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Primary Tables 2011


Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abbey P CY NN4 8AZ3081847127.399.7
Abington Vale P CY NN3 3NQ31100949430.1101.2
Alfred Street J CY NN10 9YS6584837728.199.4
All Saints CofE P VA NN2 7AJ5980786927.499.2
All Saints P & N VA NN8 1LS3080838027.0100.1
Arbours P CY NN3 3QF5058343423.598.5
Ashby Fields P CY NN11 0YP6188838227.9100.2
Ashton CofE P VC NN7 2JH3<<<<<
Badby CY NN11 3AJ2184958428.4100.2
Barby CofE P VC CV23 8TR8881008828.5101.6
Barry P CY NN1 5JS5779635826.2100.1
Barton Seagrave P CY NN15 6QY6183928328.8100.1
Beanfield P CY NN18 0LJ3766554724.696.7
Blackthorn P CY NN3 8EP3163635025.6100.4
Blakesley CofE P VC NN12 8RD1275424225.898.1
Bliss Charity VA NN7 3LE1292929230.3100.8
Blisworth Community P CY NN7 3DD3281848127.599.2
Boddington CofE Voluntary VC NN11 6DL1275757527.399.0
Boothville P CY NN3 6JG6085958328.299.4
Boughton P CY NN2 8RG19841008429.4100.2
Bozeat Community P CY NN29 7LP967564424.098.8
Bracken Leas P CY NN13 6LF5893818128.9100.4
Brackley CofE J VC NN13 6EE4578877627.398.1
Brambleside Community P CY NN16 9JG4281867927.899.3
Bramptons P CY NN6 8AW610010010028.5100.2
Braunston CofE P VC NN11 7HF2696888828.698.8
Braybrooke P CY LE16 8LD6000NA<
Briar Hill P CY NN4 8SW2774746725.799.7
Bridgewater P CY NN3 3AF5788958828.8100.5
Brigstock Latham's CofE P VC NN14 3HD1310010010029.399.8
Brington P CY NN7 4HX988888829.699.0
Brixworth CofE P VC NN6 9BG8085807627.899.7
Broughton P CY NN14 1NB26100929229.2100.9
Bugbrooke Community P CY NN7 3PA4785797227.899.4
Byfield CY NN11 6US1493797927.999.3
Caroline Chisholm CY NN4 6TP34100979730.499.9
Castle P CY NN1 2TR3987777428.0103.0
Cedar Road P CY NN3 2JF5684797727.099.5
Chacombe CofE P VA OX17 2JA1460736026.299.0
Chiltern P CY NN5 6BW31?????
Chipping Warden CY OX17 1LD1182827328.2100.3
Clipston Endowed P VC LE16 9RU2186907628.7100.0
Cogenhoe P CY NN7 1NB2391919128.8100.6
Collingtree CofE P VA NN4 0NQ2793818127.4100.1
Corby Kingswood P CY NN18 9BE3072766925.599.7
Corby Old Village P CY NN17 1UU1878787827.2100.0
Cosgrove Village P CY MK19 7JH4<<<<<
Cottingham CofE VC LE16 8XB1982827127.297.9
Cranford CofE P VC NN14 4AE1471797126.699.6
Crick P CY NN6 7TU2386868228.299.8
Croughton All Saints CofE P VC NN13 5LT1675696926.398.8
Croyland P CY NN8 2AX4678726726.399.5
Culworth CofE VA OX17 2BB1994949429.7100.1
Danesholme J FD NN18 9DT8876746526.797.8
Daventry Abbey J VC NN11 4GD5260725125.597.1
Deanshanger P CY MK19 6HJ5084868228.6100.7
Delapre P CY NN4 8JA5985888328.6100.7
Denfield Park P CY NN10 0DA6072786526.399.6
Denton P CY NN7 1DT1788888827.799.2
Duston Eldean P CY NN5 6PP4982696527.499.3
Earls Barton J CY NN6 0ND5183817127.899.2
Earl Spencer P CY NN5 7DE2765696525.499.9
Eastfield P CY NN3 2RJ2871756426.5100.4
East Haddon CofE P VC NN6 8DB810010010031.5100.5
East Hunsbury P CY NN4 0QW5886817827.599.0
Ecton Brook P CY NN3 5DY7172756826.599.9
Ecton Village P CY NN6 0QF4<<<<<
Exeter P CY NN18 8DL6446433023.997.3
Falconer's Hill Community J CY NN11 0QF5756705425.398.3
Farthinghoe P CY NN13 5PA7100838330.0100.2
Finedon Mulso CofE J VA NN9 5JT3873706226.497.8
Flore CofE P VC NN7 4LZ1888948228.499.8
Freemans Endowed CofE J VC NN8 3HD6080807327.698.9
Gayton CofE P VC NN7 3EU810010010030.4101.0
Geddington CofE P VC NN14 1BG2379796728.099.4
Good Shepherd CP VA NN2 7BH4376716926.798.7
Grange Community CY NN16 0PL2748564423.599.1
Grange CY NN11 4HW5977787026.9100.1
Great Addington CofE P VA NN14 4BS1510010010030.4101.2
Great Creaton P CY NN6 8NH12100929229.099.8
Great Doddington P CY NN29 7TR1883897828.0101.0
Greatworth P CY OX17 2DR1275756726.5100.2
Greenfields Community P CY NN15 6HY1759474723.699.2
Green Oaks P CY NN2 7RR3358645523.598.6
Greens Norton CofE P VC NN12 8DD1486868628.398.7
Grendon CofE P VC NN7 1JW16100888829.6100.0
Gretton P CY NN17 3DB18941009429.7100.5
Guilsborough CofE P VA NN6 8PT1995959528.9100.4
Hackleton CofE P VA NN7 2AB31100979730.9100.3
Hall Meadow P CY NN15 7RP3010010010032.1102.3
Hardingstone P FD NN4 6DJ30971009729.599.6
Harlestone P CY NN7 4EN4<<<<<
Harpole P VC NN7 4DP3087878728.399.8
Hartwell CofE P VC NN7 2HL28961009629.9100.4
Havelock J CY NN14 2LU8375675926.098.8
Hawthorn Community P CY NN15 7HT4180766826.9100.6
Hazel Leys N & P CY NN18 0QF3073736326.099.9
Headlands P FD NN3 2NS5587848027.9100.1
Helmdon P CY NN13 5QT1783948330.2100.6
Henry Chichele P CY NN10 8NQ2990939029.2100.4
Higham Ferrers J CY NN10 8ED8972605825.897.2
Hopping Hill P CY NN5 6DT5380736526.999.3
Hunsbury Park P CY NN4 9RR3378635926.6100.3
Irchester Community P CY NN29 7AZ5784847727.499.8
Irthlingborough J CY NN9 5TX8473786526.598.2
Isham CofE P VA NN14 1HD15100939329.8100.5
John Hellins P CY NN12 7PG1310010010030.2100.8
Kettering Buccleuch Academy AC NN16 9NS3857704624.297.5
Kettering Science Academy AC NN15 7AA4870626025.799.1
Kilsby CofE P VC CV23 8XS1267836726.099.3
King John FD NN14 4JU11691848028.4100.3
King's Heath P CY NN5 7LN3473554825.0100.0
Kingsley P CY NN2 7EE2857504624.299.6
Kings Sutton P CY OX17 3RT2380686827.299.3
Kingsthorpe Grove P CY NN2 7QL5553644924.497.8
Kingsthorpe Village P CY NN2 6QL3086797627.499.6
Kislingbury P VC NN7 4AQ1876827127.099.2
Lings P CY NN3 8NN2752484423.697.4
Little Harrowden Community P CY NN9 5BN3090908729.3101.2
Little Houghton CofE P VA NN7 1AF1493938628.199.0
Loatlands P CY NN14 2NJ30931009329.1100.9
Loddington CofE P VA NN14 1LA10100808028.8100.2
Long Buckby J CY NN6 7PX4281797227.499.4
Lumbertubs P CY NN3 8HZ2770675926.2100.4
Lyncrest P CY NN5 5PE2588888428.099.6
Maidwell P CY NN6 9JF4<<<<<
Mawsley P CY NN14 1GZ3087907728.599.9
Meadowside P CY NN15 5QY5684737027.498.5
Mears Ashby CofE Endowed VA NN6 0DW9891008927.399.7
Midton Cheney Community P CY OX17 2PD5781868127.499.3
Millbrook J FD NN15 5DP11796838128.399.2
Millway P CY NN5 6ES2278837427.799.9
Milton Parochial P VC NN7 3AT13100929230.0100.7
Moulton P FD NN3 7SW6498929229.8100.3
Naseby CofE P VC NN6 6BZ1110010010030.5101.6
Newbottle & Charlton CofE P VA OX17 3DN1410010010031.2101.8
Newnham P CY NN11 3HG1270705026.798.4
Newton Road Community P CY NN10 0HH3382918228.299.8
Nicholas Hawksmoor P FD NN12 6JA6897999630.4100.9
Oakley Vale P FD NN18 8RH2975685725.797.8
Oakway J CY NN8 4SN6168565324.897.7
Old Stratford P CY MK19 6AZ5398949430.8101.6
Olympic P CY NN8 3QA073757025.599.6
Oundle & King's Cliffe Mid CY PE8 5HA16786837827.898.8
Our Lady of Walsingham CP VA NN17 1EE3383867227.299.2
Our Lady's Catholic J VA NN8 2BE5883787627.599.7
Overstone P CY NN6 0AG1669636325.598.2
Park J CY NN16 9SE9086787727.598.7
Park J CY NN8 4PH6075726627.099.8
Parklands P CY NN3 6DW5582767126.999.1
Pattishall CofE P VC NN12 8NE2159735525.598.3
Paulerspury CofE P VC NN12 7NA1995958930.099.5
Pitsford P CY NN6 9AU4<<<<<
Preston Hedges P CY NN4 6BU6392878629.299.8
Pytchley Endowed CofE P VA NN14 1EN910010010028.8100.1
Queen Eleanor P CY NN4 8NN2958635425.098.3
Rectory Farm P CY NN3 5DD2562655424.397.5
Redwell J CY NN8 5LQ6093888529.199.2
Ringstead CofE P VC NN14 4DH1667736026.699.3
Roade P CY NN7 2NT2387968729.2100.3
Rockingham P CY NN17 1AJ3474655625.7100.0
Rothersthorpe CofE P VC NN7 3HS15100939329.6101.4
Rothwell J CY NN14 6ER7879877427.799.8
Rushton P CY NN14 1RL1110010010028.6100.8
Ruskin J CY NN8 3EG5165635325.497.6
Silverstone CofE J VC NN12 8ES2580848029.499.6
Simon de Senlis P CY NN4 0PH5377777226.999.1
Southbrook J CY NN11 4LJ3343533322.797.3
South End J CY NN10 9JU8888807828.499.1
Southfield P CY NN13 6AU5383837527.899.9
Spratton CofE P VC NN6 8HY1369696926.599.2
Spring Lane P CY NN1 2JW2764734526.6100.9
Standens Barn P CY NN3 9EH3583757526.999.9
St Andrew's CofE P VC NN16 9DF2875796826.899.7
St Andrew's CofE P VA NN3 5EN2986797627.1100.6
Stanion CofE P VA NN14 1BY1191919129.299.0
Stanwick P CY NN9 6PS2997939029.5100.7
Staverton CofE Voluntary P VA NN11 6JF1210010010031.0101.0
St Brendan's CP VA NN18 0AZ4195858527.798.5
St Edward's CP VA NN15 6PT27100858529.1100.1
St Gregory's CP VA NN3 2AX5575816927.199.4
Stimpson Avenue P CY NN1 4LR5784747226.999.2
St James CofE P VA NN5 7AG6066554924.699.3
St Loys CofE P VA NN12 8PP910010010030.3101.7
St Luke's CofE P VA NN5 4BL2990939030.1100.4
St Mary's CP VA NN11 6UF1010010010029.499.6
St Mary's CP VA NN5 7HX1968584725.4100.1
St Mary's CofE P VC NN15 5RL2875826826.698.9
St Mary's CofE P VA NN16 0JH3770927027.9101.0
Stoke Bruerne CofE P VC NN12 7SD7861008628.399.6
St Patrick's CP VA NN18 9NT3070736026.698.8
St Peter's CofE J VC NN9 6PA4262574825.498.8
St Thomas More CP VA NN15 7JZ3294878728.6100.3
Studfall J CY NN17 2BT10975796826.198.4
Sunnyside P CY NN2 8QS2878746726.999.5
Syresham St James CofE P VC NN13 5HL1180606026.799.1
Sywell CofE P VA NN6 0AW1681636326.899.4
Thorplands P CY NN3 8AQ2861393623.898.1
Tiffield CofE P VA NN12 8AB5<<<<<
Towcester CofE P VC NN12 6AU4183686627.298.7
Upton Meadows P CY NN5 4EZ3063474724.799.9
Vernon Terrace P CY NN1 5HE2843754326.0101.5
Victoria P CY NN8 4NT4668706625.598.8
Walgrave P CY NN6 9PH2387878327.9100.3
Warwick P CY NN8 2PS4465605325.3100.6
Weedon Bec P CY NN7 4QU3275665926.198.9
Weldon CofE P VC NN17 3HP2875827127.198.3
Welford Sibbertoft & Sulby Endowed FD NN6 6HU2075807028.199.6
Welton CofE P VC NN11 2JZ1910010010030.8101.4
West Haddon Endowed CofE P VC NN6 7AN17761007628.4100.1
Weston Favell CofE P VA NN3 3HH4095959229.1100.4
Whitefriars J CY NN10 9HX5795817928.199.6
Whitehills P CY NN2 8DF5884817627.499.4
Whittlebury CofE P VC NN12 8XH1010010010028.899.6
Wilbarston CofE P VC LE16 8QN1580938028.099.8
Wilby CofE P VA NN8 2UG1580938027.499.0
Windmill P FD NN9 6LA5465635726.199.0
Wollaston Community P CY NN29 7SF5377625726.098.0
Woodford CofE P VC NN14 4HF1050805024.999.9
Woodford Halse CofE VC NN11 3RQ3983837627.799.2
Woodland View P CY NN4 5FZ6098838329.3101.0
Woodnewton- A Learning Community FD NN17 2NU8890918428.8101.3
Woodvale P CY NN3 8JJ5173615726.298.5
Wootton P CY NN4 6HJ6290898528.6100.3
Yardley Gobion CofE P VC NN12 7UL1486868628.5100.7
Yardley Hastings P CY NN7 1EL1182918229.2100.9
Yelvertoft P CY NN6 6LH2789968930.1100.8