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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abberley Parochial P VC WR6 6AA13100858528.6100.3
Abbey Park Mid CY WR10 1DF5784917728.099.5
Alvechurch CofE Mid VC B48 7TA10586848028.198.9
Astley CofE P VA DY13 0RH11100919130.5100.9
Aston Fields Mid CY B60 2ET14683837727.599.2
Bayton CofE P VC DY14 9LG1010010010030.9101.0
Beaconside P & N CY B45 9DX2580807226.899.7
Belbroughton CofE P & N VC DY9 9TF2190908528.4100.3
Bewdley P CY DY12 1BL4584898227.799.9
Birchen Coppice P CY DY11 7JJ2644302222.696.9
Birchensale Mid CY B97 6HT9673756526.899.5
Blackminster Mid CY WR11 8TG13082787527.198.8
Blakedown CofE P VC DY10 3JN16100949427.498.6
Bredon Hill Mid CY WR11 7SW14886797628.099.4
Broadheath CofE P VC WR2 6QT1989686826.298.7
Broadwas CofE P VA WR6 5NE1310010010030.7100.7
Burlish Park P CY DY13 8LA6394898528.4100.7
Callow End CofE P VC WR2 4TE1292929230.3101.3
Castlemorton CofE P VC WR13 6BG878896729.7101.5
Catshill Mid CY B61 0JW7478817227.4100.0
Chaddesley Corbett Endowed P VA DY10 4SD1776767126.199.1
Cherry Orchard P CY WR5 2DD7989918629.6100.6
Church Hill Mid CY B98 9LR7171756125.699.0
Claines CofE P VC WR3 7RW2896898929.5100.6
Clent Parochial P VC DY9 9QP1573807327.298.9
Clifton-upon-Teme P CY WR6 6DH1487737326.699.2
Comberton P CY DY10 3ED4587847127.999.7
Cookley Sebright P VC DY10 3TA3284948429.0100.6
Coppice P CY B47 5JN59100979729.1100.7
Cranham P CY WR4 9LS4672836726.399.0
Dines Green P CY WR2 5QH1968846827.2100.7
Drakes' Broughton St Barnabas CofE F & Mid VC WR10 2AW5390908829.299.3
Eldersfield Lawn CofE P VC GL19 4LZ1010010010031.7101.8
Fairfield Community P CY WR4 9HG2257624323.9100.6
Far Forest Lea Memorial CofE P VC DY14 9TQ2575585026.299.0
Foley Park P & N CY DY11 7AW3067574725.799.6
Franche P CY DY11 5QB8085847727.4100.2
Gorse Hill Community P CY WR4 9SG3679797625.9101.3
Great Malvern P CY WR14 2BY5274575325.699.1
Great Witley CofE P VA WR6 6HR2391969129.5100.8
Grimley & Holt CofE P VC WR2 6LU1292929229.5101.1
Grove P CY WR14 2LU4374636025.799.1
Hagley P CY DY9 0NS8496959330.3100.2
Hallow CofE P VA WR2 6LD28100969628.9100.4
Hanley Swan St Gabriel's with St Mary's CofE P VC WR8 0EQ1493939329.899.6
Hartlebury CofE P VC DY11 7TD3096938928.6100.2
Heronswood P CY DY10 4EX3385686526.898.3
Holy Redeemer CP VA WR10 1EB1610010010031.3102.3
Holywell P & N CY B45 9EY6075877327.799.8
Ipsley CofE Mid VC B98 0UB13267725825.997.9
Kempsey P CY WR5 3NT2492928827.699.5
Leigh & Bransford P CY WR13 5DX16100949428.9100.8
Lickey Hills P CY B45 8EU5286807327.698.8
Lickhill P FD DY13 8UA2580968028.1100.7
Lindridge St Lawrence's CofE P VA WR15 8JQ1191918227.399.9
Lyppard Grange P CY WR4 0DZ4279797627.699.3
Madresfield CofE P VA WR13 5AA1573806727.699.1
Malvern Parish CofE P VA WR14 3BB3087978729.7100.5
Malvern Wells CofE P VA WR14 4HF1377856926.898.7
Malvern Wyche CofE P VC WR14 4ET2095959529.4100.7
Martley CofE P VC WR6 6QA2291918628.499.9
Meadow Green P CY B47 6EQ3792868429.3100.3
Northleigh CofE P VC WR14 1QS4493989329.299.9
Northwick Manor P CY WR3 7EA7991918829.4100.7
Nunnery Wood P CY WR5 1QE4271605526.297.3
Offmore P CY DY10 3HA5581747227.298.9
Oldbury Park P CY WR2 6AA6190757328.099.5
Our Lady Queen of Peace CP VA WR2 4EN2997939330.0101.7
Parkside Mid CY B61 0AH11478726427.399.8
Pendock CofE P VC GL19 3PW4<<<<<
Perdiswell P CY WR3 8QA5987827728.6100.2
Perry Wood P & N CY WR5 1PP5067675925.499.4
Pitmaston P CY WR2 4ZF8787868229.2101.0
Powick CofE P VC WR2 4RT3080737327.498.9
Red Hill CofE P VC WR5 2HX4580645926.198.8
Ridgeway Mid CY B96 6BD11977736327.398.8
Romsley St Kenelm's CofE P VC B62 0LF2584808028.9100.2
Rushwick CofE P VC WR2 5SU1410010010030.0100.5
Simon de Montfort Mid CY WR11 1DL11880746826.598.3
Somers Park P CY WR14 1SE5898969630.5101.4
St Ambrose CP VA DY10 1RP3184817427.3100.0
Stanley Road P CY WR5 1BD2769463824.597.4
St Anne's CofE P VC DY12 2UQ4881857928.3100.3
St Barnabas CofE P VC WR3 8NZ5974746426.6100.5
St Bartholomew's CofE P VC DY13 0EL4174746426.498.5
St Bede's Catholic Mid VA B98 7HA15081777227.198.9
St Catherine's CofE P VC DY11 5HP3979797727.999.9
St Clement's CofE P VA WR2 5NS2780807627.099.9
St Egwin's CofE Mid VC WR11 4JU11184676626.998.7
St George's CP VA WR1 3JY3083878328.2100.5
St George's CofE P VA WR1 1RD2781706326.499.8
St George's CofE P & N VC DY10 2HE2889968930.0101.5
St James' CofE P VA WR14 4BB1292929228.399.2
St John's CofE Foundation Mid FD B61 7DH12184858028.499.2
St John's CofE P VC DY11 6AP5973635726.698.7
St Joseph's CP VA WR14 1PF1794827627.799.2
St Joseph's CP VA WR4 9PG3069866626.899.4
St Joseph's CP VA WR9 0RY24921009228.799.6
St Mary's CP VA WR11 4EJ2290908628.3100.4
St Mary's CP VA WR12 7DZ9100898930.0100.3
St Mary's CofE P VA DY10 2LX1464796425.1101.1
St Matthias CofE P VA WR14 1NA2969696626.198.9
St Nicholas' CofE Mid VC WR10 2ER8586837928.399.8
St Oswald's CofE P VC DY10 2YL3258685525.7100.8
Stourport P CY DY13 8HD4462846026.799.1
St Wulstan's CP VA DY13 8TX3083868328.8100.2
Suckley P CY WR6 5DE11911009129.5100.3
Sutton Park Community P CY DY11 6PH3264675525.9100.4
Tenbury CofE P VC WR15 8BS2775756127.298.7
Upper Arley CofE P VC DY12 1XA1788828229.1101.6
Upton-upon-Severn CofE P VC WR8 0LD3685797427.099.5
Walkwood CofE Mid VC B97 5AQ18574646026.998.5
Warndon P CY WR4 9PE4881817326.999.6
Welland P CY WR13 6NE1910010010030.0100.8
Westacre Mid CY WR9 0AA9288838027.999.8
Whittington CofE P VC WR5 2QZ2896898928.599.6
Wilden All Saints CofE P VC DY13 9LP2882898228.2100.6
Witton Mid CY WR9 8BD16988807727.598.6
Wolverley Sebright P VA DY11 5TP1275756726.099.6
Woodfield Mid CY B98 7HH14683777427.499.8