Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abbey Gates P CY NG15 9BN2896939328.6100.4
Abbey Hill P & N CY NG17 7NZ1883898327.0101.4
Abbey P CY NG18 3AF3090777327.898.9
Abbey Road P CY NG2 5ND6093858328.6100.3
Albany J CY NG9 8HR3985858527.999.3
All Hallows CofE P VC NG4 3JZ3083937928.6101.4
All Saints Anglican/Methodist P VA NG23 5NP810010010029.6101.9
All Saints Harworth CofE P VA DN11 8JT2696969629.3101.2
Annesley P & N CY NG17 9BW2564726027.099.5
Annie Holgate J CY NG15 6EZ5463655225.497.5
Archbishop Cranmer CofE P VA NG13 9AW1984797427.399.2
Arnbrook P CY NG5 8NE3261775525.699.2
Arnold Mill P & N CY NG5 7AX3876716626.598.9
Arnold View P CY NG5 6NW4183988028.499.7
Arno Vale J CY NG5 4JF6285847928.498.7
Asquith P CY NG18 3DG3084908427.9100.8
Awsworth P & N CY NG16 2QS3281847828.5101.1
Bagthorpe P CY NG16 5HB2479927929.5100.3
Barnby Road Academy P & N ACC NG24 1RU4584968229.0100.8
Beardall Street P & N CY NG15 7JU2979696925.898.4
Beckingham P CY DN10 4QN1385928529.8101.1
Beeston Fields P & N CY NG9 2RG3957464123.598.0
Beeston Rylands J CY NG9 1LJ3284917828.8100.2
Berry Hill P CY NG18 4JW3379827627.999.6
Birklands P & N CY NG20 0QF1878897827.599.7
Bishop Alexander P & N CY NG24 2BQ3471575725.299.0
Bleasby CofE P VC NG14 7GD2396919129.299.8
Blidworth Oaks P CY NG21 0RD3776817026.299.4
Bowbridge P CY NG24 4EP5064685625.198.4
Bracken Lane P & N CY DN22 7EU27931009329.6101.3
Bramcote CofE P VA NG9 3HE2391959129.099.6
Bramcote Hills P CY NG9 3GE4990928528.999.7
Brinsley P & N CY NG16 5AZ1573806726.099.8
Brookhill Leys P & N CY NG16 3HB3285767327.399.2
Brookside P CY LE12 6LG3394949129.4100.7
Broomhill J CY NG15 6AJ5190878528.2100.5
Bunny CofE P VC NG11 6QW11911009129.799.6
Burton Joyce P CY NG14 5EB3997959230.0100.3
Carlton Central J CY NG4 1QT5595939128.2100.8
Carnarvon P CY NG13 8EH6494898829.3100.6
Carr Hill P & N CY DN22 6SW8177757126.999.2
Carsic P CY NG17 2HT5355554523.499.1
Caunton Dean Hole CofE P VC NG23 6AD4<<<<<
Chetwynd Road P CY NG9 6FW4190959029.2100.3
Church Vale P & Foundation Unit CY NG20 0TE2160706025.598.4
Chuter Ede P CY NG24 3PQ6010010010031.2101.6
Clarborough P CY DN22 9JZ2396878329.099.8
Coddington CofE P & N VC NG24 2QA5096989429.7101.1
College House J CY NG9 4BB6885827627.698.3
Coppice Farm P CY NG5 7LS2075907527.599.3
Costock CofE P VC LE12 6XD1210010010030.0101.3
Cotgrave Candleby Lane CY NG12 3JG5910010010030.3101.8
Cotgrave CofE P VA NG12 3HS910010010030.0100.8
Crescent P CY NG19 7LF2777736926.199.4
Croft P CY NG17 5FJ5269625825.899.5
Crompton View P CY NG22 8PS3772816726.7100.5
Cropwell Bishop P CY NG12 3BX2993909029.2100.7
Crossdale Drive P CY NG12 5HP3190908728.699.4
Cuckney CofE P VC NG20 9NB2085808026.699.3
Dalestorth P & N CY NG17 4JA25961009630.8102.4
Daneswood J CY NG17 3FH4564615525.298.7
Dunham-on-Trent CofE P VC NG22 0UL2296918729.0100.5
Eastlands J CY NG20 9PA2688766827.5100.9
East Markham P CY NG22 0RG1493717128.1100.5
Edgewood P & N CY NG15 6HX3474716525.799.1
Edwalton P CY NG12 4AS4691938929.3100.7
Edwinstowe CofE P VA NG21 9LP1883948329.2101.2
Elkesley P & N CY DN22 8AQ1060806025.298.4
Ernehale J CY NG5 6TA6082787027.998.9
Eskdale J CY NG9 5FN5290928429.3101.1
Ethel Wainwright P CY NG19 6TF3753533923.698.7
Everton P CY DN10 5BJ2082827727.698.2
Fairfield P CY NG9 7HB9390898529.0100.7
Farmilo P & N CY NG19 7RS2875797127.399.8
Farnsfield St Michael's CofE P VA NG22 8JZ3288847828.3100.3
Flintham P CY NG23 5LF1410010010031.3100.9
Forest Glade P CY NG17 4FL3093939028.7100.7
Forest Town P CY NG19 0ED4879736525.899.5
Forest View J CY NG22 9RJ4393989328.5101.7
Gamston CofE P VA DN22 0PE19100747427.298.8
Gateford Park P CY S81 7RG3589837727.999.9
Gilthill P CY NG16 2GZ2669736227.5100.1
Good Shepherd CP VA NG5 4LT5695939129.2101.2
Gotham P CY NG11 0JS9100787830.0100.0
Greasley Beauvale P CY NG16 2EZ4782787627.698.9
Greenwood P & N CY NG17 8FX5874826826.499.2
Greythorn P CY NG2 7GH4288857828.499.8
Gunthorpe CofE P VA NG14 7EW1310010010029.3101.2
Haddon P & N CY NG4 4GT2781818127.599.9
Haggonfields P & N CY S80 3HP9881008827.8100.3
Halam CofE P VC NG22 8AE1493868628.7100.4
Hawthorne P & N CY NG6 8TL2665624625.898.4
Hawtonville J CY NG24 4HU4264716225.398.2
Heatherley P CY NG19 0PY3072836627.598.7
Heathlands P CY NG21 0DJ2050805026.198.7
Heymann P CY NG2 7GX4885797127.9100.1
High Oakham P CY NG18 4SH5986817628.6100.8
Hillocks P & N CY NG17 4ND3155644224.498.2
Hillside P & N CY NG15 6LW4178767626.399.5
Holly Hill P & N CY NG16 6AW4772786725.898.4
Holly P CY NG19 0NT3689898328.699.9
Hollywell P CY NG16 2JL1688818129.4101.4
Holy Cross CP VA NG15 8BZ1894949429.0100.3
Holy Family CP VA S80 2SF3083877727.8100.3
Holy Trinity Catholic VA NG24 4AU3275847528.299.3
Horsendale P CY NG16 1AP2896969630.0100.2
Hucknall National CofE P VA NG15 7DU6174756926.998.7
Intake Farm P CY NG19 6JA3183837727.6100.8
Jacksdale P & N CY NG16 5JU4571877126.798.1
Jeffries P & N CY NG17 8EE1477857726.899.8
Jesse Gray P CY NG2 7DD6294959429.7100.7
John Blow P CY NG23 7PT2993898628.7100.4
John Clifford P CY NG9 2AT5466756026.499.0
John Davies P & N CY NG17 2LH4370756326.199.2
John Hunt P & N CY NG24 3BN6768746526.697.9
Keyworth P & N CY NG12 5FB1573736726.699.2
Killisick J CY NG5 8BY4474776726.799.9
Kimberley P CY NG16 2PG1510010010028.8100.3
King Edward P CY NG18 2RG4669696426.198.8
King Edwin P & N CY NG21 9NS4085858527.499.4
Kingston Park P & N CY S81 9AW2467544624.299.5
Kingsway P CY NG17 7FH2893938928.3100.7
Kinoulton P CY NG12 3EL1410010010030.4101.2
Kirkby Woodhouse P & N CY NG17 9EU5285878127.6101.3
Kirklington P CY NG22 8NG888757526.399.6
Kneesall CofE P VC NG22 0AB1110010010030.8101.5
Lady Bay P CY NG2 5BD5296848430.0100.9
Lake View P & N CY NG21 0DU3177907427.7101.0
Lambley P CY NG4 4QF1872786127.098.5
Langar CofE P VC NG13 9HH710010010028.7100.5
Langold Dyscarr Community CY S81 9PX1985808027.8100.9
Lantern Lane P & N CY LE12 6QN4388868328.6101.1
Larkfields J CY NG16 1EP6197959329.6100.2
Leamington P & N CY NG17 5BB4373827327.0100.1
Leas Park J CY NG19 8LD6991807828.399.0
Leen Mills P CY NG15 8BZ4068706325.798.0
Linby-cum-Papplewick CofE P VA NG15 8GA1776827127.999.6
Lovers Lane P & N CY NG24 1LT2656564424.499.1
Lowdham CofE P VA NG14 7BE3187948428.9100.9
Lowe's Wong Anglican Methodist J VC NG25 0AA10488837828.899.3
Lynncroft P & N CY NG16 3FZ1776827626.599.1
Manners Sutton P CY NG23 5QZ6831008328.598.9
Mapperley Plains P & N CY NG3 5LD4996929029.1100.3
Mapplewells P & N CY NG17 1HU3488948828.399.8
Mattersey P CY DN10 5ED4<<<<<
Minster VA NG25 0LG18100949431.199.5
Misson P CY DN10 6EB1275757526.899.4
Misterton P & N CY DN10 4EH2885818127.099.5
Mornington P CY NG16 1RF4591847927.899.0
Morven Park P & N CY NG17 7BT5286888427.299.8
Mount CofE P & N VC NG24 1EW2667565624.8100.6
Muskham P CY NG23 6HD2592929228.8100.2
Netherfield P CY NG4 2LR3281716826.3100.7
Newgate Lane P CY NG18 2LB1925402021.897.4
Newlands J CY NG19 0LN3683898326.9100.7
Newstead P & N CY NG15 0BB1155735525.199.6
Norbridge P CY S81 7HX26100929230.8102.0
Normanton-on-Soar P CY LE12 5HA667676728.5100.7
North Clifton P CY NG23 7AP810010010030.0100.0
Northfield P & N CY NG19 8PG3356665024.397.9
North Leverton CofE P VC DN22 0AD810010010029.6100.3
North Wheatley CofE P VC DN22 9DH1090909027.399.6
Norwell CofE P VC NG23 6JP989676726.098.5
Oak Tree P CY NG18 3PJ2365655724.9100.8
Ollerton Community P CY NG22 9TH4659665024.299.2
Orchard P & N CY NG17 8JY3995959529.4100.7
Ordsall P CY DN22 7SL5881787527.8100.5
Orston P CY NG13 9NS1493939330.0101.1
Parkdale P CY NG4 1BX5981817827.6100.0
Peafield Lane P & N CY NG19 9PB4486817928.499.9
Pierrepont Gamston P VA NG2 6TH2796969630.9101.9
Porchester J CY NG4 1LF4093908829.0100.5
Priestsic P & N CY NG17 4BB5985868128.3100.7
P of St Mary & St Martin VA S81 8ER1680938028.099.7
Priory CP VA NG16 3GT3187848427.899.9
Priory J CY NG4 3LE3995848228.798.8
Prospect Hill J CY S81 0LR3792959228.9100.5
Python Hill P CY NG21 0JZ3281726926.4100.1
Queen Eleanor P CY NG23 7EQ10901009029.1100.4
Radcliffe-on-Trent J CY NG12 2FS6097949229.1100.3
Rampton P CY DN22 0JB1110010010030.3100.7
Ramsden P CY S81 9DY2993717127.199.1
Ranby CofE P VC DN22 8HZ1191828228.699.8
Ranskill P CY DN22 8LH1082918227.598.9
Ravenshead CofE P VC NG15 9FS39951009529.6100.9
Redlands P & N CY S80 1TH47941009428.8101.0
Richard Bonington P & N CY NG5 8FQ5186948429.0100.6
Robert Mellors P & N CY NG5 7EX2773927327.2100.2
Robert Miles J CY NG13 8AP5284898028.299.5
Robin Hood P & N CY NG19 8DF3069726225.199.3
Rosebrook P CY NG19 6JN4656474023.697.5
Round Hill P CY NG9 1AE5888797828.7100.9
Ryton Park P CY S80 2BW7078726726.5100.8
Sacred Heart CP VA NG4 1EQ2986726927.399.9
Samuel Barlow P & N CY NG21 9DF3673766826.499.3
Seely CofE P VA NG5 8PQ5<<<<<
Sherwood J CY NG20 0JT4680937827.6100.1
Sir Edmund Hillary P & N CY S81 0AN4676827328.4100.4
Sir John Sherbrooke J CY NG14 6JZ3686817828.4100.4
Springbank P CY NG16 3BE2737743725.097.9
St Andrew's CofE P & N VC NG17 3DW3792928928.4100.4
Stanhope P & N CY NG4 4JD2584968428.199.2
St Anne's CofE P VA S80 1NQ3090908729.0101.3
St Augustine's J CY S81 0DW6088878527.599.5
St Edmund Campion CP VA NG2 5ND5410010010032.0102.4
St Edmund's CofE P VC NG19 9JU2592888828.999.8
St John's CofE P VA NG4 2ED1984847927.999.8
St John's CofE P VC NG9 8AQ15931009328.5100.4
St John's CofE P VC S81 7LU4972786827.199.0
St Joseph's CP & N VA NG22 9JE2281817128.0100.0
St Joseph's CP VA DN22 7BP2696969629.3100.5
St Luke's CofE P VA S81 8PW1587878029.1100.2
St Mary Magdalene CofE P VA NG17 2HR2990868327.9100.5
St Matthew's CofE P VC NG23 6RW989676727.799.5
St Patrick's CP & N VA NG18 3NJ2310010010031.2101.4
St Patrick's CP VA DN11 8EF1060806025.598.5
St Peter's CofE J VC NG11 6GB5586918428.499.6
St Peter's CofE P VA DN10 4QT1385858529.8100.2
St Peter's CofE P VA NG18 4LN2383787826.999.8
St Peter's CofE P VC NG13 8PG2710010010031.8102.2
St Peter's CofE P VC NG24 4TE2681928128.5100.4
St Philip Neri with St Bede CP VA NG19 6AA6086918428.2100.5
St Swithun's CofE P VA DN22 6LD19781007827.8100.3
Sturton CofE P VA DN22 9HQ863755025.598.3
St Wilfrid's CofE P VC NG14 6FG3097979329.999.8
Sunnyside P & N CY NG9 4HQ1164645526.799.2
Sutton Bonington P CY LE12 5NH2291918729.299.9
Sutton-Cum-Lound CofE VA DN22 8PP683333324.598.5
Sutton-on-Trent P CY NG23 6PD1889676726.599.0
Sutton Road P CY NG18 5SF3382888227.9101.5
Thrumpton P CY DN22 7AF2850643925.198.8
Tollerton P CY NG12 4ET3093979329.9100.6
Toton Bispham Drive J CY NG9 6GJ6097979329.699.5
Trowell CofE P VC NG9 3QD2410010010029.699.3
Tuxford P & Early Years Centre CY NG22 0NA2286777328.1100.1
Underwood CofE P VC NG16 5GN2676967628.699.3
Wadsworth Fields P CY NG9 8BD2592929229.6101.0
Walesby CofE P VC NG22 9PB2090908528.199.9
Walkeringham P CY DN10 4LL8751007528.5100.2
West Bridgford J CY NG2 6DB8699939330.5101.4
Westdale J CY NG3 6ET4695989529.7101.0
Willoughby P CY LE12 6SS7100868630.9100.8
Willow Brook P CY NG12 5BB29100939329.7100.6
Willow Farm P CY NG4 4BN31911009128.7100.0
Winthorpe P CY NG24 2NN1580938028.4100.7
Wood's Foundation CofE P VA NG14 6DX3210010010030.8100.0
Worksop Priory CofE P VA S80 2LJ2785747427.699.9
Wynndale P CY NG18 3NY30901009030.1100.8
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