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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Ackton Pastures P CY WF10 5NS3560635424.499.0
Ackworth Howard CofE J&I VC WF7 7HH2492928828.6100.0
Ackworth Mill Dam J&I CY WF7 7PH1883727226.899.1
All Saints Featherstone CofE JI&N VA WF7 6BQ2592888328.9100.0
Alverthorpe St Paul's CofE 3-11yrs VA WF2 0BT3897979730.5101.6
Ash Grove J&I CY WF9 2TF4065404024.098.2
Badsworth CofE J&I VC WF9 1AJ3090737327.798.8
Bell Lane P J & I CY WF7 7JH4083736526.998.8
Castleford Airedale J CY WF10 3EP7561514724.197.3
Castleford Half Acres J&I CY WF10 5RE2990938628.9100.8
Castleford Oyster Park P CY WF10 3SN4951433323.197.2
Castleford Park J CY WF10 4BB8265756026.098.0
Castleford Redhill J CY WF10 3DB3348733924.497.0
Castleford Three Lane Ends Community P CY WF10 1PN3884898428.8100.4
Cobblers Lane P FD WF8 2HN3759494623.796.8
Crigglestone Dane Royd J&I CY WF4 3LZ4395959129.299.7
Crigglestone Mackie Hill J&I CY WF4 3HW2291878328.4101.2
Crigglestone St James CofE J&I VC WF4 3HY4685878028.699.7
Crofton J CY WF4 1HJ5192848228.9100.8
Darrington CofE J&I VC WF8 3SB8100888828.999.8
English Martyrs CP VA WF2 9DD3076696626.198.0
Featherstone North Featherstone J&I CY WF7 6LW4090958828.099.5
Featherstone Purston St Thomas CofE J VC WF7 5BG5376887527.599.7
Fitzwilliam P CY WF9 5BA2291867727.699.9
Flanshaw St Michaels CofE P NIJ VC WF2 9JA6047443622.997.1
Gawthorpe Community P FD WF5 9QP2997979729.4100.5
Havercroft JI&N CY WF4 2BE3350634424.098.8
Hemsworth Grove Lea P CY WF9 4BQ2990867928.299.6
Hemsworth St Helens CofE J&I VA WF9 4EG2563484824.696.8
Hemsworth West End P CY WF9 4QJ3464645525.199.6
Hendal P CY WF2 7QW4285858026.998.4
Holy Family & St Michael's CP VA WF8 2HN12100929229.8100.4
Horbury Bridge CofE J&I VC WF4 5PS1593868630.2101.5
Horbury P CY WF4 5DW5791888828.698.8
Horbury St Peter's & Clifton CofE P VC WF4 6JZ4491898229.1100.7
Infant Moorthorpe P J & I CY WF9 2BL3070776025.897.8
J CY WF7 6DJ1471796425.7100.8
Kinsley P J & I CY WF9 5BP2052292922.497.8
Kirkhamgate P CY WF2 0RS2085707026.799.3
Knottingley CofE J&I VC WF11 9BT4080737327.2100.9
Knottingley England Lane JI&N CY WF11 0JA1872726725.597.5
Knottingley Ferrybridge Roundhill P CY WF11 8PT2955765225.096.5
Knottingley Simpson's Lane J&I CY WF11 0PL1961726125.398.0
Knottingley Vale J&I CY WF11 8JF1978947226.5101.1
Lofthouse Gate P CY WF3 3HU5587968730.1100.1
Methodist J&I : With Communication Resource VC WF2 7RU3177907128.099.0
Newlands P CY WF6 1BB2065706525.1101.0
Newton Hill J&I CY WF1 2HR2080858026.999.7
Normanton Altofts J CY WF6 2NF8579746426.898.5
Normanton Common P CY WF6 1QU4171786326.198.3
Normanton J CY WF6 1EY7274746426.597.9
Northfield P : With Communication Resource CY WF9 3LY3664615624.898.8
Ossett Flushdyke J&I FD WF5 9AN1579797127.6100.1
Ossett Holy Trinity CofE P VA WF5 9DG4593959330.3100.5
Ossett Southdale CofE J VC WF5 8BA7096949130.3100.8
Ossett South Parade P CY WF5 0DZ4484848028.3100.6
Outwood Ledger Lane J&I CY WF1 2PH4379887726.999.4
Pontefract Carleton Park J&I FD WF8 3PT2383837828.498.9
Pontefract De Lacy P CY WF8 2DD3263474424.097.6
Pontefract Halfpenny Lane JI&N FD WF8 4BW4877756926.1100.4
Pontefract Larks Hill J&I FD WF8 4RJ3090838328.898.9
Pontefract Orchard Head J&I FD WF8 2NJ2371635024.797.8
Pontefract St Giles CofE J&I VA WF8 1HG2542503823.596.4
Rookeries Carleton J&I : With Hearing Impairment Resource FD WF8 3NP3083636026.197.6
Rooks Nest J CY WF1 3DX4093888328.2100.9
Ryhill J CY WF4 2AD2286818127.4100.0
Sacred Heart CP VA WF9 4LJ1989898427.6100.1
Sandal Endowed CofE J VA WF2 6AS5875867326.298.3
Sharlston Community 3-11: With Visual Impairment Resource CY WF4 1DH2367635426.099.1
Shay Lane P J & I CY WF4 1NN1573877327.899.8
Sitlington Midstown J&I CY WF4 4QE2857615424.897.2
Sitlington Netherton J&I CY WF4 4HQ2692888527.799.1
Smawthorne Henry Moore P CY WF10 5AX4470776526.099.5
South Elmsall Carlton J&I CY WF9 2QQ4670656125.4100.0
South Hiendley JI & Early Years CY S72 9BY3158524524.698.7
Stanley Grove P & N CY WF3 4NT2286737327.798.6
Stanley St Peters CofE P VC WF3 4HS3773786526.498.3
Stanley Wrenthorpe Jerry Clay Lane J&I CY WF2 0NP29100878729.999.9
St Austin's CP VA WF1 3PF5879706126.9100.0
St Ignatius CP VA WF5 0DQ14100939329.4100.0
St. John the Baptist CP VA WF6 2HZ2979696926.798.4
St Joseph's CP Castleford VA WF10 4JB3067776026.799.1
St Joseph's CP VA WF8 4AA3097979729.6101.1
St Joseph's CP VA WF9 2BP2560684424.698.4
Stockingate Mill J CY WF9 3DP5777746726.698.7
Towngate P FD WF5 0QA2778747026.698.5
Upton P CY WF9 1JS6077706026.699.7
Wakefield Flanshaw J&I CY WF2 0AS5067696025.5101.0
Wakefield Greenhill P CY WF1 4LU2387918328.3101.3
Wakefield Heath View Community P JIN CY WF1 4QY4469725925.8100.0
Wakefield Lawefield P CY WF2 8ST3080807326.599.2
Wakefield Pinders P JIN CY WF1 3SQ2579797527.0102.0
Wakefield Sandal Magna J&Is CY WF1 5NF1940403022.498.9
Wakefield Snapethorpe P CY WF2 8AA3579917927.5102.0
Wakefield St Johns CofE J&I VA WF1 3JP2789787428.6100.3
Wakefield St Marys CofE P VA WF1 4PE2452625225.0100.0
Wakefield the Mount J&I CY WF2 8QW3077777726.9100.6
Walton P CY WF2 6LD4082797727.199.1
Waterton J&Is CY WF2 8LZ2528602422.998.7
West Bretton J&I CY WF4 4LB4<<<<<
Wrenthorpe P CY WF2 0LW4379817727.498.4