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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abbey Hey P CY M18 8PF5165695525.499.9
Abbott Community P CY M40 7PR2896939329.4101.8
Acacias Community P CY M19 2WW4491969129.5102.1
All Saints CofE P VA M40 1LS2859705625.799.0
All Saints P CY M12 5PW3075937526.4101.5
Alma Park P CY M19 2PF6081797426.9100.1
Armitage CofE P VC M12 5NP2390908627.4100.2
Ashbury Meadow P CY M11 3NA1975756526.199.6
Aspinal P CY M18 7NY2488838327.9100.0
Baguley Hall P FD M23 1LB3876847627.4101.7
Barlow Hall P CY M21 7JG33100969628.2100.9
Beaver Road P CY M20 6SX8492908729.6101.5
Benchill P FD M22 8EJ3676897626.4101.2
Birchfields P CY M14 6PL8963645125.3100.0
Bowker Vale P CY M8 4NB4269816426.8100.8
Briscoe Lane P CY M40 2TB3881948127.3101.3
Broadhurst P CY M40 0BX940704024.3102.0
Broad Oak P CY M20 5QB5691868228.2100.0
Brookburn Community CY M21 8EH4293959329.0100.3
Button Lane P CY M23 0ND4573897326.999.4
Cavendish P CY M20 1JG5476887227.1100.1
Chapel Street P CY M19 3GH6081817326.8101.0
Charlestown Community P CY M9 7BX2874937028.6100.3
Cheetham CofE Community VC M8 9FR5986908128.6101.4
Cheetwood P CY M8 8EJ2979646426.599.2
Chorlton CofE P VC M21 9JA2993939028.2100.2
Chorlton Park P CY M21 7HH9081887628.099.6
Christ The King RC P Manchester VA M40 1LU4098808027.7100.0
Claremont P CY M14 7NA5371736126.2101.5
CofE of the Resurrection VA M11 3TJ2692968828.499.5
Crab Lane P CY M9 8NB3263786325.7100.3
Cravenwood Community P CY M8 5AE5369655325.6100.2
Crossacres P CY M22 5AD4683838027.3100.3
Crosslee Community P CY M9 6TG4276837126.3100.6
Crowcroft Park P CY M12 5SY3083837927.8101.7
Crumpsall Lane P CY M8 5SR5963735325.6100.6
Didsbury CofE P VA M20 6RL2796969630.5102.1
Divine Mercy Roman CP VA M14 7SH4182877426.8102.4
Gorton Mount P CY M18 7GR5965635623.999.1
Green End P CY M19 1DR4385585825.299.2
Harpur Mount P CY M9 5XR3659785326.1100.6
Haveley Hey Community CY M22 9NS3571636025.199.7
Heald Place P CY M14 7PN5671686325.9102.5
Higher Openshaw Community CY M11 1AJ3171937126.5101.3
Holy Name Roman CP Manchester VA M15 6JS2186717126.7100.4
Holy Trinity CofE P VC M9 4DU2781888127.7100.9
Irk Valley Community CY M8 5XH2771716225.9100.1
King David P VA M8 5DJ6610010010032.1102.9
Ladybarn P CY M20 4SR4565745826.098.7
Lily Lane J CY M40 9JP4390838129.2102.1
Manley Park P CY M16 0AA5675776626.599.2
Mauldeth Road P CY M14 6SG4687858328.4101.5
Medlock P CY M13 9UJ5570756825.799.5
Moston Fields P CY M40 9GN3968756325.699.1
Moston Lane Community P CY M9 4HH3573646426.099.3
Mount Carmel RC P VA M9 8BG4890928829.0102.0
Newall Green P CY M23 2YH6274796626.3100.8
New Moston P CY M40 3QJ5192808028.2100.9
Northenden Community CY M22 4FL3097979729.6101.9
Old Hall Drive P CY M18 7FU4177797426.099.6
Old Moat Community P CY M20 3FN4271615325.699.6
Oswald Road P CY M21 9PL6092878728.499.9
Our Lady's RC P Manchester VA M16 8AW3187847427.1101.9
Park View Community P CY M40 8FE2875716825.899.6
Peel Hall P CY M22 5AU2488797526.699.6
Pike Fold P CY M9 8ED2871756426.099.1
Plymouth Grove P CY M13 0AQ4182727226.0100.9
Rack House P CY M23 0BT3053473324.197.9
Ravensbury Community CY M11 4EG5041352422.499.2
Ringway P CY M22 0WW2080857527.2101.0
Rolls Crescent P CY M15 5FT3082827927.499.8
Sacred Heart CP VA M23 1HP3093878327.8100.6
Sacred Heart RC P VA M18 7NJ2483837926.999.9
Sandilands P CY M23 9JX3958765325.4101.0
Saviour CofE P VA M40 7RH2444564023.599.4
Seymour Road P CY M11 4PR3768765925.398.9
St Agnes CofE P VC M13 0PE3086797928.0102.4
St Aidan's CP VA M23 0BW2871897125.9100.4
St Ambrose RC P VA M21 7QA2970746326.199.1
St Andrew's CofE P VA M19 2UH3083908328.9101.4
Stanley Grove Community P CY M12 4NL6059615024.7100.4
St Anne's RC P Crumpsall Manchester VA M8 5AB3090838028.3101.6
St Anne's RC P VA M4 7EQ2090858526.9100.2
St Anthony's CP VA M22 0NT8288686626.799.1
St Augustine's CofE P VC M40 8PL2180757526.6100.2
St Barnabas' CofE P VC M11 2JX2864614624.698.2
St Bernard's RC P Manchester VA M19 1DR3892818127.6100.1
St Brigid's RC P VA M11 3DR1779747427.3100.1
St Catherine's RC P VA M20 6HS5292868630.2100.8
St Chad's RC P VA M8 0SP2878937427.3102.5
St Chrysostom's CofE P VC M13 0DX2596918728.7101.5
St Clare's RC P VA M9 0RR4979857427.3100.3
St Clement's CofE P VC M11 1LR2867594825.1100.1
St Cuthbert's RC P VA M20 4UZ2893828228.1100.9
St Dunstan's RC P VA M40 9HF2971827125.998.9
St Edmund's RC P VA M40 8NG2475837527.1100.2
St Elizabeth's CP VA M22 5EU1889898328.3100.5
St Francis RC P VA M12 5LZ1493868627.2102.4
St James' CofE P Gorton VC M18 8LW2774635924.6100.4
St James' CofE P VA M14 6HW2386777728.6101.4
St John Bosco RC P VA M9 7AT2997797927.299.9
St John Fisher & Thomas More CP VA M22 9NW3485676126.499.4
St John's CofE P VC M13 0YE4467846726.9100.7
St John's RC P VA M21 9SN6993918830.0100.9
St Joseph's RC P Manchester VA M13 0BT2976797226.0101.4
St Kentigern's RC P VA M14 7ED5662584925.298.4
St Luke's CofE P VC M12 4NG2961686125.899.8
St Malachy's RC P VA M40 7RG1985807026.999.6
St Margaret Mary's RC P Manchester VA M40 0JE3294949429.3102.0
St Margaret's CofE P VC M16 8FQ4285888328.7102.1
St Mary's CofE J&I VC M16 7AQ3183878026.4100.2
St Mary's CofE P Moston VA M40 0DF3070706026.799.8
St Mary's RC P Manchester VA M19 2QW4188908528.3100.6
St Patrick's RC P VA M4 5HF1767836725.599.3
St Paul's CofE P VC M20 4PG4580827327.799.7
St Peter's CP VA M23 2YS2973837026.2100.3
St Philip's CofE P VA M15 6BT2986868327.2100.3
St Richard's RC P VA M12 5TL4584807327.897.8
St Wilfrid's CofE P Northenden VA M22 4NR2785817827.499.8
St Wilfrid's CofE J&I VC M40 1GB2463755424.898.3
St Wilfrid's RC P VA M15 5BJ26100929229.2102.5
St Willibrord's RC P VA M11 4WR2778746727.6100.9
Temple P CY M8 8SA6380836927.8101.7
Varna Street P CY M11 1WP2685858127.699.7
Victoria Avenue Community P CY M9 0RD2060705525.598.7
Webster P CY M15 6JU3075646125.6100.6
Wilbraham P CY M14 7FB5876816926.2100.8
William Hulme's Grammar AC M16 8PR2596969230.5<
Willows P CY M22 1BQ3875757026.5101.4