Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
All Saints CofE P VA ST17 0SD1781888126.699.5
All Saints CofE P VC DE13 7EF2793938928.899.9
All Saints CofE P VC DE13 9RW989898927.799.5
All Saints CofE P VC WV5 7HR16100818128.9101.9
Amington Heath P & N CY B77 4EN1669886926.499.8
Anglesey P FD DE14 3LG7451564223.897.6
Ankermoor P CY B77 3NW1167835026.098.8
Anson CofE P VA ST18 0SU1788827628.199.9
Baldwins Gate CofE P VC ST5 5DF1688767627.798.7
Barnfields P CY ST17 4RD4596969330.7102.1
Belvedere J CY DE14 2PJ5275636125.697.3
Berkswich CofE P VC ST17 0LU3010010010030.2101.5
Betley CofE P VC CW3 9AX1592929228.4100.6
Bhylls Acre P CY WV3 8DZ2696928828.4100.9
Bilbrook CofE Mid VC WV8 1EU2786616126.199.0
Birds Bush P CY B77 2NE3979625926.698.6
Bishop Lonsdale CofE P VC ST21 6AU2186868128.6100.0
Bishop Rawle CofE P VA ST10 1QA3388848127.499.2
Blakeley Heath P CY WV5 0JR5181817526.898.8
Blessed Mother Teresa's CP VA ST17 9UZ1575947527.999.1
Boney Hay P CY WS7 2PF1579717126.899.7
Bradwell P CY ST5 8JN3491948527.9101.0
Brewood CofE Mid VC ST19 9DS9186807627.899.4
Bridgtown P CY WS11 0AZ4458795625.799.1
Brindley Heath J CY DY7 6AA5990837828.699.3
Bursley P CY ST5 8JQ4310010010030.2101.4
Burton Manor P CY ST17 9PS3184716826.7100.9
Castlechurch P CY ST17 9SY5070645825.398.2
Castle P CY ST7 4NE1275757527.3100.3
Chadsmead P CY WS13 7HJ3889868128.8100.1
Chadsmoor CofE J VC WS11 6DR3675696726.398.6
Chancel P CY WS15 2EW3494979128.6101.1
Charnwood P CY WS13 7PH2889717127.299.8
Chase Terrace P CY WS7 1AH5672726026.399.3
Chase View Community P CY WS15 1NE1669756926.899.4
Cheadle P CY ST10 1EN4810010010028.8101.4
Cheslyn Hay P CY WS6 7JQ5584837827.599.6
Chesterton P CY ST5 7NT1550565024.6101.4
Christ Church CofE Mid VA ST15 8JD11485847627.999.5
Christ Church CofE P VC WS13 8AY5689918729.0100.4
Church Eaton Endowed P VA ST20 0AG9100787830.7100.7
Churchfield CofE P VC WS15 2LB1275505025.599.0
Churchfields P CY ST5 7HY4173655525.398.3
Churnet View Mid CY ST13 6PU11365675625.397.1
Codsall Mid CY WV8 1PB11583847727.598.1
Colwich CofE P VC ST17 0XD1310010010031.6101.8
Cooper Perry P CY ST18 9PQ27961009630.7101.4
Corbett CofE P VA DY7 5DU1480878028.4100.9
Coton Green P CY B79 8LX4573806727.499.8
Crackley Bank P CY ST5 7BE1769636325.1100.1
Croft P CY WS15 4AZ27100939328.4100.8
Dilhorne Endowed CofE P VA ST10 2PF1<<<<<
Dosthill P CY B77 1LQ8884847527.498.3
Dove Bank P CY ST7 4AP2463585025.899.2
Doxey P & N CY ST16 1EG1789727226.098.5
Edge Hill J CY DE15 9NX7981807327.698.6
Ellison P CY ST5 0BL6475565325.498.0
Endon Hall P CY ST9 9HH2977837327.799.0
English Martyrs' CP VA ST8 6LW1375676726.398.0
Etching Hill CofE P VC WS15 2XY4681837427.899.6
Eton Park J CY DE14 2SG5179797127.299.8
Faber CP VA ST10 3DN1090808028.299.2
Five Ways P CY WS12 2EZ8791908629.2100.0
Flash CofE P VC SK17 0SW1<<<<<
Flash Ley P CY ST17 9DR3388858228.5101.9
Flax Hill J CY B79 8QZ7882787427.498.8
Florendine P CY B77 3DD3978737027.399.5
Forsbrook CofE P VC ST11 9PW3194949429.2100.4
Friarswood P CY ST5 2ES1669756326.6100.0
Fulfen P CY WS7 9BJ5890908428.099.4
Fulford P CY ST11 9QT14100797928.999.5
Gentleshaw P CY WS15 4LY1910010010030.2100.8
Glascote Heath P CY B77 2EA1747654725.999.3
Glenthorne Community P CY WS6 7BZ1889616126.399.0
Gorsemoor P CY WS12 3TG7186928628.199.6
Great Wood Community P CY ST10 4JY1050605024.397.6
Greenacres P CY B77 4AB5580545425.797.4
Greysbrooke P CY WS14 0LT2673696527.499.9
Grove P & N Unit CY ST17 9RF1254544624.898.9
Hanbury's Farm Community P CY B77 2LD2465916527.3100.2
Hassell P CY ST5 1LF2993868329.0100.7
Haughton St Giles CofE P VC ST18 9ET1889898329.599.6
Havergal CofE P VC WV10 7LE2310010010029.9100.6
Hayes Meadow P CY WS15 4EU2781857827.399.4
Hazel Slade Community P FD WS12 5PN1681756927.299.4
Heath Hayes P CY WS12 2EP2262624825.899.4
Hempstalls P CY ST5 9LH36971009728.9101.5
Henry Chadwick P CY WS15 3QN1493939330.9100.7
Highfields P CY WS7 9BT3382797327.399.8
Hob Hill CE/Methodist P VC WS15 1ED2383918328.7100.9
Hollinsclough CofE P VA SK17 0RH3<<<<<
Holly Grove P CY WS7 1LU3982977928.2100.3
Holy Rosary CP VA DE15 0JE3077877028.298.9
Holy Trinity CofE P VC DE14 1SN1883787827.099.5
Howard P CY B79 9DB786575726.1100.5
Hugo Meynell CofE P VC TF9 4NU4885948328.498.8
Ilam CofE P VA DE6 2AZ1080808027.098.5
James Bateman J High CY ST8 7AT9671686026.098.9
Jerome P CY WS11 9TP2491969129.099.7
John Bamford P CY WS15 2PA4873756327.199.0
John of Rolleston P CY DE13 9AG5088848027.498.6
John Wheeldon P CY ST16 3LX6285757427.798.5
Knutton St Mary's P VC ST5 6EB2868645725.299.1
Lakeside P CY B77 2SA2983737027.3100.4
Landywood P CY WS6 6AQ5076706226.597.7
Langdale P CY ST5 3QE5389787628.199.6
Leasowes P CY ST17 0HT6195838329.5100.2
Little Aston P CY B74 3BE2793908628.4100.4
Littleton Green Community CY WS12 4UD3871575124.998.2
Longford P CY WS11 1PD4988868428.7101.5
Longwood P CY B78 3NH1671826526.1100.5
Manor P CY B78 3TX11100828229.7100.4
Maryhill P CY ST7 4DJ3263343423.397.2
Mary Howard CofE P VC B79 9JJ7100838328.5<
Meadows P CY CW3 9JX1464716425.598.4
Meir Heath P CY ST3 7JQ4678877828.3100.1
Millfield P CY B78 3RQ5283817527.499.1
Moat Hall P CY WS6 6BX7386736827.199.4
Moorgate Community P CY B79 7EE3976767127.099.0
Moorhill P CY WS11 4NX6067585324.899.3
Mosley P CY DE13 9QD1510010010028.8100.3
Needwood CofE P VA DE13 8SU1010010010031.2100.3
Norton Canes P CY WS11 9SQ4260695024.997.9
Oakhill P CY B77 2HH19951009527.6101.3
Oakridge P CY ST17 0PR3410010010032.6102.3
Oldfields Hall Mid CY ST14 7PL11892767528.599.5
Our Lady & St Werburgh's CP VA ST5 4AG3410010010030.8101.2
Outwoods P CY DE13 0AS7890878629.099.5
Parkside P CY ST16 1TH3566696326.5100.4
Penkridge Mid CY ST19 5BW9572756526.298.5
Perton Mid CY WV6 7NR9381777328.099.0
Pye Green Valley P CY WS12 4RT5680898028.3100.5
Ravensmead P CY ST7 8QD4893938929.1100.1
Redbrook Hayes Community P CY WS15 1AU3175666326.098.7
Redhill P CY WS11 5JR3058614224.798.2
Reginald Mitchell P CY ST7 1NA3087878428.5101.2
Richard Crosse CofE P VA DE13 7JE2095909029.4100.7
Richard Heathcote Community P CY ST7 8BB1884747428.0101.2
Richard Wakefield CofE P VC DE13 9NR3571777126.598.4
Ridgeway P CY WS7 4TU3675897227.3100.3
Riverview P CY DE15 9HR4357675024.797.3
Ryecroft CofE Mid VC ST14 5JR4967595525.998.3
Rykneld P CY DE14 3EX6479736827.198.5
Scotch Orchard P CY WS13 6DE2692969228.399.5
Seabridge P CY ST5 3PJ61981009830.4101.9
Shobnall P CY DE14 2BB3597949429.9103.0
Silkmore Community P CY ST17 4EG933443323.399.1
Silverdale P CY ST5 6PB2774897427.699.8
Sir John Offley CofE P VC CW3 9PJ1882888227.7100.5
Springcroft P CY ST11 9JS3091918128.599.7
Springhead P CY ST7 1RA3187938728.6102.6
Springhill P CY WS7 4UN3278787226.799.7
St Andrew's CofE P VC B79 0AP1056442224.097.9
St Andrew's CofE P VC ST18 0JN27100858529.8100.0
St Anne's CP VA ST17 0EA2896969630.2101.2
St Anne's CofE P VC ST6 8TA2878817427.399.3
St Austin's Catholic P VA ST17 4BT1782827628.699.8
St Benedict Biscop CofE F P FD WV5 9DZ3597979731.0101.6
St Bernadette's CP VA WV5 8DZ633673323.098.8
St Chad's CofE P VC ST5 7AB5596959529.6101.3
St Chad's CofE P VC WS13 6SN3388767328.1100.1
St Christopher's CP VA WV8 1PF32100949429.8100.4
St Dominic's CP VA ST15 8YG2492928829.9100.6
St Edward's CofE J High VA ST13 8DN18280757027.399.4
St Elizabeth's CP VA B79 8EN2888817727.799.1
St Filumena's CP VA ST11 9EA2710010010029.2100.8
St Gabriel's CP VA B77 2LF5986767127.699.8
St Giles' & St George's CofE P VC ST5 2NB2785747427.399.7
St Giles CP VA ST10 1ED3188888127.899.8
St James CofE P VC WS15 4PL14100939330.0100.2
St John's CP VA ST18 0SL8100888829.3100.2
St John's CofE P VC DY3 4NB1681565626.199.4
St John's CofE P VC ST16 3RL4183737127.399.4
St John's CofE P VC ST5 5AF3086908628.799.9
St John's CofE P VC ST9 0BN2080907528.2100.4
St John's CofE P VC WV11 2RF5689898628.699.9
St John the Evangelist CP VA ST7 1AE2081716227.099.5
St Joseph & St Theresa CP VA WS7 3XL32100979729.8101.3
St Joseph's CP VA ST14 7JX2689898927.6100.3
St Joseph's CP VA WS12 1DE28961009630.4101.0
St Joseph's CP VA WS14 9AN3393878329.2101.0
St Joseph's CP VA WS15 1BN1593878727.8101.6
St Lawrence CofE P VC ST20 0ET3471746527.099.4
St Leonard's CofE P VA B79 9DX1593878729.2100.5
St Leonard's P CY ST17 4LT2496838328.699.7
St Luke's CofE P VC ST5 6QJ1680534725.299.6
St Lukes CofE P VC WS11 1HN5997939228.9100.4
St Luke's CofE P VC ST9 9EB2889968931.6101.6
St Margaret's CofE J VC ST5 0HU6198959329.4100.2
St Mary's CP VA ST13 8BW1410010010030.4100.4
St Mary's CP VA ST19 9BG1010010010030.3101.1
St Mary's CP VA ST5 2SU4888787527.599.5
St Mary's CP VA WS11 0AE2889717127.699.5
St Mary's CofE P VA TF9 4DN583676725.099.2
St Mary's CofE P VA WS15 3LN710010010027.999.9
St Michael's CofE P VC WS14 9AW6896878529.4101.0
St Modwen's CP VA DE13 0RA3083878027.6100.0
Stoneydelph P CY B77 4LS3773736826.799.3
St Patrick's CP VA ST16 3BT2986837627.5100.4
St Paul's CofE P VC ST17 4BT1688757527.299.5
St Peter & Paul CP VA WS13 7NH1182827327.399.9
St Peter's CofE P VA ST11 9EN2962765926.198.8
St Peter's CofE P VC DE13 8NF1985858027.9101.2
St Peter's CofE P VC ST18 0PS22100959530.0100.3
St Peter's CofE P VC WS12 1BE6371686226.298.2
St Peter's CofE P VC WS9 9EE1210010010028.599.8
St Saviour's CofE P VC ST7 1LW2391787428.299.6
St Stephen's P CY WS13 8NL2689968928.3100.3
St Thomas' CP VA ST10 4DS3187878428.999.7
St Thomas' CofE P VA ST7 4HT2585816927.7100.3
St Thomas More CP VA WS6 6PG2286737327.199.6
St Werburgh's CofE P VA ST10 2BA2080858027.9101.0
St Wulstan's CP VA ST5 0EF4796929029.099.8
Thomas Barnes P CY B78 3AD786717127.099.7
Thomas Russell J CY DE13 8EU5292908728.499.7
Three Peaks CY B77 4HN5777817027.698.8
Thursfield P CY ST7 4JL3594919128.9100.1
Tillington Manor P CY ST16 1PW3279737026.798.7
Tower View P CY DE15 0EZ5173756526.398.9
Two Gates Community P CY B77 1EN3689868327.8100.1
Valley P CY ST10 3DQ3<<<<<
Victoria Community CY DE14 2LU3273777025.9100.4
Walton Priory Mid CY ST15 0AL11284807628.099.3
Waterhouses CofE P VC ST10 3HY6<<<<<
Werrington P CY ST9 0JU4789747227.8100.2
Western Springs P CY WS15 2PD1965656025.899.1
Westfield P CY WV5 8BH6098939329.0101.1
West Hill P CY WS12 4BH3284848428.4100.2
Westlands P CY ST5 2QY2378746526.999.9
Whitgreave P CY WV10 7AS3382857927.0100.4
Whittington P CY WS14 9LG3382827628.3100.5
William Amory P CY ST11 9PN25921009229.3101.4
William Macgregor P CY B77 2AF2983695926.9100.3
William Shrewsbury P CY DE13 0HE8886848127.999.5
Willows P CY WS13 7NU3291919128.9101.1
Wilnecote J CY B77 5LA5782817926.999.2
Windsor Park CofE Mid VC ST14 7JX10977837427.799.4
Winshill Village P & N CY DE15 0DH967565625.098.1
Woodhouse Mid CY ST8 7DR9691757427.399.1
Woodlands Community P CY B77 3JX4168785926.399.3
Wood Lane P CY ST7 8PH1995958927.9100.9
Woodseaves CofE P VC ST20 0LB12100929229.399.8
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