0FS4170706325.1100.0
Queenborough & N CY ME11 5DF3962856226.498.2
Raynehurst P CY DA12 4BN4357524524.199.7
Reculver CofE P VC CT6 6TA6378787227.898.8
Regis Manor Community P CY ME10 2HT4068656026.3100.3
Richmond P CY ME12 2QT5266484424.198.1
River P CY CT17 0PP5786848128.1100.1
Riverview J CY DA12 4SD11988807628.099.9
Rodmersham CY ME9 0PS20100959528.8100.4
Rolvenden P CY TN17 4LS838752525.199.4
Roseacre J FD ME14 4BL10397919129.699.3
Rose Street P CY ME12 1AW2475927126.6100.1
Rosherville CofE P VC DA11 9JQ1972837226.8100.2
Rusthall St Paul's CofE P VA TN4 8RZ1868686325.499.0
Ryarsh P CY ME19 5LS2291828229.7100.6
Salmestone P CY CT9 4DB6064756225.699.2
Saltwood CofE P VA CT21 4QS3291949129.299.3
Sandgate P CY CT20 3QU6097989731.1101.4
Sandhurst P CY TN18 5JE2781736526.1100.1
Sandling P CY ME14 2JG6088888728.9100.1
Sandown CY CT14 6PY4477757026.5100.3
Sandwich J CY CT13 0AS6083928328.5101.0
Seabrook CofE P VC CT21 5RL15871008729.0100.1
Seal CofE P VC TN15 0DJ1974796826.898.8
Sedley's CofE P VC DA13 9NR1292928328.099.7
Sellindge P CY TN25 6JY1486867928.899.8
Selling CofE P VC ME13 9RQ23100919129.6101.0
Selsted CofE P VC CT15 7HH1486867928.3100.8
Senacre Wood P CY ME15 8QQ2983837027.4100.6
Sevenoaks P CY TN13 3LB5186928228.399.1
Shears Green J CY DA11 7JB11877827127.3100.3
Sheldwich P CY ME13 0LU3294726927.9100.6
Sherwood Park Community P CY TN2 3UA4041493622.999.5
Shipbourne CY TN11 9PB786717128.399.3
Sholden CofE P VA CT14 0AB1392858528.899.8
Shoreham Village CY TN14 7SN886717127.9100.0
Shorne CofE P VC DA12 3DU3080807327.699.0
Sibertswold CofE P at Shepherdswell VC CT15 7LF2983766927.999.4
Singlewell P CY DA12 5TY3391817828.799.5
Sissinghurst CofE P VA TN17 2JG2090908530.3100.6
Slade P & Attached Unit for Children with Hearing Impairment CY TN9 1HR4587848428.9100.6
Smarden P CY TN27 8ND967676729.3100.2
Smeeth Community P CY TN25 6RX1979897927.299.2
Snodland CofE P VA ME6 5HL4496969328.9101.0
South Avenue J CY ME10 4SU6361695625.397.9
Southborough CofE P VC TN4 0JY5691848029.1100.4
South Borough P CY ME15 6TL3070636325.898.1
Speldhurst CofE P VA TN3 0NP1794767628.499.4
St Anselm's CP VA DA1 5EA3488858228.599.8
Stansted CofE P VC TN15 7PH875505025.199.3
Staplehurst CY TN12 0LZ6982787628.199.8
St Augustine's CP VA CT21 4BE3482797327.8100.7
St Augustine's CP VA TN4 9AL4491807727.899.4
St Barnabas CofE P VA TN1 2EY1640473322.9100.3
St Bartholomew's CP VA BR8 7AY5194949030.0101.1
St Botolph's CofE P VA DA11 9PL2993938627.599.4
St Botolph's CofE P VA TN13 2SA2396878729.9100.1
St Eanswythe's CofE P VA CT20 1SE2785818128.6100.4
St Edward's CP VA ME12 1BW2291686828.2100.9
Stella Maris CP VA CT19 5BY3090807727.8100.6
Stelling Minnis CofE P VC CT4 6DU1386938629.199.9
St Ethelbert's CP VA CT11 7LS3158745826.0100.1
St Francis' CP VA ME16 0LB5671806327.299.3
St George's CofE P VC TN15 7DL2496929229.5101.7
St Georges CofE P VA ME12 3QU3583726427.299.2
St Gregory's CP VA CT9 4BU4481727226.599.9
St James' CofE J VC TN2 3PR6893878428.9100.0
St James the Great P & N CY ME19 6SD2861575424.399.6
St John's CP VA DA12 2SY9096929129.9100.1
St John's CofE P VA ME14 5TZ33100919129.5101.6
St John's CofE P VC TN13 3XD783838327.0<
St John's CofE P VC TN4 9EW9589857828.6100.5
St Joseph's CP VA CT10 2BA3090808028.499.6
St Joseph's CP VA CT3 3AS1164735526.2100.4
St Joseph's CP VA DA11 9QZ2710010010029.6100.1
St Katharine's Knockholt CofE P VA TN14 7LS1688888128.998.6
St Katherine's CY ME6 5EJ6598979529.2100.7
St Laurence in Thanet CofE J VA CT11 0QX6370716026.499.4
St Lawrence CofE P VC TN15 0LN875887528.9100.2
St Margaret Clitherow CP VA TN11 9NG4298959330.5100.7
St Margaret's-at-Cliffe P CY CT15 6SS2982897927.498.7
St Margaret's VC TN12 9RR1479717127.099.4
St Mark's CofE P VC ME20 7HS2080857027.899.2
St Mark's CofE P VC TN4 8LN2070655525.8100.7
St Martin's CofE P VC CT20 3JJ2983907628.099.5
St Martin's CY CT17 9LY3773706226.099.6
St Mary of Charity CofE P VA ME13 8AP3256534423.398.7
St Mary's CP VA CT14 9LF2972695926.799.3
St Mary's CP VA CT5 2EY5184767527.898.6
St Mary's CofE P VA CT16 1QX3966615326.199.1
St Mary's CofE P VA CT19 6QH6472696326.399.1
St Mary's CofE P VA TN23 1ND6182877728.799.7
St Mary's CofE P VC CT4 8DE1580877327.6100.5
St Mary's CofE P VA BR8 7BU3050434022.899.0
St Matthew's High Brooms CofE P VC TN4 9DY4269696225.999.5
St Michael's CofE J VC ME16 8ER3867646126.298.4
St Michael's CofE P Tenterden VC TN30 6PU2789757527.2100.2
St Nicholas At Wade CofE P VC CT7 0PY3087938329.5100.0
St Nicholas CofE P VC TN28 8BP5472745825.998.6
Stocks Green P CY TN11 9AE3291979129.5100.1
Stone St Mary's CofE P VC DA9 9EF3297827928.5100.2
Stowting CofE P VC TN25 6BE12921009229.5101.3
St Pauls' CofE P VC BR8 7PJ1510010010029.4101.0
St Peter & St Paul CofE P VA ME19 5HD31100878729.499.5
St Peter & St Paul CofE P VC ME18 6DP22861008630.0100.8
St Peter-in-Thanet CofE J VA CT10 3EP9384817727.7100.3
St Peter's CP VA ME10 1UJ3297888829.599.8
St Peter's CofE P VC CT19 6AL1479867926.4100.5
St Peter's CofE P VC ME20 7BE1875444426.698.5
St Peter's CofE P VC TN2 4UU2084898429.7100.8
St Peter's Methodist P VC CT1 2DH30100909030.2100.5
St Philip Howard CP VA CT6 8TF857714324.498.0
St Richard's CP VA CT16 1EZ1982776826.699.3
St Saviour's CofE J VC CT8 8LD9689908528.7100.2
St Simon of England Roman CP VA TN23 4RB2886716826.998.6
St Stephen's J CY CT2 7AD8380877927.999.6
St Stephen's Tonbridge P CY TN9 2DQ3080777327.099.3
St Teresa's CP VA TN24 8QN3294817829.1100.0
St Thomas' CP VA CT1 1NY3090878029.1100.8
St Thomas' CP VA TN13 1EH2410010010031.2101.2
Sturry CofE P VC CT2 0NR4994949229.2101.2
Sundridge & Brasted CofE P VC TN14 6EA7861008628.3<
Sussex Road Community P CY TN9 2TP5571756827.2100.1
Sutton-at-Hone CofE P VA DA4 9EX3672836727.399.3
Sutton Valence P CY ME17 3HT3183777726.999.8
Swalecliffe Community P CY CT5 2PH9587848228.399.1
Temple Ewell CofE P VC CT16 3DT1878787226.399.7
Temple Hill Community P & N CY DA1 5ND5776676625.798.4
Tenterden CofE J VC TN30 6RA7083837427.998.5
Teynham Parochial CofE P VC ME9 9BQ1553674724.999.1
Trottiscliffe CofE P VC ME19 5EB1164736426.799.6
Tunbury P CY ME5 9HY8093898629.7101.3
Tunstall CofE P VA ME9 8DX2993908628.9100.6
Ulcombe CofE P VC ME17 1DU1173645526.299.2
Upton J CY CT10 2AH13181897728.0100.0
Vale View Community CY CT17 9NP2945483123.398.6
Victoria Road P CY TN23 7HQ2966836626.599.9
Vigo Village CY DA13 0RL1876767128.0101.3
Warden House P CY CT14 9SF4472776326.199.1
Wateringbury CofE P VC ME18 5EA3488948529.299.8
Weald Community P CY TN14 6PY1995959530.0100.3
Wentworth P CY DA1 3NG7289928528.899.9
West Borough P CY ME16 8QH5165676125.398.0
Westcourt P CY DA12 4JG2869695825.5101.6
Westgate P CY DA1 2LP2987838027.9100.3
West Hill P CY DA1 3DZ7094908929.0100.5
West Kingsdown CofE P VC TN15 6JP1883727226.697.4
Westlands P ACC ME10 1XN5861665425.597.7
West Malling CofE P & Language Unit VC ME19 6RL1761786127.0100.2
West Minster P CY ME12 1ET4758524423.998.6
White Cliffs P College for the Arts CY CT17 0LB1593939327.6101.5
Whitehill P CY DA12 5HN6371736125.4100.1
Whitfield & Aspen CY CT16 3LJ5775797026.699.4
Whitstable & Seasalter Endowed CofE J VA CT5 1AY49921009229.9100.9
Whitstable J CY CT5 1DB7481857428.299.3
Wickhambreaux CofE P VC CT3 1RN13100929230.3101.2
Willesborough J FD TN24 0JU11986878228.3100.7
Wilmington P FD DA2 7DF3093939029.1100.2
Wincheap Foundation P FD CT1 3SD5184716926.7101.5
Wingham P CY CT3 1BD3194949030.4100.8
Wittersham CofE P VA TN30 7EA2275807526.699.4
Woodchurch CofE P VC TN26 3QJ1979847427.399.6
Woodlands J CY TN10 4BB9686777427.9100.4
Worth P CY CT14 0DF1089897827.399.9
Wrotham Road P CY DA11 0QF5868726026.799.2
York Road J & Language Unit CY DA1 1SQ9377787427.199.7
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Aren’t you glad you didn’t say that? The worst wince-and-look-away quotes of the year

Aren’t you glad you didn’t say that?

The worst wince-and-look-away quotes of the year
Hollande's vanity project is on a high-speed track to the middle of nowhere

Vanity project on a high-speed track to nowhere

France’s TGV network has become mired in controversy
Sports Quiz of the Year

Sports Quiz of the Year

So, how closely were you paying attention during 2014?
Alexander Armstrong on insulting Mary Berry, his love of 'Bargain Hunt', and life as a llama farmer

Alexander Armstrong on insulting Mary Berry and his love of 'Bargain Hunt'

From Armstrong and Miller to Pointless
Sanchez helps Gunners hold on after Giroud's moment of madness

Sanchez helps Gunners hold on

Olivier Giroud's moment of madness nearly costs them
A Christmas without hope: Fears grow in Gaza that the conflict with Israel will soon reignite

Christmas without hope

Gaza fears grow that conflict with Israel will soon reignite
After 150 years, you can finally visit the grisliest museum in the country

The 'Black Museum'

After 150 years, you can finally visit Britain's grisliest museum
No ho-ho-hos with Nick Frost's badass Santa

No ho-ho-hos with Nick Frost's badass Santa

Doctor Who Christmas Special TV review
Chilly Christmas: Swimmers take festive dip for charity

Chilly Christmas

Swimmers dive into freezing British waters for charity
Veterans' hostel 'overwhelmed by kindness' for festive dinner

Homeless Veterans appeal

In 2010, Sgt Gary Jamieson stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and lost his legs and an arm. He reveals what, and who, helped him to make a remarkable recovery
Isis in Iraq: Yazidi girls killing themselves to escape rape and imprisonment by militants

'Jilan killed herself in the bathroom. She cut her wrists and hanged herself'

Yazidi girls killing themselves to escape rape and imprisonment
Ed Balls interview: 'If I think about the deficit when I'm playing the piano, it all goes wrong'

Ed Balls interview

'If I think about the deficit when I'm playing the piano, it all goes wrong'
He's behind you, dude!

US stars in UK panto

From David Hasselhoff to Jerry Hall
Grace Dent's Christmas Quiz: What are you – a festive curmudgeon or top of the tree?

Grace Dent's Christmas Quiz

What are you – a festive curmudgeon or top of the tree?
Nasa planning to build cloud cities in airships above Venus

Nasa planning to build cloud cities in airships above Venus

Planet’s surface is inhospitable to humans but 30 miles above it is almost perfect