Sussex, West

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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Albourne CofE P VC BN6 9DH2893898628.8100.4
Aldingbourne P CY PO20 3QR3110010010030.6100.8
All Saints CofE P VA RH12 5JB3197848429.599.6
Arundel CofE P VA BN18 9HT2696929229.7101.0
Arunside CY RH12 1RR2979897528.0100.1
Ashurst CofE P VA BN44 3AY810010010032.3101.4
Ashurst Wood P CY RH19 3QW1283838326.598.3
Balcombe CofE P VC RH17 6HS1894898929.5100.5
Baldwins Hill P CY RH19 2AP2090858027.6100.0
Barnham P CY PO22 0HW4571736426.599.2
Bewbush Community P CY RH11 8XW5554523923.899.2
Billingshurst P CY RH14 9RE9471666225.897.0
Birchwood Grove Community P CY RH15 0DP4789898929.9100.2
Birdham CofE P VC PO20 7HB2195908629.0100.5
Bishop Tufnell CofE J VA PO22 6BN6090908528.4100.2
Blackthorns Community P CY RH16 2UA2983937928.9100.6
Blackwell P CY RH19 3JL2893868628.0100.0
Bolney CofE P VC RH17 5QP1090807027.399.9
Bosham P CY PO18 8QF2886797528.099.4
Boxgrove CofE P VC PO18 0EE978897828.7100.1
Broadfield East J CY RH11 9PD8570534625.098.6
Broadwater CofE F & Mid VA BN14 7TQ6289898529.5100.2
Buckingham Park P CY BN43 5UD3771746326.898.9
Bury CofE P VA RH20 1HB4<<<<<
Camelsdale P CY GU27 3RN21100868628.999.2
Castlewood P CY RH13 9US2781787027.799.6
Central CofE J VA PO19 1DQ7977756727.498.2
Chesswood Mid CY BN11 2AA11986837827.899.7
Chidham Parochial P VC PO18 8TH1493939328.9100.5
Clapham & Patching CofE P VC BN13 3UU3<<<<<
Colgate P CY RH13 6HS1492858527.599.3
Compton & Up Marden CofE P VC PO18 9EZ8881008829.699.2
Copthorne CofE J VC RH10 3RD5995928828.498.9
Crawley Down Village CofE VC RH10 4XA4388847727.399.3
Desmond Anderson P CY RH10 5EA2979625925.6100.5
Downsbrook Mid CY BN14 8GD12068635625.997.8
Downview P CY PO22 8ER6172746426.597.9
Duncton CofE J VC GU28 0LB17100888829.398.8
Durrington Mid CY BN13 2JD8764725425.498.6
Easebourne CofE P VC GU29 0BD2496928828.898.9
Eastbrook P CY BN42 4NF6769635425.597.7
Eastergate CofE P VC PO20 3UT2110010010029.498.8
East Preston J CY BN16 1EZ5995838028.6100.0
East Wittering Community P CY PO20 8NH3284847827.399.2
Edward Bryant P CY PO21 1BG6095838128.0100.2
English Martyrs CP VA BN12 6LA3080777327.598.9
Estcots P CY RH19 3TY5782706826.499.2
Fernhurst P CY GU27 3EA1990908528.298.7
Ferring CofE P VC BN12 5DU2796636326.799.5
Fishbourne CofE P VC PO19 3QS2692858128.699.5
Fittleworth CofE P VC RH20 1JB1675635625.798.3
Funtington P CY PO18 8DR1385928527.598.6
Georgian Gardens Community P CY BN16 3JJ6179817427.3100.3
Glebe P CY BN42 4GB6090777327.899.9
Globe P CY BN15 9NZ8770676026.097.6
Gossops Green Community P CY RH11 8HW7383676426.698.7
Greenway FD RH12 2JS10282807427.598.4
Halsford Park P CY RH19 1LR5990858028.199.7
Handcross P CY RH17 6HB18941009428.2100.1
Harlands P CY RH16 1PJ6097939329.5101.0
Harting CofE P VC GU31 5QT1292929228.898.8
Heron Way P CY RH13 6DJ4593918929.799.7
Heyworth P CY RH16 3JR2358422923.698.5
Hilltop P CY RH11 8QL5972585725.798.6
Holbrook P CY RH12 5PP6082817428.599.6
Hollycombe P CY GU30 7LY7100717129.199.4
Holmbush P CY BN43 6TN2255504524.098.0
Holy Trinity CofE P VA RH17 5BE4186918628.7101.1
Holy Trinity CofE P VC RH13 6NS1010010010030.3100.7
Itchingfield P CY RH13 0NT2374877427.799.4
Jessie Younghusband P CY PO19 5PA30100979731.0100.8
Jolesfield CofE P VC RH13 8JJ2685505026.598.5
Kingsham P CY PO19 8BN5483777427.1100.5
Kingslea P CY RH13 5PS6080807327.4101.1
Laburnum Grove J CY PO22 9HT4372816726.398.1
Langley Green P CY RH11 7TF4556735625.1100.3
Lavant CofE P VC PO18 0BW786717125.799.1
Leechpool P CY RH13 6AG6078787227.399.1
Lindfield P CY RH16 2DX5995909028.9100.2
London Meed Community P CY RH15 9YQ5983938128.7100.0
Loxwood P CY RH14 0SR20100909029.4100.7
Maidenbower J CY RH10 7RA15092878228.499.8
Manor Field P CY RH15 0PZ6487908129.3101.4
March CofE P VA PO18 0NU2796818129.2100.3
Meads P CY RH19 4DD2581817328.1100.0
Medmerry P CY PO20 0QJ3090878327.9100.9
Midhurst CofE P VC GU29 9JX2492837527.199.8
Mill P CY RH11 0EL5863674725.098.0
Milton Mount P CY RH10 3AG6072856826.998.6
Northchapel Community P CY GU28 9JA5<<<<<
Northgate P CY RH10 8DX6079827227.399.7
North Heath Community P CY RH12 5XL6093838229.099.7
North Lancing P CY BN15 0PT6088807827.598.9
Northlands Wood Community P CY RH16 3RX4582716928.099.5
North Mundham P CY PO20 1LA3277847426.798.4
Northolmes J CY RH12 4ET5283757428.099.1
Nyewood CofE J VA PO21 5NW6772665726.099.8
Oaks P CY RH10 5DP4976827126.699.1
Orchards Community Mid CY BN12 6EN14585908028.3101.0
Our Lady Queen of Heaven CP VA RH11 7PZ45931009329.0100.8
Parklands Community P CY PO19 3AG2086817627.9100.1
Petworth CofE P VC GU28 0EE2273827326.998.1
Plaistow & Kirdford P CY RH14 0PX2267816226.699.3
Portfield Community P CY PO19 7HA2656704825.399.6
Pound Hill J CY RH10 7EB8988827928.399.2
Rake CofE P VC GU33 7JH857715724.098.9
Rogate CofE P VC GU31 5HH567676726.099.9
Rose Green J CY PO21 3NA9377636126.697.9
Rudgwick P CY RH12 3HW2488928828.5100.8
Rusper P CY RH12 4PR1587807327.298.1
Rustington Community P CY BN16 3PW6184897928.599.9
Rydon Community College CY RH20 3AA15488837727.898.9
Seal P CY PO20 0BN5676807127.098.9
Seaside P CY BN15 8DL4776897327.699.8
Seymour P CY RH11 9ES6864675325.699.8
Sheddingdean Community P CY RH15 8JT2488968428.2100.0
Shelley P CY RH12 3LU3887877927.399.9
Shipley CofE P VC RH13 8PL5<<<<<
Shoreham Beach P CY BN43 5RH3177817127.698.1
Sidlesham P CY PO20 7NL1980756527.399.0
Singleton CofE P VC PO18 0HP967786726.399.5
Slindon CofE P VC BN18 0QU710010010027.9100.1
Slinfold CofE P VC RH13 0RR1587737327.299.3
Sompting Village P CY BN15 0BU5984747127.199.1
South Bersted CofE P VC PO22 9PZ3093838028.2100.6
Southbourne J CY PO10 8JX4278887527.798.8
Southgate P CY RH10 6DG5783625726.399.2
Southwater J CY RH13 9JH11992888229.599.0
Southway J CY RH15 9SU7580877528.499.2
Southway P CY PO21 5EZ9060584624.797.3
St Andrew's CofE P VA RH10 6NU2886727228.098.0
St Andrew's CofE P VA RH13 6LH1995797429.6100.9
St Andrew's CofE P VC BN44 3RQ5993767627.298.9
St Augustine's CofE P VC RH17 7PB9100787828.7100.2
St Catherine's CP VA BN17 6HL1487737327.0101.8
Stedham P CY GU29 0NY1182918228.1100.0
St Francis of Assisi CP VA RH10 6HD6077757027.499.6
St Giles CofE P VA RH17 7AY1283757527.598.9
St James' CofE P VC RH20 1LW763886325.998.9
St John's CP VA RH12 1RR2990868327.699.8
St John the Baptist CofE P VA BN14 0TR1995848428.7100.1
St Joseph's CP VA RH16 3PQ4593898429.0101.0
St Lawrence CofE P VA BN6 9UY6290878529.199.5
St Margaret's CofE P VA BN16 4LP7091888428.599.5
St Margaret's CofE P VA RH11 0AQ5888747228.199.6
St Mark's CofE P VC RH17 6EN1464796426.498.4
St Mary's CP VA BN11 4BD3982716326.5100.2
St Mary's CP VA PO21 1DJ3482917927.799.7
St Mary's CofE P VA RH20 2AN3597949429.1100.8
St Mary's CofE P VA RH12 1JL3097979729.799.9
St Mary's CofE P VA BN17 5QU1392545427.298.8
St Mary's CofE P VA RH19 2DS30100939329.7101.3
St Nicolas & St Mary CofE P VA BN43 6PE2979907928.599.7
St Peter's CP VA BN43 6PJ3090908728.598.9
St Peter's CP VA RH19 1JB3090878328.699.3
St Peter's CofE P VA RH13 8QZ1989848428.499.3
St Peter's CofE P VA BN5 9PU4585938329.0100.3
St Peter's CofE P VC RH17 6UQ1310010010029.3100.6
St Philip's CP VA BN18 9BA2882897927.599.4
St Richard's CP VA PO19 1XB3087807728.2100.2
St Robert Southwell CP VA RH12 4LP2487837827.099.6
St Wilfrids CP VA BN16 4JR1889726727.099.3
St Wilfrid's CP VA RH15 9RJ5687757328.299.9
St Wilfrid's CofE P VA RH16 3NL6494838128.6100.3
Summerlea Community P CY BN16 3SW5897919129.6101.2
Swiss Gardens P CY BN43 5WH4683727226.798.8
Tangmere P CY PO20 2JB1776716525.699.0
Thomas A Becket Mid CY BN14 7PR19073706126.698.2
Thorney Island Community P CY PO10 8DJ1510010010030.8101.2
Three Bridges J CY RH10 1PD5969635825.197.9
Turners Hill CofE P VC RH10 4PA2084898427.9100.2
Twineham CofE P VC RH17 5NR1258755027.0100.0
Upper Beeding P CY BN44 3HY3682887928.198.9
Vale F & Mid CY BN14 0DB9197888829.9101.0
Walberton & Binsted CofE P VC BN18 0PH3181908128.599.5
Warnham CofE P VC RH12 3RQ2592808027.899.9
Warninglid P CY RH17 5TJ1290909028.899.9
Waterfield P CY RH11 8RA3155614824.898.1
Westbourne P CY PO10 8TG2291828228.8101.0
West Dean CofE P VC PO18 0RJ1182826427.599.4
West Green P CY RH11 7EL3077736326.798.9
West Hoathly CofE P VC RH19 4QG8100868628.399.5
West Park CofE F & Mid VC BN12 4HD14684787227.599.0
West Wittering Parochial CofE VC PO20 8AJ1385928527.799.3
William Penn VC RH13 8GR1788828229.1101.2
Windmills J CY BN6 8LS6180747026.997.6
Wisborough Green P CY RH14 0EE1978947828.799.4
Yapton CofE P VC BN18 0DU3993939028.7100.7