Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abbey Village P CY PR6 8DD1888948828.899.3
Accrington Benjamin Hargreaves CofE P VA BB5 2AQ2492837928.0100.0
Accrington Huncoat P CY BB5 6LR1581757526.6100.1
Accrington Hyndburn Park P CY BB5 1ST6059735625.299.7
Accrington Peel Park P FD BB5 6QR8383807227.0101.0
Accrington Spring Hill Community P CY BB5 0JD4264696225.7100.0
Accrington St John with St Augustine CofE P VA BB5 6AD3070736326.198.6
Accrington St Mary Magdalen's CofE P VA BB5 1DW2455594124.498.4
Accrington Woodnook P CY BB5 2HS2878707027.1100.6
Adlington P CY PR7 4JA1377716926.398.7
Adlington St Paul's CofE P VA PR6 9QZ2592928429.0100.7
Alston Lane CP VA PR3 3BJ2282686426.998.3
Altham St James CofE P VA BB5 5UH10901009028.299.8
Anderton P CY PR6 9NN3087777326.598.9
Anderton St Joseph's CP VA PR6 9LZ17881008829.3100.0
Ansdell P CY FY8 4DR3689948629.7100.2
Appley Bridge All Saints CofE P VA WN6 9DT1990908028.599.6
Arkholme CofE P VA LA6 1AU15931009331.1100.3
Ashton-on-Ribble St Andrew's CofE P VA PR2 1EQ5884888127.599.2
Ashton P CY PR2 1TU1694949428.1101.2
Aughton Christ Church CofE P VC L39 5AS2190959030.3100.8
Aughton St Michael's CofE P VC L39 5DG2896939330.1100.1
Aughton Town Green P CY L39 6SF4994928829.599.8
Bacup Holy Trinity Stacksteads CofE P VC OL13 0QW3488918828.7100.5
Bacup St Saviour's Community P CY OL13 9RR1587736726.699.9
Bacup Thorn P CY OL13 8EF24100929228.8100.7
Balderstone St Leonard's CofE P VA BB2 7LL1392858529.1100.2
Balshaw Lane Community P CY PR7 6NS3610010010030.8100.8
Bamber Bridge St Aidan's CofE P VC PR5 6GX1867726127.298.4
Banks Methodist VC PR9 8EY844564423.098.0
Banks St Stephens' CofE VC PR9 8BL2481907627.998.8
Barden P CY BB10 1JD4481918127.899.7
Barnacre Road P FD PR3 2PD23911009129.6101.1
Barnoldswick CofE P VC BB18 5BB3073636026.098.9
Barrowford CY BB9 6EA3468535025.197.3
Barrowford St Thomas CofE P VA BB9 6QT17100949430.5100.5
Barrow P VC BB7 9AZ1794888230.4101.0
Barton St Lawrence CofE P VA PR3 5AS1210010010029.8100.2
Baxenden St John's CofE P VA BB5 2RQ3288848428.699.7
Belthorn P FD BB1 2NY2084958429.1100.1
Bickerstaffe CofE VC L39 0EH988756327.098.4
Bilsborrow John Cross CofE P VA PR3 0RE786717126.698.4
Bishop Martin CofE P VA WN8 9BN2365836527.0100.3
Blacko P CY BB9 6LS16100949429.3100.2
Bleasdale CofE P VA PR3 1UY4<<<<<
Blessed Sacrament CP VA PR2 6LX4163786125.799.1
Bolton by Bowland CofE P VA BB7 4NP1275837528.099.4
Bolton-le-Sands CofE P VA LA5 8DT4794878528.999.6
Bowerham Community P CY LA1 4BS3789848428.499.9
Brabins Endowed VC PR3 2QD710010010030.0<
Bradley P CY BB9 7RF5574766926.399.6
Bretherton Endowed CofE P VA PR26 9AH12911009130.3101.3
Briercliffe P CY BB10 2JU4281716227.199.5
Brierfield Walter Street P CY BB9 5AW4567675325.4101.5
Brindle Gregson Lane P CY PR5 0DR2983726627.198.4
Brindle St James' CofE P VA PR6 8NH810010010029.6100.0
Brinscall St John's CofE & Methodist P VA PR6 8PT3097838329.4100.1
Britannia Community P CY OL13 9TS3087838029.299.9
Brockholes Wood Community P & N CY PR1 5TU1910010010029.0101.0
Brookfield Community P CY PR2 6TU1782948227.7100.9
Brookfield Park P CY WN8 8EH2985857427.1100.0
Broughton-in-Amounderness CofE P VA PR3 5JB3494979131.0101.0
Bryning with Warton St Paul's CofE P VA PR4 1AH2785787428.8100.6
Buckshaw P CY PR7 1XP2086767627.099.1
Burnley Brunshaw P CY BB10 4PB5383928327.0101.1
Burnley Casterton P CY BB10 2PZ3574777427.1101.3
Burnley Heasandford P CY BB10 3DA7671685825.899.1
Burnley Holy Trinity CofE P VA BB11 4LB2769696525.798.9
Burnley Ightenhill P CY BB12 6ED4061835926.098.6
Burnley Lowerhouse J CY BB12 6LN3863825825.597.9
Burnley Springfield Community P CY BB11 3HP1747534124.099.4
Burnley St James' Lanehead CofE P VA BB10 2NH4090757326.899.1
Burnley Stoneyholme Community P CY BB12 0BN3776787025.7101.3
Burnley St Peter's CofE P VA BB11 2DL1571867126.8100.4
Burnley St Stephen's CofE P VA BB11 3EJ2378837027.799.6
Burscough Bridge Methodist VC L40 0SG3<<<<<
Burscough Bridge St John's CofE P VC L40 4AE2792777728.099.0
Burscough Lordsgate Township CofE P VA L40 7RS2983796928.099.4
Burscough Village P CY L40 4LB2396969630.0100.5
Calder Vale St John CofE P VA PR3 1SR3<<<<<
Carleton Green Community P CY FY6 7TF4386867928.198.7
Carleton St Hilda's CofE P VA FY6 7PE3090979028.399.3
Carnforth Christ Church VA LA5 9LJ810010010030.0100.2
Carter's Charity P VC FY6 0HH3077605725.198.6
Catforth P CY PR4 0HL5<<<<<
Cathedral CP VA LA1 3BT2195807527.9100.1
Caton Community P CY LA2 9NH1060606025.899.2
Caton St Paul's CofE P VA LA2 9PJ1794838328.7100.7
Cawthorne's Endowed VA LA2 9BQ5<<<<<
Chatburn CofE P VA BB7 4AS1910010010029.4100.1
Cherry Fold Community P CY BB11 5JS1960705025.1100.2
Chorley All Saints CofE P & N Unit VA PR7 2LR1882828227.5101.9
Chorley St James' CofE P VA PR6 0TE2370615225.499.2
Chorley St Peter's CofE P VA PR6 0DX4482847727.699.7
Christ Church Charnock Richard CofE P VA PR7 5NA1587878029.3101.3
Christ The King Roman CP VA BB11 4RB3083878027.499.3
Clayton Brook P CY PR5 8HL2075907526.999.3
Clayton-le-Moors All Saints CofE P VA BB5 5HT40100989831.0101.5
Clayton-le-Moors Mount Pleasant P CY BB5 5NH3987908228.2100.6
Clayton-le-Woods CofE P VA PR6 7EU3193777327.498.2
Clayton-le-Woods Manor Road P CY PR6 7JR3385858228.199.7
Clifton P CY FY8 3PY3667756126.298.6
Clitheroe Brookside P CY BB7 1NW3580898027.398.9
Clitheroe Pendle P CY BB7 2AL4784908227.999.6
Coates Lane P CY BB18 6EZ3388848127.599.8
Cobbs Brow CY WN8 6SU3995959229.7100.9
Cockerham Parochial CofE P VA LA2 0EF1182918227.098.4
Colne Christ Church CofE P VA BB8 7AA2095909028.499.6
Colne Lord Street CY BB8 9AR4176595425.8100.0
Colne Primet P CY BB8 8JE3083837227.0102.9
Cop Lane CofE P VA PR1 9AE2295959129.5100.6
Coppull Parish CofE P VA PR7 4PU2488888328.5100.3
Coppull P & Children's Centre CY PR7 5AH2171625726.0100.4
Coppull St John's CofE P VA PR7 5DU1883837828.0100.0
Cottam P CY PR4 0NY3083867928.1100.1
Coupe Green P CY PR5 0JR1794949429.3100.4
Crawford Village P CY WN8 9QP875756325.199.1
Crawshawbooth P CY BB4 8AN4892838128.3100.1
Crow Orchard P CY WN8 8QG2568726026.699.9
Cuerden Church VA PR5 6ED1771766525.899.2
Dalton St Michael's CofE P VA WN8 7RP1291919128.699.7
Deepdale J CY PR1 6TD7779726426.798.3
Delph Side Community P CY WN8 6ED1687878028.499.0
Dolphinholme CofE P VA LA2 9AN5<<<<<
Downholland-Haskayne CofE P VA L39 7HX5<<<<<
Duke Street P CY PR7 3DU3468856526.199.5
Earby Springfield P CY BB18 6SJ2378787427.7101.0
Eccleston P CY PR7 5RA2788737327.599.2
Eccleston St Mary's CofE P VA PR7 5TE2588968829.1100.7
Edenfield CofE P VC BL0 0HL1970907028.799.8
Edisford P CY BB7 2LN3297979729.8101.6
Eldon P CY PR1 7YE1485928526.399.9
Ellel St John the Evangelist CofE P VA LA2 0JS2479837527.8100.3
English Martyrs CP VA PR1 7DR2781817828.1100.5
Euxton CofE P VA PR7 6JW2990979028.6100.3
Euxton Primrose Hill P CY PR7 6BA17100787829.2101.4
Euxton St Mary's CP VA PR7 6JW2810010010031.4102.0
Farington Moss St. Paul's C.E. P VA PR26 6PR2889827928.1100.2
Farington P CY PR25 4GH1989958928.6100.5
Fishwick P CY PR1 4RH743292921.498.7
Fleetwood Charles Saer Community P CY FY7 8DD4166766126.499.3
Fleetwood Chaucer Community P CY FY7 6QN3775816927.5100.8
Fleetwood Flakefleet P CY FY7 7ND4658534224.598.9
Forton P CY PR3 0AS978787826.098.9
Foulridge Saint Michael & All Angels CofE P VA BB8 7NN2295686827.3100.5
Freckleton CofE P VA PR4 1PJ1894949430.2100.5
Freckleton Strike Lane P CY PR4 1HR2488888329.0100.9
Frenchwood Community P CY PR1 4LE3376767026.599.1
Fulwood & Cadley P CY PR2 3QT4190938829.9100.9
Garstang Community P CY PR3 1HT3591898629.099.6
Garstang St Thomas' CofE P VA PR3 1PB3291949129.3100.6
Gillibrand P CY PR7 2PJ2278917828.4101.2
Gisburn P CY BB7 4ET17941009430.2101.4
Gisburn Road Community P CY BB18 5JX2971756825.799.4
Goosnargh Oliverson's CofE P VA PR3 2BN2186817627.699.3
Goosnargh Whitechapel P CY PR3 2EP1010010010030.3100.5
Great Eccleston Copp CofE P VA PR3 0ZN2286777327.598.1
Great Harwood P CY BB6 7JQ3675726727.199.9
Great Harwood St Bartholomew's Parish CofE P VA BB6 7QA2492838327.9101.0
Great Harwood St John's CofE P VA BB6 7ES2260806026.099.6
Great Marsden St John's CofE P VA BB9 0NX2681737326.899.6
Great Wood P CY LA4 6UB5182807328.099.7
Green Haworth CofE P VA BB5 3SQ989787826.099.2
Grimsargh St Michael's CofE P VA PR2 5SD2793898929.2100.6
Grindleton CofE P VA BB7 4QS771715726.198.8
Halsall St Cuthbert's CofE P VA L39 8RR1810010010031.0100.6
Hambleton P CY FY6 9BZ2510010010031.9101.8
Hapton CofE/Methodist P VC BB11 5RF757575725.099.5
Harris P CY PR2 7EE2889898128.699.6
Haslingden Broadway P CY BB4 4EH3083837727.999.9
Haslingden P FD BB4 4BJ5478857227.2100.6
Haslingden St James CofE P VA BB4 5HL2767895927.7100.1
Helmshore P CY BB4 4JW5498989829.9101.8
Hesketh-with-Becconsall All Saints CofE VA PR4 6RD2990908629.099.8
Heskin Pemberton's CofE P VA PR7 5LU1073827327.599.7
Heyhouses Endowed CofE P VA FY8 3EE6888858128.7100.3
Heysham St Peter's CofE P VA LA3 2RF3410010010029.9100.9
Higham St John's CofE P VC BB12 9EU1782887628.8100.5
Higher Walton CofE P VC PR5 4FE1663565624.899.4
Highfield P CY PR6 0SP2165655025.497.2
Hillside Community P CY WN8 6DE2273867326.7101.1
Holland Moor P CY WN8 9AG4793969329.0100.4
Holme Slack Community P CY PR1 6HP2665736525.799.0
Holmeswood Methodist VC L40 1UD2<<<<<
Holy Family CP VA PR2 3YP1173736425.198.6
Holy Family CP VA PR4 1AH1480938027.2101.2
Holy Saviour Roman CP VA BB9 8HD2383797526.9100.0
Holy Trinity Roman CP VA BB9 5BL1486868628.3100.4
Hoole St Michael CofE P VA PR4 5JQ1894949429.2100.1
Hornby St Margaret's CofE P VA LA2 8JY8100757527.898.8
Howick Church Endowed P VC PR1 0NB15871008729.698.4
Ingol Community P CY PR2 3YP8881008827.099.4
Inskip St Peter's CofE VA PR4 0TT5<<<<<
Kelbrook P CY BB18 6UD1694949429.1100.2
Kennington P CY PR2 8ER2681735826.499.4
Kingsfold P CY PR1 9HJ888887527.4101.5
Kirkham & Wesham P CY PR4 2JP2478787027.799.5
Kirkham St Michael's CofE P VA PR4 2SL2665696226.198.8
Kirkland & Catterall St Helen's CofE P VA PR3 0HS2195959530.6101.5
Knuzden St Oswald's CofE P VA BB1 2DR3269725926.399.3
Lancaster Christ Church CofE P VA LA1 3ES2986867928.0101.0
Lancaster Dallas Road Community P CY LA1 1LD6189858228.9100.7
Lancaster Lane Community P CY PR25 5TT3181777127.399.3
Lancaster Ridge P CY LA1 3LE2129572922.097.9
Lancaster Road P CY LA4 5TH5978857728.3100.4
Lancaster Ryelands P CY LA1 2RJ5071847126.499.9
Laneshawbridge P CY BB8 7JE2810010010031.0101.9
Langho & Billington St Leonards CofE P VA BB6 8AB33971009729.8101.5
Larkholme P CY FY7 8QB2471836726.199.1
Lea Community P CY PR2 1PD2282918228.1100.4
Lea Neeld's Endowed CofE P VA PR4 0RA1493868628.5101.0
Lea St Mary's CP VA PR4 0RJ3<<<<<
Leck St Peter's CofE P VA LA6 2JD8100757527.499.7
Lever House P CY PR25 4YR3391888528.5100.3
Leyland Methodist J VC PR25 3ET6484888027.798.7
Leyland St James CofE P VA PR26 7SH3174877427.599.7
Leyland St Mary's Roman CP VA PR25 2QA3579827627.1100.0
Little Digmoor P CY WN8 9NF2055654524.597.5
Little Hoole P CY PR4 5QL3184656126.999.6
Lomeshaye J CY BB9 7SY4985646226.498.4
Longridge CofE P VA PR3 3JA2893938929.1100.3
Longridge St Wilfrid's Roman CP VA PR3 3WQ1385777727.0101.4
Longsands Community P CY PR2 9PS2993979331.0101.9
Longton P CY PR4 5YA3485857928.7100.3
Lostock Hall Community P CY PR5 5AS5693989129.1100.3
Lytham CofE P VA FY8 4HA3384787227.098.9
Lytham Hall Park P CY FY8 4QU3497979429.599.3
Lytham St Annes Mayfield P CY FY8 2HQ3485767327.499.0
Marsden Community P CY BB9 0BE5674706126.499.6
Mawdesley St Peter's CofE P VA L40 2QT978787827.099.9
Medlar-with-Wesham CofE P VA PR4 3DE3290909028.4100.2
Melling St Wilfrid CofE P VA LA6 2RE989676727.399.4
Mellor St Mary CofE P VA BB2 7JL20100959529.799.9
Moor Nook Community P CY PR2 6EE14100939328.1102.2
Moorside Community P CY WN8 9EA2181767126.9101.2
Moorside P CY LA1 4HT7096979329.4100.4
Morecambe & Heysham Grosvenor Park P CY LA3 3RY4470605125.198.7
Morecambe & Heysham Sandylands Community P CY LA3 1EJ5269816726.499.9
Morecambe & Heysham Torrisholme Community P CY LA4 6PN6088908328.4100.2
Morecambe & Heysham Westgate P CY LA4 4XF7074787027.0100.5
Morecambe Bay Community P CY LA4 5JL3770766226.4100.8
Mossgate P CY LA3 2EE2876665926.799.5
Moss Side P CY PR26 7ST3494888828.4100.5
Nateby P CY PR3 0JH1410010010030.0101.5
Nelson Castercliff Community P CY BB9 8JJ3649433223.098.1
Nelson St Paul's CofE P VA BB9 0DZ2982898227.599.2
Nelson St Philip's CofE P VA BB9 9TQ1656503825.298.4
Nether Kellet Community P CY LA6 1HH989898928.0100.4
Newburgh CofE P VA WN8 7XB11911009129.799.6
Newchurch-in-Pendle St Mary's CofE P VA BB12 9JP910010010029.7100.5
New Longton All Saints CofE P VA PR4 4XA3097939330.4101.2
Newton Bluecoat CofE P VA PR4 3RT2692929229.4100.9
Northbrook P CY PR25 2GB1867785625.798.4
Northern P CY OL13 8PH2286958628.6100.3
Northfold Community P CY FY5 2NL2479797127.6100.3
North Road P CY LA5 9LQ1759825926.899.8
Ormskirk Asmall P CY L39 3PJ13100858528.299.7
Ormskirk CofE P VC L39 2DP4088858028.6100.4
Ormskirk Lathom Park CofE P VC L40 5UG3<<<<<
Ormskirk St Anne's CP VA L39 3LQ7099919028.7100.1
Ormskirk West End P CY L39 1PA2080908027.098.4
Oswaldtwistle Hippings Methodist P VC BB5 3BT29100979730.4101.1
Oswaldtwistle Moor End P CY BB5 3JG2477826827.099.0
Oswaldtwistle St Andrew's CofE P VC BB5 3LG2585777326.999.5
Oswaldtwistle St Paul's CofE P VA BB5 3DD1750693825.398.5
Oswaldtwistle West End P CY BB5 4QA3087777327.099.1
Our Lady & All Saints Roman CP VA WN8 7HD889898927.0100.0
Our Lady & St Anselm's Roman CP VA OL12 8DB1593939328.6100.7
Our Lady & St Edward's CP VA PR2 3LP31100979730.1100.8
Our Lady & St Gerard's Roman CP VA PR5 5TB4787837728.5100.8
Our Lady & St Hubert's Roman CP VA BB6 7SN24100888830.9101.4
Our Lady of Lourdes CP VA LA5 9LS1493939328.9100.7
Our Lady Star of the Sea CP VA FY8 1LB3294919129.3100.1
Out Rawcliffe CofE P VA PR3 6BH4<<<<<
Over Kellet Wilson's Endowed CofE P VA LA6 1BN1883838327.899.7
Overton St Helen's CofE P VA LA3 3EZ2580726427.1100.1
Padiham Green CofE P VC BB12 7AX2070706524.899.2
Padiham P CY BB12 8SJ3874766626.7101.8
Padiham St Leonard's CofE P VA BB12 8HT27100929228.8101.5
Parbold Douglas CofE P VA WN8 7HS3194979030.0100.8
Parish of St Laurence CofE P VA PR7 1RB3197949429.6100.6
Park P CY BB8 0QJ4260745526.199.4
Penwortham Broad Oak P CY PR1 9DE19100959528.6100.6
Penwortham Midforth CofE P VC PR1 9YE2778817027.298.8
Penwortham P CY PR1 0HU2692797927.199.5
Pilling St John's CofE P VA PR3 6HA15100808028.6100.1
Pinfold P CY L40 8HR4<<<<<
Pool House Community P CY PR2 7BX1273917327.6100.5
Poulton-le-Fylde Carr Head P CY FY6 8JB3494979429.499.9
Poulton-le-Fylde St Chad's CofE P VA FY6 7SR3491858528.599.5
Poulton-le-Fylde the Breck P CY FY6 7HE3210010010029.7101.2
Poulton-le-Sands CofE P VA LA4 5QA2646713925.299.8
Preesall Fleetwood's Charity CofE P VA FY6 0NN1888888827.5100.7
Preston Grange P CY PR2 6PS1979797427.098.5
Preston Greenlands Community P CY PR2 6BB2268826826.7100.4
Preston St Matthew's CofE P VA PR1 5XB4591878427.1101.3
Queen's Drive P CY PR2 3LA45100989829.9100.5
Quernmore CofE P VC LA2 9EL14100868628.199.2
Ramsbottom Stubbins P CY BL0 0NA3194949429.3100.6
Rawtenstall Balladen Community P CY BB4 6DX21961009629.3101.6
Rawtenstall Newchurch CofE P VC BB4 7UA1267585025.8102.3
Rawtenstall St Anne's CofE P VA BB4 9JE1471796427.299.9
Rawtenstall St Paul's Constable Lee CofE P VC BB4 8HT3488857928.999.6
Rawtenstall Water P CY BB4 9PX1275756727.0100.2
Read St John's CofE P VC BB12 7PE20751007528.599.5
Reedley P CY BB10 2NE2688888828.6100.7
Ribbleton Avenue Methodist J VC PR1 5SN4059514124.499.0
Ribby with Wrea Endowed CofE P VA PR4 2WQ1385858528.699.7
Ribchester St Wilfrid's CofE P VA PR3 3XP1688948127.999.1
Richard Durning's Endowed P VC L40 3SL1110010010030.0100.8
Rishton Methodist P VC BB1 4JF2479837526.5100.7
Rishton St Peter & St Paul's CofE P VA BB1 4DT3093909028.7101.4
Rivington Foundation P FD BL6 7SE1410010010030.9101.8
Roebuck CY PR2 2BN4079746726.097.9
Rosewood P CY BB11 2PH3789847828.1100.7
Roughlee CofE P VC BB9 6NX757292924.499.0
Rufford CofE VA L40 1SN2391918729.399.9
Sabden P CY BB7 9DZ910010010030.399.5
Sacred Heart CP VA FY5 4HL3489868328.5101.0
Sacred Heart CP VA PR2 2SA1868746325.899.1
Sacred Heart CP VA PR6 0LB2387918728.3101.1
Sacred Heart Roman CP VA BB5 4HG2538503823.398.5
Sacred Heart Roman CP VA BB8 7JR3284757227.6100.6
Salesbury CofE P VA BB1 9EQ3884847929.3100.4
Salterforth P CY BB18 5UD1392929227.9100.3
Samlesbury CofE VA PR5 0UE4<<<<<
Scarisbrick St Mark's CofE P VC L40 9RE9100787829.0100.0
Scorton CofE P VA PR3 1AY710010010030.4100.1
Scotforth St Paul's CofE P VA LA1 4SE3892958930.2100.5
Seven Stars P CY PR25 1TD1180707026.499.4
Shakespeare P CY FY7 7LL6087958728.399.5
Sharneyford P CY OL13 9UQ1173917327.0100.0
Sherwood P CY PR2 9GA5391898528.4100.5
Silverdale St John's CofE P VA LA5 0RF1693939328.7100.3
Simonstone St Peter's CofE P VA BB12 7HR18100838328.8100.3
Singleton CofE P VA FY6 8LN1292929228.4100.0
Skerton St Luke's CofE P VA LA1 2JH3077736326.299.1
Slaidburn Brennands Endowed P VA BB7 3ER1080606026.498.4
Staining CofE P VC FY3 0BW3374856827.6100.1
Stalmine P CY FY6 0LR12100909027.699.9
Stanah P CY FY5 5JR6177847026.799.3
St Anne's & St Joseph's Roman CP VA BB5 2AN4878736526.898.1
St Anne's CP VA PR25 1TL2286736827.3100.2
St Annes on Sea St Thomas' CofE P VA FY8 1JN3070736326.398.5
St Anthony's CP VA PR2 3SQ4489807728.2100.2
St Augustine of Canterbury Roman CP VA BB12 6HZ2286958629.0100.8
St Augustine's CP VA PR1 3YJ4279836928.1101.5
St Bartholomew's CofE P VC OL12 8TL2152624325.698.6
St Bede's CP VA PR6 7EB31971009729.399.4
St Bernadette's CP VA LA1 4HT2195959530.9102.7
St Bernard's CP VA PR2 1RP2070857026.798.9
St Catherine's RC P VA PR25 4SJ2893938928.998.8
St Chad's CP VA PR6 8LL1910010010029.2100.6
St Charles' RC VA BB1 4HT3087978728.3100.1
St Clare's CP VA PR2 9HH3895958930.2100.3
St Edmund's CP VA WN8 8NP2280908027.999.6
St Francis CP VA PR3 2FJ975756327.899.8
St Francis of Assisi RC P VA WN8 9AZ3170706325.699.1
St George's CofE P VA PR7 3JU3589978930.0100.7
St Gregory's CP VA PR1 6HQ3181947728.4100.6
St Gregory's CP VA PR7 3QG29821008228.499.7
St Ignatius' CP VA PR1 1TT2885898527.4101.4
St James' CP VA WN8 6TN2584928028.1100.5
St James' CofE P VA BB7 1ED4180767327.399.9
St James-the-Less Roman CP VA BB4 8SU3291787829.2100.2
St John's CP VA FY6 7HT2893979330.3101.1
St John's CP VA L40 7RA16100888828.7101.1
St John's CP VA WN8 6PF2264735525.399.8
St John's CofE P VA BB10 4SU2496969629.1101.5
St John Southworth Roman CP VA BB9 0DQ2558504623.498.2
St John's Stonefold CofE P VA BB5 2SW2186907628.499.8
St John the Baptist Roman CP VA BB10 2PZ2961755725.899.0
St John the Baptist Roman CP VA BB12 7BN2983797227.399.8
St John with St Michael CofE P VA OL12 8EP1462625424.999.3
St Joseph's CP VA BB18 5EN1984797928.699.8
St Joseph's CP VA LA1 2DU2856594825.399.0
St Joseph's CP VA PR1 5XL3364675824.799.5
St Joseph's CP VA PR4 3HA1090909029.4100.9
St Joseph's CP VA PR5 0DQ1080808027.099.1
St Joseph's CP VA PR6 0JF1782888227.599.5
St Joseph's CP VA PR6 8SD888636327.099.5
St Joseph's CP VA WN6 9RE1894898328.599.0
St Joseph's Roman CP VA BB7 9QJ910010010032.0100.9
St Joseph's Roman CP VA OL13 8LD875636325.599.7
St Leonard's CofE P VA PR5 4JL3594949429.799.7
St Luke's VA LA2 6JL3497888828.799.0
St Maria Goretti CP VA PR2 6SJ3067776325.8100.1
St Mary & Michael CP VA PR3 1RB1385776928.698.5
St Mary & St Andrew's CP VA PR3 5DY2210010010031.0100.9
St Mary Magdalene's Roman CP VA BB12 0JD2576766827.599.3
St Mary Magdalen's CP VA PR1 9QQ25100888829.2100.8
St Mary's & St Benedict's Roman CP VA PR5 6TA3686928128.899.7
St Mary's CP VA FY7 6EU2592676727.9100.0
St Mary's CP VA L40 9QE1173826427.8101.3
St Mary's CP VA LA4 5PS2777887727.399.4
St Mary's CP VA PR3 0PN1<<<<<
St Mary's CP VA PR3 0ZJ4<<<<<
St Mary's CP VA PR7 2RJ3491888529.8100.3
St Mary's Rawtenstall CofE P VC BB4 8RZ2986968628.5100.1
St Mary's Roman CP VA BB10 4BH3589898629.5101.0
St Mary's Roman CP VA BB2 7HX12100929229.3101.3
St Mary's Roman CP VA BB4 5NP1710010010028.7102.0
St Mary's Roman CP VA BB5 3AA3594868628.1100.7
St Mary's Roman CP VA BB5 5RJ1070707026.499.6
St Mary's Roman CP VA BB6 8EQ4083686827.198.4
St Mary's Roman CP VA BB7 9ED1443644324.999.1
St Mary's Roman CP VA OL13 9LJ2236623823.497.2
St Mary's Roman CP VA PR3 2QH875756327.499.5
St Michael & St John's Roman CP VA BB7 1AG3275917527.498.0
St Michael's-on-Wyre CofE P VA PR3 0UA1292838329.8100.7
St Nicholas CofE P VA BB5 4DT3083777327.2100.3
St Oswald's CP VA PR4 5EB3586918328.6101.4
St Oswald's CP VA PR7 5DH1776827126.898.7
St Oswald's Roman CP VA BB5 0NN16941009429.3100.4
St Patrick's CP VA LA3 2ER2340654025.498.3
St Patrick's Roman CP VA PR5 4HD2391878729.299.6
St Peter & Paul CP VA L40 3PP810010010030.4100.4
St Peter's CP VA FY8 4JG3083908327.999.3
St Peter's CofE P with Newlands N VA PR2 9RE3397979429.5100.7
St Peter's CofE P VC BB5 0NW2868756826.5100.7
St Peter's Roman CP VA BB4 9EZ1765826527.499.4
St Richard's CP VA WN8 8LQ27100969629.7101.3
St Stephen's CofE VC PR1 8JN3391797327.9100.3
St Teresa's CP VA PR1 0JH35100949429.8100.9
St Teresa's CP VA PR1 4RH875887526.399.4
St Teresa's CP VA WN8 0PY2893969330.1100.6
St Thomas the Martyr CofE P VA WN8 0HH17100828229.199.3
St Veronica's Roman CP VA BB4 4EZ2610010010031.0101.2
St Wilfrid's CofE P VA LA2 6QE3497858528.8100.3
St William's CP VA PR3 6AL671865726.699.6
St Wulstan's & St Edmund's CP & N VA FY7 7JY4990807828.399.5
St Wulstan's CP VA BB6 7JQ2378706526.598.7
Tarleton Community P CY PR4 6AT4477827526.598.9
Tarleton Holy Trinity CofE P VA PR4 6UP3077907028.3100.3
Tarleton Mere Brow CofE P VA PR4 6JX970605026.199.3
Tatham Fells CofE P VC LA2 8RA4<<<<<
Thorneyholme Roman CP VA BB7 3BG810010010028.999.6
Thornton Cleveleys Baines Endowed P VC FY5 5HY3697949229.1100.6
Thornton Cleveleys Manor Beach P CY FY5 1EU3985787528.199.9
Thornton Cleveleys Royles Brook P CY FY5 2TY4584676426.398.6
Thornton P CY FY5 4JP2952694524.798.0
Thurnham Glasson Christ Church VA LA2 0AR3<<<<<
Tonacliffe P CY OL12 8SS3491857928.7100.5
Trawden Forest P CY BB8 8RN2487878327.099.9
Treales CofE P VA PR4 3SH650835026.099.0
Trinity & St Michael's CofE/Methodist P VA PR26 9HJ3097939329.6100.4
Trinity CofE/Methodist P VA PR7 7HZ6881008830.0100.3
Trinity CofE/Methodist VC WN8 8PW2785858129.7101.3
Trumacar Community P CY LA3 2ST3063675325.298.3
Upholland Roby Mill CofE P VA WN8 0QR5<<<<<
Waddington & West Bradford CofE P VA BB7 3JE2568886827.499.0
Walton-le-Dale Community P CY PR5 4TD4669736426.398.7
Walverden P CY BB9 0TL5150464423.399.1
Warton Archbishop Hutton's P VC LA5 9QU2492716727.098.5
Waterfoot P CY BB4 9AP3281848128.8100.7
Weeton P CY PR4 3HX4<<<<<
Weeton St Michael's CofE P VA PR4 3WD4<<<<<
Wellfield Methodist & Anglican Church VA BB12 0JD2792817327.5100.3
West End P CY LA3 1BW2767706725.3101.1
Westhead Lathom St James' CofE P VC L40 6HL9100898928.399.9
West Street Community P CY BB8 0HW1688888126.899.1
Westwood P CY PR5 8LS1573806726.899.3
Whalley CofE P VA BB7 9SY3795959529.399.2
Wheatley Lane Methodist P VA BB12 9ED2875796427.899.3
Whitefield P CY PR1 0RH5489858228.999.8
Whittlefield P CY BB12 0HL3083877727.799.5
Whittle-le-Woods CofE P VA PR6 7PS3594919128.5100.2
Willow Lane Community P CY LA1 5PR2478877027.398.8
Willows CP VA PR4 2BT2190767127.999.3
Winmarleigh CofE P VA PR3 0LA3<<<<<
Withnell Fold P CY PR6 8BA1110010010030.0100.7
Woodlands Community P CY WN8 6QH3077877727.1101.0
Woodlea J CY PR25 1JL5679756626.398.1
Woodplumpton St Anne's CofE P VA PR4 0NE1493938629.899.7
Worsthorne P CY BB10 3LR1794948828.6100.0
Wray with Botton Endowed P VC LA2 8QE3<<<<<
Wrightington Mossy Lea P CY WN6 9RN786717128.3101.3
Yealand CofE P VA LA5 9SU2<<<<<
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The super-rich now live in their own Elysium - they breathe better air, and eat better food, when they're not making beans on toast for their kids

The super-rich now live in their own Elysium

They breathe better air, eat better food, take better medicine
A generation of dropouts failed by colleges

Dropout generation failed by colleges

£800m a year wasted on students who quit courses before they graduate
Entering civilian life 'can be like going into the jungle' for returning soldiers

Homeless Veterans appeal

Entering civilian life can be like going into the jungle
Sam Taylor-Johnson: Woman on top

Sam Taylor-Johnson: Woman on top

Fifty Shades of Grey director on bringing the hit to the screen
Shazam! Story of the $1bn 'what's that song?' app

Shazam: Story of the $1bn 'what's that song?' app

As in 1942, Germany must show restraint over Greece

As in 1942, Germany must show restraint over Greece

Mussolini tried to warn his ally of the danger of bringing the country to its knees. So should we, says Patrick Cockburn
Britain's widening poverty gap should be causing outrage at the start of the election campaign

The short stroll that should be our walk of shame

Courting the global elite has failed to benefit Britain, as the vast disparity in wealth on display in the capital shows
Homeless Veterans appeal: The rise of the working poor: when having a job cannot prevent poverty

Homeless Veterans appeal

The rise of the working poor: when having a job cannot prevent poverty
Prince Charles the saviour of the nation? A new book highlights concerns about how political he will be when he eventually becomes king

Prince Charles the saviour of the nation?

A new book highlights concerns about how political he will be when he eventually becomes king
How books can defeat Isis: Patrick Cockburn was able to update his agenda-setting 'The Rise of Islamic State' while under attack in Baghdad

How books can defeat Isis

Patrick Cockburn was able to update his agenda-setting 'The Rise of Islamic State' while under attack in Baghdad
Judith Hackitt: The myths of elf 'n' safety

Judith Hackitt: The myths of elf 'n' safety

She may be in charge of minimising our risks of injury, but the chair of the Health and Safety Executive still wants children to be able to hurt themselves
The open loathing between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu just got worse

The open loathing between Obama and Netanyahu just got worse

The Israeli PM's relationship with the Obama has always been chilly, but going over the President's head on Iran will do him no favours, says Rupert Cornwell
French chefs get 'le huff' as nation slips down global cuisine rankings

French chefs get 'le huff' as nation slips down global cuisine rankings

Fury at British best restaurants survey sees French magazine produce a rival list
Star choreographer Matthew Bourne gives young carers a chance to perform at Sadler's Wells

Young carers to make dance debut

What happened when superstar choreographer Matthew Bourne encouraged 27 teenage carers to think about themselves for once?
Design Council's 70th anniversary: Four of the most intriguing prototypes from Ones to Watch

Design Council's 70th anniversary

Four of the most intriguing prototypes from Ones to Watch