Yorkshire, East Riding of

Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Airmyn Park P CY DN14 8NZ888888829.6100.3
Aldbrough P CY HU11 4RR2295959029.1100.0
All Saints CofE J VC HU13 9JD10692777527.6100.5
Anlaby Acre Heads P CY HU4 7ST5084767227.198.9
Anlaby P CY HU10 6UE5584847527.6100.0
Bacon Garth P CY HU16 5BP24961009629.1104.0
Barmby Moor CofE P FD YO42 4EQ11100808029.4100.3
Barmby-on-the-Marsh P CY DN14 7HQ8100757528.9101.3
Bay P CY YO16 7SZ3675787225.699.6
Beeford CofE P VC YO25 8AY11100919128.4101.2
Bempton P CY YO15 1JA5<<<<<
Beswick & Watton CofE VC YO25 9AR2<<<<<
Beverley Minster CofE P VC HU17 8LA5988888228.399.8
Beverley St Nicholas Community P CY HU17 0QP4464664825.798.4
Bilton Community P CY HU11 4EG3594918927.998.4
Bishop Wilton CofE P VC YO42 1SP4<<<<<
Boothferry P CY DN14 6TL4580786927.3100.1
Boynton P CY YO16 4XQ7100575727.499.2
Brandesburton P CY YO25 8RG2488797126.698.3
Brough P CY HU15 1AE5491938728.6100.2
Bubwith Community P CY YO8 6LW1392858527.999.6
Bugthorpe CofE P VC YO41 1QQ710010010030.0101.4
Burlington J CY YO16 7AQ9083857927.699.7
Burstwick Community P CY HU12 9EA2095898428.799.8
Burton Agnes CofE P VC YO25 4NE1310010010029.4101.5
Burton Pidsea P CY HU12 9AU771717126.699.0
Cherry Burton CofE P VC HU17 7RF3394979129.6100.4
Cottingham Croxby P CY HU5 4TN4589767627.399.6
Cowick CofE P VC DN14 9DG11100828227.899.4
Driffield J CY YO25 5HN10582837327.599.1
Dunswell P CY HU6 0AD1693808028.5100.1
Easington CofE P VC HU12 0TS1175503824.897.8
Eastrington P CY DN14 7QE2273957328.899.5
Elloughton P CY HU15 1HN42100989829.7101.4
Flamborough CofE P VC YO15 1LW1182736425.9101.1
Garton-on-the-Wolds CofE P VC YO25 3EX1173737326.5100.5
Gembling P CY YO25 8HR7100868628.7101.0
Gilberdyke P CY HU15 2SS23100969629.2100.4
Hallgate P Cottingham CY HU16 4DD5081797527.199.4
Hedon P CY HU12 8BN2282867728.2100.3
Hessle Penshurst P CY HU13 9EX3876867326.899.3
Hilderthorpe P CY YO15 3PP4467626024.998.3
Holme-upon-Spalding Moor P CY YO43 4HL3589868028.399.9
Hook CofE P VC DN14 5NW2693898128.2100.9
Hornsea Burton P CY HU18 1TG1173555524.899.2
Hornsea Community P CY HU18 1PB7778696826.899.1
Howden J CY DN14 7SL4693938728.299.8
Hutton Cranswick Community P CY YO25 9PD2075857527.098.9
Inmans P CY HU12 8NL5980807327.199.7
Keldmarsh P CY HU17 8FF3284777428.2100.4
Keyingham P CY HU12 9RU2785636326.799.3
Kilham CofE VC YO25 4SR18100949428.299.8
Kingsway P CY DN14 5HQ4679817427.3100.6
Kirk Ella St Andrew's Community P CY HU10 7QL7290837928.4100.0
Langtoft P CY YO25 3TN2<<<<<
Leconfield P CY HU17 7NP22911009129.2101.0
Leven CofE P VC HU17 5NX2483707026.998.6
Little Weighton Rowley CofE P VC HU20 3XE3<<<<<
Marshlands P CY DN14 5UE2763755824.998.2
Martongate P CY YO16 6YD6472655825.898.9
Melbourne Community P CY YO42 4QE1275757527.398.7
Midton-on-the-Wolds CofE P VC YO25 9UQ7861008628.799.5
Molescroft P CY HU17 7HF6295929029.8100.7
Mount Pleasant CofE J VC YO43 3BY6492898629.0100.5
Nafferton P CY YO25 4LJ4286938628.899.3
Newbald P CY YO43 4SQ1593939328.8101.4
New Pasture Lane P CY YO16 7NR2074796326.2100.4
Newport P CY HU15 2PP1782827627.9100.0
North Cave CofE P VC HU15 2LA9100787828.0100.0
North Ferriby CofE P VC HU14 3BZ2881938127.799.6
North Frodingham P CY YO25 8LA1191919129.4100.5
Parkside P CY DN14 6RQ4875676525.998.9
Patrington CofE P VC HU12 0RW2560404023.097.5
Paull P CY HU12 8AW4<<<<<
Pocklington Community J CY YO42 2BX5980827027.498.9
Pollington-Balne CofE P VA DN14 0DZ1675947527.099.1
Preston P CY HU12 8UY2488927928.199.7
Quay P CY YO16 4LB6063635324.999.8
Rawcliffe Bridge P CY DN14 8NH2<<<<<
Rawcliffe P CY DN14 8RG1479937927.099.5
Reedness P CY DN14 8HG7861008626.698.5
Riston CofE P VC HU11 5JF1182555526.298.9
Roos CofE P VC HU12 0HB13100929228.899.2
Sigglesthorne CofE P VC HU11 5QA888888829.6100.6
Skidby CofE P VC HU16 5TX1275757525.198.1
Skipsea P CY YO25 8ST1080606025.598.3
Skirlaugh CofE P VC HU11 5EB1694949428.3100.7
Sledmere CofE P VC YO25 3XP757865727.099.0
Snaith P CY DN14 9RE4293908528.2100.3
South Cave CofE P VC HU15 2EP4894919129.699.8
Springhead P CY HU10 6TW23871008729.7101.6
Sproatley Endowed CofE VC HU11 4PR2979796427.199.1
Stamford Bridge P CY YO41 1BP4095908829.3100.1
St John of Beverley Roman CP VA HU17 0BU2195909029.6100.1
St Joseph's CP VA DN14 6HQ2195909029.1100.8
St Martin's CofE P VA YO41 5QG15100878730.0100.5
St Mary & St Joseph RC P VA YO42 2HE1479797127.299.0
St Mary's CofE P VC HU17 7HD5893888329.0100.2
St Mary's Market Weighton VA YO43 3DB14100939328.9100.0
St Mary's RC P VA YO15 3PS3197908728.5100.0
Sutton Upon Derwent CofE P VC YO41 4BN886867127.4100.1
Swanland P CY HU14 3NE6595989429.2100.1
Swinefleet P CY DN14 8BX1191737327.5100.6
Swinemoor P CY HU17 9LW4195838328.4101.6
Thorngumbald P CY HU12 9QQ3294949029.1100.1
Tickton CofE P VC HU17 9RZ3288918128.6100.5
Walkington P CY HU17 8SB35911009129.299.8
Warter CofE P FD YO42 1XR2391969130.3100.8
Wawne P CY HU7 5XT1486797927.499.3
Welton P CY HU15 1TJ3491686827.599.6
Westfield P CY HU16 5PE4691898728.9101.0
Wetwang CofE P VC YO25 9XT3<<<<<
Wilberfoss CofE P VC YO41 5ND2710010010031.0101.6
Willerby Carr Lane P CY HU10 6JT7495898728.599.6
Withernsea P CY HU19 2EG6477837227.198.6
Wold Newton Foundation FD YO25 3YJ990909028.2100.1
Woodmansey CofE P VC HU17 0TH2<<<<<