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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
All Saints' Catholic P VA L4 2QG6184797627.299.0
Anfield J CY L4 0TN5759615225.998.8
Arnot St Mary CofE P VC L4 4ED5388908428.9102.7
Banks Road P CY L19 8JZ1593737326.6100.6
Barlows P CY L9 9EH4693969130.0101.7
Beacon CofE P VC L5 3QG2979725926.299.5
Belle Vale Community P CY L25 2QF2875686125.699.1
Bishop Martin CofE P VA L25 5JF2779686426.998.4
Blackmoor Park J CY L12 9HB9287787527.397.6
Blessed Sacrament Catholic J VA L9 9AF8570696326.597.9
Blueberry Park CY L14 2DY2781897826.7101.5
Booker Avenue J CY L18 9SB9390868228.799.8
Broadgreen P FD L13 5UE4578807327.299.7
Broad Square Community P CY L11 1BS4372676726.7100.0
Childwall CofE P VA L16 0JD4898969430.0100.9
Childwall Valley P CY L25 1NW2080807026.799.6
Christ The King CP VA L15 7LZ4283767427.598.8
Corinthian Community P CY L13 6SH5184948429.3101.0
Croxteth Community P CY L11 0BP1493808027.2100.5
Dovecot P CY L14 0LH2765545024.898.5
Dovedale J CY L18 1JX8987827928.099.6
Emmaus CofE & CP VA L12 0JE6093808028.999.8
Faith P VA L5 5RW1853584723.798.6
Fazakerley P CY L10 7LD3486898327.2101.0
Florence Melly Community P CY L4 9UA6085857827.9100.7
Four Oaks P CY L5 0PA2975717125.3100.8
Garston CofE P VA L19 5NS16100737328.6100.3
Gilmour J CY L19 1RD4584968428.698.7
Greenbank P CY L18 1JB5362605125.5100.0
Gwladys Street P & N CY L4 5RW5668686125.497.7
Heygreen Community P CY L15 4ND1675635624.999.1
Holy Cross CP VA L3 2DU1580808026.8100.1
Holy Family CP VA L8 6QB5671736025.699.0
Holy Name CP VA L10 9LG3988858527.7100.9
Holy Trinity CP VA L19 8JY2483787427.799.6
Hunts Cross P CY L25 0PJ4495939329.6100.6
Kensington P CY L7 2QG4765595024.997.9
King David P VA L15 6XH6093838229.099.5
Kingsley Community CY L8 2TU2576846826.6100.3
Kirkdale St Lawrence CofE P VA L4 1QD1680878027.2100.9
Knotty Ash P CY L14 5NX3272817226.099.0
Lawrence Community P CY L15 0EE5758634923.999.7
Leamington Community P CY L11 7BT5390888528.3103.1
Lister J CY L13 7DT5888888628.199.2
Longmoor Community P CY L9 0EU4491898930.3102.2
Mab Lane JM&I CY L12 6QL3474696926.099.3
Matthew Arnold P FD L8 9UB3253634723.198.3
Midfield Community P CY L24 2UE3863555323.998.3
Monksdown P CY L11 1HH2484928427.5100.9
Much Woolton CP VA L25 8QH5895898828.7100.3
New Park P CY L6 9EU5186848027.9101.1
Norman Pannell CY L27 7AE2681585826.098.7
Northcote P CY L9 1HW3479917427.999.2
Northway P & N CY L15 7JQ2886868227.8100.1
Our Lady & St Philomena's CP VA L9 6BU2588888827.899.9
Our Lady & St Swithin's CP VA L11 0BQ3080777026.699.0
Our Lady Immaculate CP VA L5 3QF3388636326.5100.1
Our Lady of Good Help CP VA L15 8JL2273686826.699.0
Our Lady of the Assumption CP VA L25 2RW2861685025.197.9
Our Lady's Bishop Eton CP VA L18 2EP58100888829.999.5
Phoenix P CY L7 9LY1753534124.599.3
Pinehurst P CY L4 7UF4881666426.999.6
Pleasant Street P CY L3 5TS1580535325.7101.6
Ranworth Square P CY L11 3DQ1991828228.4101.5
Rice Lane J CY L9 3BU8971726026.397.3
Roscoe P CY L13 9AD3079695926.098.9
Rudston J CY L16 4PQ6492838028.4100.5
Sacred Heart CP VA L7 8TQ1989848427.698.8
Smithdown P CY L7 6LJ1983838327.2102.7
Springwood Heath P CY L19 4TL2352483623.197.2
St Ambrose CP VA L24 7SF2391919127.899.3
St Anne's CP VA L7 3HJ2871897126.699.3
St Anne's Stanley JM&I VA L13 3BT5292888828.2100.8
St Anthony of Padua CP VA L18 8BD2696737328.4100.4
St Austin's CP VA L19 9DH7192898629.3100.9
St Cecilia's Catholic J VA L13 7EA5984898027.999.1
St Charles' CP VA L17 7JA1874685825.397.9
St Christopher's CP VA L24 0SN5084737127.1100.2
St Clare's CP VA L15 0DW2785787427.399.4
St Cleopas' CofE JM&I VC L8 4RP2886867928.2101.4
St Cuthbert's CP & N VA L13 3BB1082737326.5100.8
St Finbar's CP VA L8 9RY2670745625.899.8
St Francis de Sales Catholic J VA L4 3RL8887918529.7101.4
St Gregory's CP VA L27 7AG3185737026.7100.4
St Hugh's CP VA L7 6HE2639653922.398.4
St John's CP VA L4 1UN3475756326.399.9
St Margaret's Anfield CofE P VC L6 4BX5986837528.0101.9
St Mary's CofE P VA L12 5EA3491858528.899.4
St Matthew's CP VA L4 8UA4984847627.899.9
St Michael-in-the-Hamlet Community P CY L17 7BA5677847427.999.5
St Michael's CP VA L6 9DU3870927027.599.9
St Nicholas's CP VA L3 5XF19841008427.6101.2
Stockton Wood Community P CY L24 3TF3781736826.9100.9
St Oswald's Catholic J VA L13 5TE7588918128.5100.9
St Paschal Baylon CP VA L16 2LN5483877828.3100.5
St Patrick's CP VA L8 5UX2793969328.8103.1
St Paul's Catholic J VA L12 8SJ12786848028.599.2
St Sebastian's CP & N VA L7 0LH2510010010030.7102.6
St Silas CofE P VC L8 3TR2381868126.6100.6
St Vincent de Paul CP VA L1 5BY23100969630.7100.8
Sudley J CY L17 6BH9088878129.299.7
Trinity CP VA L5 8UT4185737026.3100.8
Wavertree CofE VC L15 8HJ2290818127.7100.2
Wellesbourne Community P CY L11 5BA4481847426.499.6
Whitefield P CY L6 2HZ2010010010029.6102.2
Windsor Community P CY L8 8JE1985808027.0100.9