Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Aberford CofE P VC LS25 3BU1493868628.199.4
Adel P CY LS16 8DY2681858128.3100.1
Adel St John the Baptist CofE P VA LS16 8EX2796969629.9101.2
Allerton Bywater P FD WF10 2DR2669656526.599.9
Allerton CofE P VC LS17 7HL3577777326.099.6
All Saints CofE P VC LS21 1DF21871008728.499.7
All Saint's Richmond Hill CofE P VA LS9 9AD2652765225.399.6
Alwoodley P CY LS17 5HX6092939229.1101.5
Armley P CY LS12 2AY2165504023.797.8
Ashfield P CY LS21 2DF2089746827.999.6
Asquith P CY LS27 9QY2990838328.5102.0
Austhorpe P FD LS15 8TP30971009729.1101.5
Bankside P CY LS8 4LE6982847826.4100.3
Bardsey P CY LS17 9DG2095808029.0101.5
Barwick-in-Elmet CofE P VC LS15 4HL1694817527.899.2
Beechwood P CY LS14 6QB5888747227.1100.5
Beecroft P CY LS4 2TF2810010010030.3101.6
Beeston Hill St Luke's CofE P VA LS11 8ND4187878530.4102.1
Beeston P CY LS11 8PN5079717125.699.0
Birchfield P CY LS27 7HU2979867926.998.4
Blackgates P CY WF3 1QQ3672786727.499.5
Blenheim P CY LS2 9EX2163816325.398.6
Bracken Edge P CY LS7 4HE4580707025.8102.0
Bramham P CY LS23 6JQ4<<<<<
Bramhope P CY LS16 9BR3494949431.0101.6
Bramley P CY LS13 3DP3468746525.3101.5
Bramley St Peter's CofE P VC LS13 3NE2863635625.098.9
Broadgate P CY LS18 5AF2262524324.497.9
Brodetsky P VA LS17 7TN2793858528.9101.6
Brownhill P CY LS9 7DH3952584224.399.4
Brudenell P CY LS6 1EW2688767627.1100.4
Burley St Matthias' CofE P VC LS4 2HY2273595524.399.2
Calverley CofE P VC LS28 5NF3789958629.0101.9
Calverley Parkside P CY LS28 5PQ28100898930.5101.9
Carlton P CY WF3 3RE3172786926.098.7
Carr Manor P CY LS17 5DJ6086807827.9100.0
Castleton P CY LS12 1JZ3077907726.6100.9
Chapel Allerton P CY LS7 3PD5688676727.3100.5
Christ Church Upper Armley CofE P VC LS12 3NU2396969128.7101.9
Christ The King CP VA LS13 2DX2370704826.3100.0
Churwell P CY LS27 9HR6287848428.2100.9
Clapgate P CY LS10 4AW1667675324.299.5
Cobden P CY LS12 5LA2370745726.299.6
Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings' CofE P VA LS22 5BS27961009630.3100.9
Colton P FD LS15 9AL24100929230.1101.5
Cookridge Holy Trinity CofE P VA LS16 7EZ5394948929.7100.9
Cookridge P CY LS16 7DH3081726626.3100.2
Corpus Christi CP VA LS9 0HA5477857426.499.4
Cottingley P CY LS11 0HU3040403022.998.7
Cross Flatts Park P CY LS11 7DG3152553524.398.7
Cross Gates P CY LS15 7NB2774817427.0100.6
Crossley Street P CY LS22 6RT2696969630.0101.3
Deighton Gates P CY LS22 7XL4578787127.699.8
Drighlington P CY BD11 1JY4589736927.399.5
East Ardsley P CY WF3 2BA4691878528.8101.4
East Garforth P FD LS25 2HF5086767027.299.5
Ebor Gardens P CY LS9 7PY2979897527.4101.9
Farsley Farfield P CY LS28 5ED4276796928.2100.1
Farsley Springbank J CY LS28 5LE4790989029.9101.1
Fieldhead Carr P CY LS14 2EG3284888428.899.5
Five Lanes P CY LS12 4NB5487817627.799.9
Fountain P CY LS27 0AW4879686826.498.6
Garforth Green Lane P FD LS25 2JX5188848228.2100.0
Gildersome P CY LS27 7AB2673656226.499.8
Gledhow P CY LS8 1PL6292898829.6101.5
Grange Farm P CY LS14 1AX4758715025.497.9
Great Preston CofE P VC LS26 8AR2771646126.398.5
Greenhill P CY LS13 4JJ3968595625.299.4
Greenmount P CY LS11 6BA4493919128.0103.3
Greenside P CY LS28 8NZ4083807827.6100.5
Grimes Dyke P CY LS14 5BY4064625525.499.5
Harehills P CY LS8 5DQ6461565024.3100.9
Harewood CofE P VC LS17 9LH1688717127.9100.5
Hawksworth CofE P VA LS20 8NX1486867927.699.4
Hawksworth Wood P CY LS5 3QE2186958628.6101.5
Highfield P CY LS17 8DJ4687918428.3100.2
Hillcrest P CY LS7 4DR5843464123.398.2
Hill Top P CY WF3 1HD2893898928.9100.7
Hollybush P CY LS13 2JJ3084615525.1100.4
Holy Family CP VA LS12 2LH2681857727.599.8
Holy Name CP VA LS16 6NF2793898528.199.1
Holy Rosary & St Anne's CP VA LS7 4AW2565735425.2100.4
Horsforth Newlaithes J CY LS18 4PT4291868628.599.1
Hovingham P CY LS8 3QY6065524324.999.3
Hugh Gaitskell P FD LS11 8AB5863726025.699.9
Hunslet Carr P CY LS10 2DN4381817426.9100.7
Hunslet Moor P CY LS11 5EL4057544923.898.9
Hunslet St Mary's CofE P VA LS10 2QY2674817427.099.8
Immaculate Heart of Mary CP VA LS17 6SX5796939130.2101.1
Ingram Road P CY LS11 9LA1982474725.5102.0
Ireland Wood P CY LS16 6BW3179696926.399.3
Iveson P CY LS16 6LW2974615825.297.7
Kerr Mackie P CY LS8 1NE6092888628.199.8
Kippax Ash Tree P FD LS25 7JL4879797126.699.5
Kippax Greenfield P FD LS25 7PA2878787426.799.5
Kippax North J FD LS25 7EJ2295767127.6100.3
Kirkstall St Stephen's CofE P VA LS5 3JD3181686526.399.9
Kirkstall Valley P CY LS4 2QZ2476767226.499.9
Lady E Hastings CofE P VA WF10 2BD14100797928.7100.3
Lady Elizabeth Hastings' CofE P VA LS23 7AQ2195959530.199.8
Lawns Park P CY LS12 5EX3057575023.998.0
Little London Community P & N CY LS7 1SR2458715024.9100.6
Lower Wortley P CY LS12 4PX4090929028.8101.0
Low Road P CY LS10 2PS1375505025.2100.5
Lowtown P CY LS28 9BB3184817727.5100.2
Manston P CY LS15 8SD2089958928.3102.2
Manston St James CofE P VA LS15 8JH5379817527.299.3
Meadowfield P FD LS9 0EY3984928127.1102.1
Meanwood CofE P VA LS6 4LD27961009630.2101.8
Methley P CY LS26 9HT4793837827.7100.3
Micklefield CofE P VC LS25 4AQ1155452724.098.0
Midton P FD LS10 4HU4877817526.3101.2
Midton St Mary's CofE P VC LS10 3SW4567605125.199.7
Mill Field P CY LS7 2DR2030453022.297.4
Moor Allerton Hall P CY LS17 6QP3266756326.4101.0
Moortown P CY LS17 6DR2910010010030.3103.4
Morley Newlands P CY LS27 8PG4576635926.799.5
Morley Victoria P CY LS27 9NW5893989328.6100.4
New Bewerley Community P CY LS11 6TB4173615625.7100.6
Ninelands P FD LS25 1NT6185857827.9100.2
Oakwood P CY LS8 3LZ5557554924.299.9
Otley the Whartons P CY LS21 2BS3083908027.598.6
Oulton P CY LS26 8NT4671585624.998.9
Our Lady of Good Counsel CP VA LS14 1EP2997979729.2100.8
Parklands P CY LS14 6ED2970676724.7100.7
Park Spring P CY LS13 4EH3379887627.6101.0
Pool-in-Wharfedale CofE P VC LS21 1LG2980676727.499.0
Primrose Lane P CY LS23 6DX2592848429.6100.0
Pudsey Bolton Royd P CY LS28 8EP4583767426.2100.5
Pudsey Primrose Hill P CY LS28 6AB3797898927.899.7
Pudsey Tyersal P CY BD4 8ER2167483824.498.4
Pudsey Waterloo P CY LS28 7SR3489807428.4100.8
Quarry Mount P CY LS6 2JP1657715724.699.3
Queensway P CY LS19 7LF3087808027.2100.7
Rawdon Littlemoor P CY LS19 6DD4593898728.7101.0
Rawdon St Peter's CofE P VC LS19 6PP4879676726.898.9
Raynville P CY LS13 2TQ5969766626.0100.8
Richmond Hill P CY LS9 8QF1989636326.1101.1
Robin Hood P CY WF3 3BG4395959128.5100.4
Rosebank P CY LS3 1JP2250413623.198.8
Rothwell CofE P VC LS26 0NB2871715726.499.6
Rothwell P CY LS26 0DJ2789897828.9101.5
Rothwell St Mary's RC P VA LS26 0BJ3093878329.2100.0
Roundhay St John's CofE P VA LS8 2QJ29971009729.8101.5
Rufford Park P CY LS19 7QR2983877728.1100.1
Ryecroft P CY LS12 5AW1976767125.899.8
Sacred Heart CP VA LS4 2TF2068534725.4100.0
Scholes Elmet P CY LS15 4BJ3980656527.398.8
Seacroft Grange P CY LS14 6JR3172977226.7102.1
Seven Hills P CY LS27 8LA4072745926.798.9
Shadwell P CY LS17 8JF3097939331.3102.1
Shakespeare P CY LS9 7HP4463665925.399.9
Sharp Lane P CY LS10 4QE5682897527.299.9
Shire Oak P VC LS6 2DT2552484424.798.5
Southroyd P & N CY LS28 8AT3485858228.0101.2
Spring Bank P CY LS6 1AD2588777728.7100.4
Stanningley P CY LS28 6PE3090767226.999.5
St Anthony's CP VA LS11 7JS29100979729.9101.5
St Augustine's CP VA LS8 3PF4875686426.5100.9
St Bartholomew's CofE P VC LS12 1SF4488908329.6104.5
St Benedict's CP VA LS25 1PS3194948728.8101.0
St Chad's CofE P VA LS16 5QR3090737328.099.9
St Edward's CP VA LS23 6DL2010010010030.5102.2
St Francis CP VA LS27 9LX1788767626.6100.0
St Francis of Assisi CP VA LS11 6RX2583887927.1102.2
St James' CofE P VC LS22 6JS1493868627.299.4
St Joseph's CP VA LS10 2AD2175946928.3100.0
St Joseph's CP VA LS21 3AP30871008728.9100.7
St Joseph's CP VA LS22 6PR2510010010031.1101.4
St Joseph's CP VA LS28 7AZ3385857927.899.4
St Margaret's CofE P VC LS18 5BL5487898129.2101.1
St Mary's CP VA LS18 5AB3097979330.2101.4
St Mary's CofE P Boston Spa VC LS23 6DB1080908029.1101.2
St Matthew's CofE P VA LS7 3QF5574746926.699.1
St Nicholas CP VA LS9 6QY3884747126.5100.7
St Oswald's CofE J VA LS20 9BT6083908027.899.9
St Patrick CP VA LS9 7QL3388888829.2101.6
St Paul's CP VA LS17 5ES2596848429.5101.8
St Peter & Paul CP VA LS19 7HW3689727227.599.8
St Peter's CofE P VA LS9 7SG2993868630.4103.3
St Philip's CP & N VA LS10 3SL2596717127.5100.6
Strawberry Fields P FD LS25 1LL4391888627.699.8
St Theresa's CP VA LS15 8RQ5886827727.5100.5
St Urban's CP VA LS6 4QD27961009629.9101.1
Summerfield P CY LS13 1DQ2972766925.398.4
Swarcliffe P CY LS14 5JW1759655925.298.2
Swillington P FD LS26 8DX3379676425.999.5
Swinnow P CY LS13 4PG2778706328.7102.4
Talbot P CY LS8 1AF6297979430.5102.4
Templenewsam Halton P FD LS15 7SY6180777027.599.6
Thorner CofE P VC LS14 3JD1580937328.8100.0
Thorpe P CY WF3 3DG2168735925.2100.0
Tranmere Park P CY LS20 8JJ4591939129.9101.1
Valley View Community P CY LS13 1DD980707026.199.5
Victoria J CY LS26 0RA3866615524.998.7
Victoria P CY LS9 9ER4157605024.798.6
Weetwood P CY LS16 5NW3288847829.1100.3
Westbrook Lane P CY LS18 5AH28100939329.5101.2
West End P CY LS18 5JP3194918429.4100.6
Westerton P CY WF3 1AR8693928829.2100.3
Westgate P CY LS21 3JS3087878329.099.8
Westwood P FD LS10 4NU3643574323.797.7
Whingate P CY LS12 3DS5572706426.199.4
Whinmoor St Paul's CofE P VA LS14 1EG3281726627.6100.6
Whitecote P CY LS13 2LQ4687797426.799.6
White Laith P CY LS14 2BL2286868627.8100.5
Whitkirk P FD LS15 0EU3686696427.0100.7
Wigton Moor P CY LS17 8RU6197928829.2100.8
Windmill P CY LS10 3HQ3786868627.9102.9
Woodlands P CY LS9 6DA5750544123.699.6
Woodlesford P CY LS26 8RD5895848328.6100.7
Wykebeck P CY LS9 6QH2074635826.3101.3
Yeadon Westfield J CY LS19 7HW6195908929.5101.3
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