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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abbas & Templecombe CofE P VC BA8 0HP2090767627.4100.0
All Saints CofE P VA TA15 6XG2980707026.699.3
Archbishop Cranmer CofE Community P VC TA1 1XU3265655525.8100.5
Ash CofE P VC TA12 6NS30100979730.2101.2
Ashcott P CY TA7 9PP1989747427.8100.2
Ashill Community P CY TA19 9ND710010010031.3100.7
Avishayes Community P CY TA20 1NS3372816926.599.7
Baltonsborough CofE P VC BA6 8PX1471716425.598.2
Barwick & Stoford Community P CY BA22 9TH5<<<<<
Beech Grove P CY TA21 8NE4593878728.599.9
Berrow CofE P VC TA8 2LJ3291817828.8100.4
Binegar CofE P VC BA3 4UG4<<<<<
Birchfield Community P CY BA21 5RL4583817227.8100.3
Bishop Henderson CofE P VA TA1 4TU5886847728.4100.0
Bishop Henderson CofE P VC BA3 5PN2180606026.099.3
Bishops Hull P CY TA1 5EB2584727227.2100.2
Bishops Lydeard CofE P VC TA4 3AN2592888028.199.8
Blackbrook P CY TA1 2RA3494918828.2100.1
Bradford & Nynehead P VC TA4 1AZ1264826427.5100.2
Brent Knoll CofE P VC TA9 4EQ875756327.899.5
Brookside Community P CY BA16 0PR5878837828.4100.3
Bruton P FD BA10 0DP5381837728.399.0
Buckland St Mary CofE P VA TA20 3SJ5<<<<<
Burrowbridge CofE P VC TA7 0RB2<<<<<
Butleigh CofE P VC BA6 8SX1788828228.199.5
Cannington CofE P VC TA5 2HP2186958628.0101.1
Castle Cary Community P CY BA7 7EH3384887828.6100.5
Castle P CY TA14 6RE2286868227.799.9
Catcott P CY TA7 9HD2685857728.299.7
Charlton Horethorne CofE P VA DT9 4NL5<<<<<
Charlton Mackrell CofE P VC TA11 7BN683838327.0100.2
Cheddon Fitzpaine CofE P VC TA2 8JY1385858528.298.6
Chewton Mendip CofE P VA BA3 4LL1694888828.2101.9
Chilthorne Domer Church VC BA22 8RD1392545427.099.6
Churchfield CofE P VC TA9 3JF5376696326.298.2
Churchstanton P CY TA3 7RL1710010010029.8101.1
Combe St Nicholas CofE P VA TA20 3NG1576716525.299.4
Cossington P CY TA7 8LQ1242674224.897.7
Cotford St Luke P CY TA4 1HZ2990767228.299.3
Countess Gytha P CY BA22 7NH2181767127.1100.0
Coxley P CY BA5 1RD978565625.999.0
Creech St Michael CofE P VC TA3 5QQ2785898128.7100.8
Croscombe CofE P VA BA5 3QL1292838328.0101.2
Crowcombe CofE P VA TA4 4AA2<<<<<
Curry Mallet CofE P VC TA3 6TA6<<<<<
Curry Rivel CofE P VC TA10 0HD2291959128.8100.8
Danesfield CofE Community Mid VC TA4 4SW8582807527.599.4
Ditcheat P CY BA4 6RB786867129.1100.9
Dulverton Mid & Community CY TA22 9EE2982797927.199.8
East Coker Community P CY BA22 9HY3989797627.699.8
East Huntspill CY TA9 3PT875505024.8100.3
Eastover Community P CY TA6 5EX5959665624.999.7
Elmhurst J CY BA16 0HH7567756025.997.9
Enmore CofE P FD TA5 2DX2310010010031.5101.8
Evercreech CofE P VC BA4 6EH2488848427.6100.3
Fairlands Mid CY BS27 3PG12483797427.398.5
Grass Royal J CY BA21 4JW6384817327.1100.0
Halcon Community P CY TA1 2BU1985806526.7100.4
Hambridge Community P FD TA10 0AZ1510010010029.3100.2
Hamp Community J CY TA6 6JB6359574424.798.7
Hatch Beauchamp CofE P VC TA3 6SQ5<<<<<
Hemington P CY BA3 5XU3<<<<<
High Ham CofE P VC TA10 9BY2692929229.0100.4
Holway Park Community P CY TA1 2JA2967776025.3100.2
Holy Trinity CofE P VA BA20 2PW41100989830.1101.3
Holy Trinity CofE P VA TA1 3AF3979857228.099.8
Horrington P CY BA5 3EB15931009329.2101.3
Horsington CofE P VC BA8 0BW1175585025.899.0
Hugh Sexey CofE Mid VC BS28 4ND15385888228.398.8
Huish Episcopi P FD TA10 9RW2089898928.1101.4
Huish P CY BA20 1AY6098939329.5101.9
Ilchester Community CY BA22 8JL3376747126.599.0
Keinton Mandeville P CY TA11 6ES1794948829.1100.2
Kilmersdon CofE P VA BA3 5TE2085756527.099.0
Kingsbury Episcopi P CY TA12 6BP1984797428.499.9
Kingsmoor P CY TA7 8PY2176716727.499.4
Kingston St Mary CofE P VC TA2 8JH1283676725.899.2
Langford Budville CofE P VC TA21 0RD1145644523.599.8
Long Sutton CofE P VA TA10 9NT1776947628.499.5
Lovington CofE P VC BA7 7PX1275926728.3101.1
Lydeard St Lawrence Community P CY TA4 3SF1090707027.9100.3
Lyngford Park P CY TA2 8EX3863585024.799.1
Maiden Beech Mid CY TA18 8HG12890807927.999.8
Manor Court Community P CY TA20 2ES5269655625.899.1
Martock CofE P VA TA12 6EF4083686527.399.9
Meare Village P CY BA6 9SP2081958127.499.6
Midzoy P FD TA7 0NZ7100868629.1100.9
Milborne Port P CY DT9 5EP2983867929.0100.7
Milford J CY BA21 4PG10483766927.6100.1
Milverton Community P CY TA4 1JD3194848128.7100.3
Minehead Mid CY TA24 5RH12073++++
Monteclefe CofE J VA TA11 7NL5286767527.899.6
Neroche P CY TA19 9RG1883837828.599.9
Nether Stowey CofE P VC TA5 1NX2186868127.099.8
North Cadbury CofE P VC BA22 7DE1493939330.4102.4
North Curry CofE P VC TA3 6NQ23911009129.7101.3
North Newton Community P CY TA7 0BG1283756727.099.6
North Petherton P CY TA6 6LU4484777728.099.8
North Town Community P CY TA1 1DF5892868328.3100.5
Norton Fitzwarren CofE Community VC TA2 6TB1145453622.198.5
Norton-sub-Hamdon CofE P VC TA14 6SF1669816926.399.8
Oakfield CY BA11 4JF15573847026.999.1
Oakhill CofE P VC BA3 5AQ14931009329.4101.0
Oaklands P CY BA20 2DU6079716726.699.1
Othery Village FD TA7 0PX771717125.7100.2
Otterhampton P CY TA5 2QS1781635626.198.9
Our Lady of Mount Carmel CP VA BA9 9DH14861008628.399.9
Parkfield P CY TA1 4RT5196858529.5101.0
Pawlett P CY TA6 4SB5<<<<<
Preston CofE P VC BA21 3SN5596959329.3103.0
Priddy P CY BA5 3BE8751007528.599.7
Priorswood P CY TA2 7AD1769636325.1100.5
Puriton P CY TA7 8BT2186817127.999.9
Redstart P CY TA20 1SD5680877527.799.6
Rockwell Green CofE P VC TA21 9DJ2095959529.0101.5
Ruishton CofE P VC TA3 5JZ2391878328.3100.0
Sampford Arundel Community P CY TA21 9QN610010010028.599.4
Sedgemoor Manor Community J CY TA6 4QX7950493923.498.8
Selwood Anglican/Methodist Mid VC BA11 2EF17481807227.699.4
Shepton Beauchamp CofE P VC TA19 0LQ1<<<<<
Somerset Bridge P CY TA6 6AH2779717125.699.2
South Petherton J CY TA13 5AG2685817827.8100.0
Spaxton CofE P VC TA5 1BS13100929230.0102.3
St Aldhelm's CofE P VA BA4 4PL2990868328.1100.8
St Andrew's CofE P VC TA2 6HA3186797626.9100.3
St Andrew's CofE J VC TA8 1ER7693969229.9101.6
Staplegrove CofE P VC TA2 6UP2082686827.599.5
Stawley P CY TA21 0HH4<<<<<
St Benedict's CP VA BA3 4BD3087848128.7101.6
St Benedict's CofE J VA BA6 9EX4884807327.899.0
St George's Catholic VA TA1 3NR3284786927.099.4
St Gildas CP VA BA21 4BJ3391949129.9101.6
St John & St Francis CofE P VA TA6 5BP6185827527.599.9
St John's CofE P VA TA21 9EJ2277737326.698.9
St Joseph & St Teresa CP VA BA5 2QL1894948930.2100.1
St Joseph's CP & N VA TA8 1LG32971009731.2102.1
St Joseph's CP VA TA6 7EE3591919128.299.7
St Lawrence's CofE P VC BA5 1HL610010010031.0101.3
St Louis CP VA BA11 3AP3184848428.499.9
St Margaret's VA BA22 8PX1292929230.0101.2
St Mary & St Peter's CofE P VC TA19 9EX0<<<<<
St Mary's CofE P VC TA6 7LX4175636025.797.8
St Nicholas CofE P VC BA8 0QD1292929228.6100.8
Stoberry Park CY BA5 2TJ5062605025.498.9
Stogumber CofE P VC TA4 3TQ2<<<<<
Stogursey CofE P VA TA5 1PR1644563823.397.1
Stoke St Gregory CofE P VC TA3 6EG1486867927.098.8
Stoke St Michael P CY BA3 5LG5<<<<<
St Paul's CofE J VC BA4 5LA6275827026.399.5
St Vigor & St John CofE VA BA3 4EX3397979730.1102.1
Swanmead Community CY TA19 0BL8780787127.197.9
Tatworth P CY TA20 2RX2874897427.399.7
Thurlbear CofE P VA TA3 5BW2781817026.998.6
Trull CofE P VA TA3 7JZ3410010010029.8100.3
Upton Noble CofE P VC BA4 6AU2275907027.999.6
Walton CofE P VC BA16 9LA21851008529.0100.7
Wellesley Park P CY TA21 9AJ4792858128.199.7
Wells Central CofE J VC BA5 1TS4384746727.098.5
Wellsprings P CY TA2 7NF4183817126.699.0
Wembdon St George's CofE P VC TA6 7PS5184847627.499.2
West Buckland Community P CY TA21 9LD17100828228.9100.6
West Chinnock CofE P VC TA18 7PT3<<<<<
West Coker CofE P VC BA22 9AS610010010028.099.7
West Huntspill Community P CY TA9 3QE845553623.198.0
West Monkton CofE P VC TA2 8PA3379706126.498.9
Westonzoyland Community P CY TA7 0EY2186817628.199.4
Westover Green Community CY TA6 7HB4280807826.0100.1
West Pennard CofE P VC BA6 8NT32100979730.6101.8
Wincanton P CY BA9 9DZ4972827026.8100.7
Winsham P CY TA20 4HU3<<<<<
Wiveliscombe P CY TA4 2LA4379797026.999.8
Wookey P CY BA5 1LQ1471504325.798.6
Woolavington Village P CY TA7 8EA1968745826.298.3
All Saints East Clevedon CofE P VC BS21 6AU13921009229.5101.1
Ashcombe P CY BS23 3JW6082686327.099.3
Backwell CofE J VC BS48 3JJ5990938829.299.1
Banwell P CY BS29 6DB2993717128.099.9
Becket P CY BS22 6DH3080807326.6101.3
Birdwell P CY BS41 9AZ2781817028.6100.6
Blagdon P CY BS40 7RW989897828.3101.5
Bournville Community P CY BS23 3ST4369746725.499.5
Burrington CofE P VA BS40 7AD11100919128.498.7
Castle Batch Community P CY BS22 7FN6282857927.099.8
Christ Church CofE P VA BS23 3AF3070877027.299.5
Churchill CofE P VC BS40 5EL3194979029.1100.0
Corpus Christi CP VA BS23 1XW3181717127.5100.6
Court-de-Wyck P VC BS49 4NF1871766528.3100.4
Crockerne CofE P VC BS20 0JP3893908528.7101.2
Dundry CofE P VC BS41 8JE3<<<<<
Flax Bourton CofE P VC BS48 1UA1070707027.999.9
Golden Valley P CY BS48 1BB60100989831.0102.5
Grove J CY BS48 4YZ5980857727.999.3
Herons Moor Community P CY BS24 7DX5983827327.9100.6
High Down J CY BS20 6DY8892868428.599.1
Hutton CofE P VC BS24 9SN2986938627.7100.1
Kewstoke P CY BS22 9YF1663816325.598.3
Kingshill CofE P VC BS48 2NP2737633323.698.8
Locking P CY BS24 8BB3884797627.6100.0
Mary Elton P CY BS21 7SX5493949129.0100.3
Mead Vale Community P CY BS22 8RQ6190928928.3100.7
Milton Park P CY BS22 8DY5983837827.199.7
Northleaze CofE P VC BS41 9NG3083737027.999.2
Oldmixon P CY BS24 9DA3073907326.5100.7
Portishead P CY BS20 7DB6088888128.5100.7
Sandford P CY BS25 5PA2310010010030.3100.8
St Andrew's P VC BS49 5DX3580777427.799.2
St Anne's CofE P VC BS24 6RT2576766826.699.1
St Francis CP VA BS48 4PD2997979330.3100.7
St Georges Church P VA BS22 7SA2993909028.199.3
St John the Evangelist CofE P VA BS21 5EL4283696726.697.8
St Joseph's CP VA BS20 6QB3087878329.198.8
St Mark's Ecumenical CofE/Methodist P VA BS22 7PU6185807728.599.2
St Martin's CofE J VC BS22 9BQ17674746426.698.8
St Mary's CofE P VA BS20 7TR888888827.899.0
St Nicholas Chantry CofE P VC BS21 7LT3773867327.5100.7
St Peter's CofE P VC BS20 6BT5194929229.699.9
Tickenham CofE P VA BS21 6RG978787826.799.8
Trinity Anglican-Methodist P VA BS20 7JF1883565625.598.2
Uphill P CY BS23 4XH4491848428.799.2
Walliscote P CY BS23 1UY4490838127.8101.2
Windwhistle P CY BS23 3TZ5865735825.799.4
Winford CofE P VC BS40 8AD2295686827.599.5
Winscombe P CY BS25 1HH2577776527.699.4
Wraxall CofE P VA BS48 1LB1510010010029.2100.5
Wrington CofE P VC BS40 5NA30100939329.4100.7
Yatton CofE J VC BS49 4HJ8889888428.299.1
Yeo Moor P CY BS21 6JL5788847927.999.9