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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abington High FD LE18 2DU12773665925.997.5
Ab Kettleby Community P CY LE14 3JJ978787827.099.3
Albert Village Community P CY DE11 8HA2681736927.399.8
All Saints CofE P VA LE9 4FB1688888828.7100.4
All Saints CofE P VC LE67 3LB2181767127.399.9
Arnesby CofE P VC LE8 5WG978786727.799.7
Asfordby Hill P CY LE14 3RB17100949429.3100.6
Ashby-de-la-Zouch CofE P VC LE65 2LL4992908628.8100.0
Ashby Hill Top P CY LE65 2NF4288958829.1100.5
Badgerbrook P CY LE8 6ZW5889848128.8100.3
Barlestone CofE P VC CV13 0EP2781736526.898.8
Barrow Hall Orchard CofE P VC LE12 8HP5480877427.6100.1
Barwell CofE J VC LE9 8DS5984928428.6100.9
Battling Brook Community P CY LE10 0EX7677736726.899.1
Belvoirdale Community P CY LE67 3RD4774817026.598.6
Billesdon Parochial P VC LE7 9AG6100838327.5<
Bishop Ellis CP VA LE4 8GP5082787327.899.3
Blaby Stokes CofE P VC LE8 4EG4377635826.499.0
Blaby Thistly Meadow P CY LE8 4FE3190797928.4100.0
Booth Wood P CY LE11 4PG3789928428.4100.2
Bottesford CofE P VC NG13 0BS2997979730.2100.8
Bringhurst P CY LE16 8RH1493938629.8100.7
Broomfield Community P CY LE7 3ZQ33100949429.5100.7
Broom Leys CY LE67 4DB8376696726.899.4
Brownlow P CY LE13 1QL8286757227.999.7
Buckminster P CY NG33 5RZ810010010029.6100.8
Burbage J CY LE10 2AD9390858229.099.4
Burton-on-the-Wolds P CY LE12 5TB1675886326.898.8
Bushloe High FD LE18 2DT16980766927.097.7
Captains Close P CY LE14 3TU1688948128.199.3
Castle Donington Community College CY DE74 2LN12377706527.098.7
Christ Church & St Peter's CofE P VC LE12 7JU5167736025.998.2
Church Hill CofE J VC LE4 8DE6577797127.899.5
Church Langton CofE P VA LE16 7SZ2610010010030.9100.2
Claybrooke P VC LE17 5AF1167786727.499.5
Cobden P & Children's Centre CY LE11 1AF4482737126.8102.2
Congerstone P CY CV13 6NH1989898928.3100.3
Cosby P CY LE9 1TE3778847027.599.9
Cossington CofE P VC LE7 4UU1486868628.399.4
Croft CofE P VC LE9 3GJ12100838329.5100.9
Croxton Kerrial CofE P VC NG32 1QR1580877327.499.2
Desford Community P CY LE9 9JH3975757027.499.3
Donisthorpe P CY DE12 7QF4088888528.9100.0
Dove Bank P CY CV13 0QJ1367785627.3100.8
Dunton Bassett P CY LE17 5JL786717128.3100.7
Eastfield P CY LE4 8FP3373767027.198.5
Elizabeth Woodville P CY LE6 0GT3391818127.8100.5
Ellistown Community P CY LE67 1EN3087848127.699.6
Enderby Danemill P CY LE19 4LH5574696527.198.8
Farndon Fields P CY LE16 9JH3080737327.699.9
Fleckney CofE P VC LE8 8BE5498969629.999.8
Foxton P CY LE16 7QZ1610010010030.4101.4
Frisby CofE P VC LE14 2NH1794888829.3101.4
Gaddesby P CY LE7 4WF6831008328.599.9
Gartree High Oadby CY LE2 5TQ18484787227.398.4
Gilmorton Chandler CofE P VA LE17 5LU3187847729.1101.3
Glenfield P Plus Speech & Language Unit CY LE3 8DL5576806726.899.2
Great Bowden CofE P VC LE16 7HZ5<<<<<
Great Dalby CY LE14 2HA1894898929.2100.1
Great Glen St Cuthbert's CofE P VC LE8 9EQ3093938728.7100.1
Greenfield P CY LE8 5SG6891918428.8100.5
Greystoke P Narborough CY LE19 2GX3787958728.299.2
Griffydam P CY LE67 8HU1369625426.199.2
Grove P CY LE13 0HN3673816826.5100.2
Hallaton CofE P VC LE16 8TY12921009229.3101.3
Hallbrook P Broughton Astley CY LE9 6WX3093939328.8100.5
Hall CY LE3 8PQ6295898928.9100.1
Harby CofE P VC LE14 4BZ1010010010032.3101.4
Hathern CofE P VC LE12 5LJ19100959529.4102.2
Heather P CY LE67 2QP2190606026.798.6
Higham-on-the-Hill CofE P VC CV13 6AJ3<<<<<
Highcliffe P & Community Centre CY LE4 3DL6077686326.499.8
Highgate Community P CY LE12 7ND19841008428.9100.8
Holliers Walk P CY LE10 1PL6390817627.598.9
Holy Cross CP VA LE67 5AT2793817828.499.2
Holywell P CY LE11 3SJ6198979529.599.9
Hose CofE P VC LE14 4JE610010010030.5100.2
Hugglescote Community P CY LE67 2HA6376787327.0100.0
Huncote Community P CY LE9 3BS1285928529.398.9
Husbands Bosworth CofE P VC LE17 6JU910010010030.0100.4
Ibstock J CY LE67 6NP4574675726.197.5
John Wycliffe P CY LE17 4QJ5388908327.999.5
Kibworth CofE P VC LE8 0NH5591938929.7101.2
Kilby St Mary's CofE P VA LE18 3TD14100939330.2100.4
Kingsway P CY LE3 3BD4584918427.899.8
Kirby Muxloe P CY LE9 2AA4198939330.1101.6
Lady Jane Grey P CY LE6 0ZA2993979329.7101.0
Latimer P CY LE7 7AW2979867628.5102.1
Little Bowden CY LE16 8AY39?????
Long Clawson CofE P VC LE14 4PB1581756927.099.9
Loughborough CofE P VA LE11 3BY2588968829.3101.7
Lubenham All Saints CofE P VC LE16 9TW1192929229.399.7
Manorfield CofE P Stoney Stanton VC LE9 4LU4381817728.498.4
Manor High Oadby CY LE2 4FU21481777227.499.0
Market Harborough CofE P VC LE16 9QH4864705726.0100.2
Market Harborough Ridgeway P CY LE16 7HQ4789948929.5100.6
Martinshaw P CY LE6 0BB3376827627.5100.1
Meadowdale P CY LE16 7XQ5490948829.8100.4
Measham CofE P VC DE12 7LG2967786326.8100.8
Merton P CY LE7 2PT4195989329.4102.1
Millfield Community & Centre CY LE3 2WF5182807427.699.1
Mountfields Lodge CY LE11 3GE7383837828.599.5
Narborough The Pastures P CY LE19 3YP3494979428.8100.0
Newbold CofE P VC LE67 8PF6100838327.099.7
Newbold Verdon P CY LE9 9NG2471797127.399.6
Newlands Community P CY LE9 8AG4283807326.8100.3
New Swannington P CY LE67 5DQ2785787428.6100.5
Newton Burgoland P CY LE67 2SL9100898929.0100.6
Newtown Linford P CY LE6 0AD2<<<<<
Oakthorpe P CY DE12 7RE1788696927.8100.0
Old Dalby CofE P VC LE14 3JY2585928528.3100.7
Old Mill P Broughton Astley CY LE9 6PT6197939029.199.9
Orchard CofE P VC LE9 6QX2910010010032.6103.4
Outwoods Edge P CY LE11 2LD4776807326.899.9
Packington CofE P VC LE65 1WL1593939331.3101.5
Pochin VC LE7 3QL19100959530.3100.8
Queniborough CofE P VC LE7 3DR2584808027.699.4
Ratby P CY LE6 0LN4787817427.699.1
Ravenhurst P CY LE3 2PS8592777427.7100.4
Red Hill Field P CY LE19 3EF3083838327.899.5
Redmile CofE P VC NG13 0GL4<<<<<
Rendell P CY LE11 1LL4180807327.799.9
Richard Hill CofE P VA LE7 7JA2667675226.898.5
Richmond P CY LE10 3EA5772645325.898.9
Riverside Community P Birstall CY LE4 4JU6685666326.8100.0
Robert Bakewell P & Community Centre CY LE11 5UJ2979797628.0100.1
Rothley CofE P VC LE7 7PS4678787628.199.6
Sacred Heart CP VA LE11 2BG2688968428.3100.1
Saint Charles' CP VA DE12 7LQ1872726125.898.0
Saint Clare's CP VA LE67 3SF3087707027.399.8
Saint Francis CP VA LE13 0BP36100929230.0100.4
Saint John Fisher CP VA LE18 3QL24100969630.5102.4
Saint Joseph's CP Market Harborough Leicestershire VA LE16 9BZ1587808028.899.9
Saint Mary's CP VA LE11 5AX2785817828.2101.1
Saint Peter's CP VA LE10 1HJ2986797928.7100.0
Saint Peters CP VA LE9 7AW2785938527.9100.3
Saint Winefride's CP VA LE12 9AE17941009429.599.8
Scalford CofE P VC LE14 4DT990909029.4100.5
Seagrave Village P CY LE12 7LU1083837527.8101.8
Sharnford CofE P VC LE10 3PN888888830.0101.7
Sheepy Magna CofE P VC CV9 3QR9891008928.799.9
Shelthorpe Community CY LE11 2NF3858635324.297.8
Shepshed High CY LE12 9DA12383696327.498.8
Sherard P & Community Centre CY LE13 1HA3676767127.098.9
Sherrier CofE P VC LE17 4EX6292948929.0102.2
Sileby Redlands Community P CY LE12 7LZ2983837627.7100.1
Sir John Moore CofE P VA DE12 7AH2286918629.6100.9
Sketchley Hill P Burbage CY LE10 2DY5684857628.098.7
Snarestone CofE P VA DE12 7DB7100868628.3101.3
Somerby P CY LE14 2PZ1<<<<<
South Charnwood High CY LE67 9TB13686766727.298.8
South Kilworth CofE P VC LE17 6EG9891008930.0100.3
South Wigston High FD LE18 4TA19872525125.397.3
St Andrew's CofE P VA LE17 6HD13100929228.3100.2
Stathern P CY LE14 4HX1694949429.599.9
St Bartholomew's CofE P VC LE12 8HQ4193938830.6100.8
St Margaret's CofE P VA CV13 6HE2993939329.7101.4
St Mary's CofE P VC LE10 1AW3589918627.6100.0
St Mary's CofE P VA LE17 4SB1587938030.0101.3
St Mary's Melton Mowbray CofE P VC LE13 0NA2779826826.899.1
St Michael & All Angels CofE P VA LE7 4YB7861008628.3100.6
Stonebow P Loughborough CY LE11 4ZH5084908228.199.5
St Peter & St Paul CofE P VA LE7 1HR5169655526.599.7
St Peter's CofE P VA CV13 0NP4391898929.4100.6
St Peter's CofE P Whetstone VA LE8 6NJ3586777427.9100.5
St Peter's CofE P Wymondham VA LE14 2AF4<<<<<
Swallowdale P & Community Centre CY LE13 0BJ4388706726.799.9
Swannington CofE P VC LE67 8QJ871717129.0100.5
Swinford CofE P VA LE17 6BG10100919129.7100.9
Swithland St Leonard's CofE P VC LE12 8TQ11911009129.7101.3
Thorpe Acre J CY LE11 4SQ4562585325.399.0
Thringstone P CY LE67 8LJ1310010010030.4101.2
Thrussington CofE P VA LE7 4TH4<<<<<
Thurlaston CofE P VA LE9 7TE14931009329.499.8
Townlands CofE P VC LE9 7FF26921009229.9101.6
Tugby CofE P VC LE7 9WD5<<<<<
Ullesthorpe CofE P VC LE17 5DN1275676727.899.9
Viscount Beaumont's CofE P VA LE67 8FD11100898928.399.5
Waltham on the Wolds CofE P VA LE14 4AJ13100858529.2100.6
Warren Hills Community P CY LE67 4TA2861795726.0100.5
Weavers Close CofE P VC LE9 7AH3366785925.899.3
Westfield J CY LE10 0LT6076736826.599.9
Whitwick St John the Baptist CofE P VC LE67 5AT3979776426.799.5
Willesley P CY LE65 2QG4484848228.699.4
Witherley CofE P VC CV9 3NA12100828228.499.2
Woodcote P CY LE65 1JX2055905526.199.5
Woodhouse Eaves St Paul's CofE P VC LE12 8SA25961009629.9100.1
Woodstone Community P CY LE67 2AH3190656526.198.4
Woolden Hill P CY LE7 7ES2871757126.998.7
Worthington CY LE65 1RQ5<<<<<
Wymeswold CofE P VC LE12 6TU710010010031.3101.4