Yorkshire, North

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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Ainderby Steeple CofE P VC DL7 9QR1064555526.199.3
Airy Hill Community P CY YO21 1PZ3494828228.8101.6
Alanbrooke CY YO7 3SF3<<<<<
All Saints Roman CP VA YO7 1NB1182918228.6100.8
All Saints VA HG3 1HD1593939328.699.9
Alne P CY YO61 1RT2387837828.7100.3
Amotherby Community P CY YO17 6TG2291777327.899.3
Applegarth P CY DL7 8QF3778927627.699.4
Appleton Roebuck P CY YO23 7DN1575887528.9100.3
Appleton Wiske Community P CY DL6 2AA778676727.3100.2
Arkengarthdale CofE P VC DL11 6EN886717128.599.2
Askrigg P VC DL8 3BJ10100909030.3101.0
Askwith Community P CY LS21 2HX1210010010031.3101.8
Aspin Park Community P CY HG5 8LQ6591868328.699.3
Bainbridge CofE P & N VC DL8 3EL610010010028.0100.2
Baldersby St James CofE P VC YO7 4PT6?????
Barkston Ash CP VA LS24 9PS1479716427.4100.8
Barlby Bridge Community P CY YO8 5AA1974796327.798.9
Barlby Community P CY YO8 5JQ4095959528.8101.7
Barlow CofE P VC YO8 8ES510010010029.5<
Barrowcliff Community J CY YO12 6NQ4550463323.597.5
Barton CofE P VC DL10 6LJ850635024.499.5
Barwic Parade Community P CY YO8 8DJ3556725324.697.9
Beckwithshaw Community P CY HG3 1QW967564424.798.2
Bedale CofE P VC DL8 2AT4994909028.4100.2
Bilsdale Midcable Chop Gate CofE P VC TS9 7JL2<<<<<
Bilton Grange Community P CY HG1 3BA4876676126.299.3
Birstwith CofE P VC HG3 2NJ910010010031.099.9
Bishop Monkton CofE P VC HG3 3QW14100939330.4100.2
Bishop Thornton CofE P VC HG3 3JR4<<<<<
Bolton-on-Swale St Mary's CofE P VA DL10 6AQ1385625425.498.9
Boroughbridge P CY YO51 9EB2176907627.7101.4
Boyle & Petyt P VA BD23 6HE710010010030.0100.2
Bradleys Both Community P CY BD20 9EF2488968329.8100.0
Braeburn Community J CY YO11 3LG4164795526.198.9
Brayton Community J CY YO8 9DZ5675827327.698.8
Brompton & Sawdon Community P CY YO13 9DL4<<<<<
Brompton Community P CY DL6 2RE25881008829.4102.3
Brompton-on-Swale CofE P VC DL10 7JW2181958129.4100.3
Broomfield CY DL7 8RG2896898928.598.9
Brotherton & Byram Community P CY WF11 9HQ2471716725.899.0
Bullamoor J CY DL6 1RF2878967827.399.1
Burneston CofE P VA DL8 2HX1383928327.899.9
Burnsall P VA BD23 6BP1080806027.699.7
Burnt Yates CofE P VA HG3 3EJ863635027.099.1
Burton Leonard CofE P VC HG3 3RW960806026.499.3
Burton Salmon Community P CY LS25 5JY978565625.397.6
Camblesforth Community P CY YO8 8HW1789747427.598.9
Carleton Endowed VA BD23 3DE1292929229.0100.8
Carlton-in-Snaith Community P CY DN14 9NR19891008929.2100.2
Carlton Miniott Community P CY YO7 4NJ2383877827.999.0
Castleton Community P CY YO21 2DA7100868630.0100.9
Catterick Garrison CY DL9 3HN2257675224.998.8
Catterick Garrison CY DL9 4ED3672665926.298.8
Cawood CofE P VA YO8 3SQ1681818127.999.6
Cayton Community P CY YO11 3NN2966695926.699.3
Chapel Haddlesey CofE P VC YO8 8QF2<<<<<
Christ Church CofE P VC BD23 2AP17100939328.8101.0
Cliffe P VC YO8 6NN1479867928.3100.2
Colburn Community P CY DL9 4LS2448764425.199.3
Cononley Community P CY BD20 8NA2488757128.799.6
Coppice Valley Community P CY HG1 2DN2175706525.498.8
Cowling Community P CY BD22 0DF2383968328.299.5
Cracoe & Rylstone CofE P VC BD23 6LQ710010010030.4100.5
Crakehall CofE P VC DL8 1HP1190909029.1100.1
Crayke CofE P VC YO61 4TZ14921009231.6101.8
Croft CofE P VC DL2 2SP1794949428.9100.3
Dacre Braithwaite CofE P VA HG3 4AN10100909029.1100.1
Danby CofE VC YO21 2NG889787829.099.5
Darley Community P CY HG3 2PZ6100676727.0<
Dishforth Airfield Community P CY YO7 3DL4<<<<<
Dishforth CofE P VC YO7 3LN1182827327.5100.2
Drax Community P CY YO8 8NP3<<<<<
Easingwold Community P CY YO61 3HJ2592817728.7100.4
East Ayton Community P CY YO13 9EW2679796727.598.9
East Cowton CofE P VC DL7 0BD4<<<<<
East Whitby Community P CY YO22 4HU2374656126.399.8
Egton CofE P VA YO21 1UT875636325.997.2
Embsay CofE P VC BD23 6RH3110010010031.0101.4
Eppleby Forcett CofE P VC DL11 7AY6100838327.099.8
Escrick CofE P VC YO19 6JQ1310010010029.3100.5
Fairburn Community P CY WF11 9JY4<<<<<
Farnley CofE P VA LS21 2QJ683505025.0<
Filey J CY YO14 9LU6773817227.099.1
Follifoot CofE P VC HG3 1DU683838327.0<
Forest of Galtres Anglican/Methodist P VC YO30 1AG3494918828.7100.0
Foston CofE P VC YO60 7QB3<<<<<
Fountains CofE P VC HG4 3PJ1479867928.598.9
Fountains Earth VC HG3 5RZ3<<<<<
Friarage Community P CY YO11 1QB4263745825.699.6
Fylingdales CofE P VC YO22 4TH786868626.199.1
Gargrave CofE P VC BD23 3RE683676727.099.4
Gillamoor CofE P VC YO62 7HX771292924.097.5
Gladstone Road J CY YO12 7DD11679626026.799.4
Glaisdale P CY YO21 2PZ4<<<<<
Glasshouses Community P CY HG3 5QH1110010010030.0100.6
Glusburn Community P CY BD20 8PJ4988767327.8100.3
Goathland P CY YO22 5ND3<<<<<
Goldsborough CofE P VC HG5 8NJ1191737329.599.7
Grassington CofE P VC BD23 5LB1183838327.399.0
Great Ouseburn Community P CY YO26 9RG7861008628.799.8
Great Smeaton Community P CY DL6 2EQ1385927729.199.9
Greatwood Community P CY BD23 2SJ3485716526.1100.4
Green Hammerton CofE P VC YO26 8BN989787829.7100.5
Grewelthorpe CofE P VC HG4 3BH710010010028.7101.0
Greystone Community P CY HG4 1RW2383837427.099.5
Grove Road Community P CY HG1 5EP3683787527.3101.4
Gunnerside Methodist P VC DL11 6LE1<<<<<
Hackforth & Hornby CofE P VC DL8 1PE5<<<<<
Hackness CofE P VC YO13 0JN1275836727.8100.4
Hambleton CofE P VC YO8 9HP1210010010030.099.9
Hampsthwaite CofE P VC HG3 2EZ1310010010030.7102.7
Hawes Community P CY DL8 3RQ9100898929.099.2
Hawsker Cum Stainsacre CofE P VC YO22 4LA667836728.6<
Helmsley Community P CY YO62 5HB1571937127.6100.5
Hemingbrough Community P CY YO8 6QS3592949230.0100.6
Hensall Community P CY DN14 0QQ1710010010030.2102.6
Hertford Vale CofE P VC YO12 4SS1593878729.299.8
Hinderwell Community P CY YO12 4HF2348363223.698.3
Hipswell CofE P VC DL9 4BB2483888328.499.6
Hirst Courtney & Temple Hirst Community P CY YO8 8QT5<<<<<
Holy Trinity CofE J VC HG4 2ES5280767327.298.5
Hookstone Chase Community P CY HG2 7DJ2688928828.399.8
Hovingham CofE P VC YO62 4LF5<<<<<
Huby CofE P VC YO61 1HX1876827627.299.6
Hunmanby P CY YO14 0QH2291828228.2100.6
Hunton & Arrathorne Community P CY DL8 1QB3<<<<<
Husthwaite CofE P VC YO61 4QA1694948829.4100.5
Hutton Rudby P CY TS15 0EQ3291818129.299.3
Ingleby Arncliffe CofE P VA DL6 3NA2<<<<<
Ingleby Greenhow CofE P VC TS9 6LL583838326.599.7
Ingleton Mid CY LA6 3BU5988837927.8100.0
Ings Community P & N CY BD23 1TE4<<<<<
Kell Bank CofE P VC HG4 4LH5<<<<<
Kellington P CY DN14 0NY1479645726.499.1
Kettlesing Felliscliffe Community P CY HG3 2LB7100868628.799.4
Kettlewell P CY BD23 5HX4<<<<<
Kildwick CofE P VC BD20 9BH1694949428.7100.3
Killinghall CofE P VC HG3 2DW1675756927.099.5
Kirby Hill CofE P VC YO51 9DS1788767628.4100.9
Kirkby & Great Broughton CofE P VA TS9 7AL11911009129.7100.4
Kirkby Fleetham CofE P VC DL7 0SA1170505025.299.4
Kirkby in Malhamdale United P VA BD23 4BY4<<<<<
Kirkby Malzeard CofE P VC HG4 3RT11911009127.899.6
Kirkbymoorside Community P CY YO62 6AG2669926927.198.6
Kirk Fenton Parochial CofE P VC LS24 9RF1694818129.1100.7
Kirk Hammerton CofE P VC YO26 8DE771575724.999.6
Kirk Smeaton CofE P VC WF8 3JY683838328.098.5
Knaresborough St John's CofE P VC HG5 0JN4073806828.0100.7
Knayton CofE P VC YO7 4AN989897829.0101.1
Langton P CY YO17 9QP1573807326.6100.0
Lealholm P CY YO21 2AQ786715727.4100.5
Leavening Community P CY YO17 9SW989898927.399.3
Leeming & Londonderry Community P CY DL7 9SG683333325.098.9
Leeming Bar CofE P VC DL7 9AU810010010029.7100.4
Leeming RAF Community P CY DL7 9NQ2286958628.3100.3
Leyburn Community P CY DL8 5SD2886827527.199.7
Lindhead CY YO13 0DG3588797428.5100.3
Linton-on-Ouse P CY YO30 2BD1473535325.899.3
Longman's Hill Community P CY YO8 9BG2983837927.5100.1
Long Marston CofE P VC YO26 7LR771715726.699.2
Lothersdale Community P CY BD20 8HB16100949430.2101.6
Luttons Community P CY YO17 8TF1<<<<<
Lythe CofE P VC YO21 3RT1673807326.698.9
Malton Community P CY YO17 7DB4173666326.5101.2
Markington CofE P VC HG3 3NR786868629.199.7
Marton-Cum-Grafton CofE P VA YO51 9QB1010010010030.0100.3
Masham CofE P VA HG4 4EG11100919129.7101.9
Meadowside Community P CY HG5 0SL3190878428.2100.0
Melsonby Methodist P VC DL10 5ND9781007827.7100.4
Michael Syddall CofE P VA DL10 7LB2291737326.9100.0
Midham CofE VA DL8 4QX10901009030.0100.2
Midton Tyas CofE P VC DL10 6SF19100959530.6100.4
Mill Hill Community P CY DL6 1AE3579767126.299.6
Monk Fryston CofE P VC LS25 5PN1883898327.599.9
Moorside J CY HG4 1SU3184848128.199.7
Nawton Community P CY YO62 7SF1371716426.4100.2
Newby & Scalby P CY YO12 5JA5884787228.199.9
New Park Community P CY HG1 3HF2378787427.7100.0
North & South Cowton Community P CY DL7 0HF5<<<<<
North Duffield Community P CY YO8 5RZ2291868228.2100.0
North Rigton CofE P VC LS17 0DW1392777728.6100.5
North Stainley CofE P VC HG4 3HT4<<<<<
Northstead Community P CY YO12 6LP8485706926.699.3
Norton Community P CY YO17 9BG6183757227.699.5
Nun Monkton P Foundation FD YO26 8ER2<<<<<
Oakridge Community P CY TS13 5HA5<<<<<
Oatlands Community J CY HG2 8QP6984737027.498.7
Osmotherley P CY DL6 3BW875887526.699.2
Overdale Community P CY YO11 3HW3370524825.098.5
Pannal P CY HG3 1LH34971009730.0100.3
Pickering Community J CY YO18 8AJ6476817527.499.2
Pickhill CofE P VC YO7 4JL5<<<<<
Ravensworth CofE P VC DL11 7ET1080707027.099.6
Reeth Community P CY DL11 6SP5<<<<<
Riccall Community P CY YO19 6PF2778747026.898.8
Richard Taylor CofE P VA HG1 3DT3792767627.999.7
Richmond CofE P VC DL10 4NF4576656525.999.5
Richmond Methodist P VC DL10 7BH4687848228.1100.6
Rillington Community P CY YO17 8LA1485857726.899.5
Ripley Endowed CofE VC HG3 3AY12100838328.599.7
Ripon Cathedral CofE P VA HG4 1LT3269666325.599.8
Riverside Community P CY LS24 9JN4791968929.4100.4
Roecliffe CofE P VC YO51 9LY1210010010031.8100.6
Romanby P CY DL7 8BL4588918628.399.5
Roseberry Community P CY TS9 6EP37100979730.299.4
Rosedale Abbey Community P CY YO18 8SA5<<<<<
Rossett Acre P CY HG2 9PH6093908729.4100.4
Ruswarp CofE P VC YO21 1NJ9100898931.0100.0
Sacred Heart RC P VA DL7 8UL13921009229.3100.0
Saltergate Community J CY HG3 2TT4482767627.3100.1
Sand Hutton CofE P VC YO41 1LB1182828227.8100.0
Saxton CofE P VC LS24 9QF743572923.199.2
Scotton Lingerfield Community P CY HG5 9JA8100888828.9100.0
Seamer & Irton Community P CY YO12 4QX5688848127.398.6
Selby Abbey CofE P VC YO8 4QB3372756326.3100.8
Selby Community P CY YO8 4DL2560685225.699.9
Sessay CofE P VC YO7 3NA1385696227.098.5
Seton Community P CY TS13 5AU1080908027.6100.8
Settle Mid CY BD24 0BU7389847827.598.3
Settrington All Saints' CofE P VC YO17 8NP567676724.599.1
Sharow CofE P VC HG4 5BJ743574324.9100.1
Sherburn CofE P VC YO17 8PG5<<<<<
Sherburn Hungate Community P CY LS25 6DD3090979028.9101.2
Sherburn in Elmet CY LS25 6AY2793938928.6102.1
Sheriff Hutton P CY YO60 6SH2090767628.199.6
Sicklinghall Community P CY LS22 4BD5<<<<<
Sinnington P CY YO62 6SL1688948829.6101.3
Skelton Newby Hall CofE P VC HG4 5AJ7100868630.4100.1
Skipton Parish Church CofE P VC BD23 2ES3287716827.199.3
Sleights CofE P VC YO22 5DN1560605324.499.0
Slingsby Community P CY YO62 4AA3<<<<<
Snainton CofE P VC YO13 9AF888887528.5100.2
Snape Community P CY DL8 2TF3<<<<<
South Kilvington CofE P VC YO7 2LR970807026.7100.0
South Milford Community P CY LS25 5AU1493797928.199.5
South Otterington CofE P VC DL7 9HD786868629.198.9
Sowerby Community P CY YO7 1RX3983757027.7100.4
Spennithorne CofE P VC DL8 5PR875636328.198.9
Spofforth CofE P VC HG3 1BA1587878727.4100.1
Stakesby Community P CY YO21 1HY3269846626.798.6
Starbeck Community P CY HG2 7LL3381535025.897.8
Staveley Community P CY HG5 9LQ5<<<<<
St Benedict's Roman CP VA YO62 4DE1675886928.1100.8
St Cuthbert's CofE P VC HG3 5LE683676727.099.5
St George's Roman CP VA YO11 3RE1283757527.899.2
St Hedda's Roman CP VA YO21 1UX3<<<<<
St Hilda's Ampleforth CofE P VC YO62 4DG3<<<<<
St Hilda's Roman CP VA YO21 1PZ771867129.199.7
Stillington P CY YO61 1LA5<<<<<
St Joseph's CP VA HG1 2DP2993939028.4100.8
St Joseph's CP VA HG3 3JR2<<<<<
St Joseph's CP VA LS24 9JG4<<<<<
St Joseph's Roman CP VA YO18 8AR1182737330.2100.0
St Martin's CofE P VA YO11 3BW3876746827.499.8
St Mary's CP VA HG5 9BG3094878728.6100.5
St Mary's CP VA YO8 9AX1979897927.6100.5
St Mary's Roman CP VA DL10 7DZ3073706326.898.1
St Mary's Roman CP VA YO17 7DB1292757528.099.0
St Nicholas CofE P VC HG4 5JN4<<<<<
Stokesley Community P CY TS9 5EW5780838028.4100.3
St Peter's Brafferton CofE P VA YO61 2PA1681888128.199.7
St Peter's CofE P VC HG1 1JA3987797227.999.0
St Peter's Roman CP VA YO12 6LX3577807428.2100.1
St Robert's CP VA HG1 4AP4386808028.3100.5
St Stephen's CP VA BD23 1PJ3197909029.0100.9
St Wilfrid's CP VA HG4 2ES2789938930.6101.4
Summerbridge Community P CY HG3 4JN5<<<<<
Sutton in Craven CofE P VC BD20 7JS1283676725.598.0
Sutton-in-Craven Community P CY BD20 7ES3087808027.8100.4
Sutton on the Forest CofE P VC YO61 1DW786717127.9100.1
Swainby & Potto CofE P VA DL6 3DH9100676727.799.7
Tadcaster East Community P CY LS24 8AN10901009030.3100.7
Terrington CofE P VA YO60 6NS3<<<<<
Thirsk Community P CY YO7 1SL3985797727.5100.8
Thornton Dale CofE P VC YO18 7TW2085807526.999.7
Thornton in Craven Community P CY BD23 3SX786717129.099.9
Thornton Watlass CofE P VC HG4 4AH5<<<<<
Thorpe Willoughby Community P CY YO8 9NX3087706727.6100.1
Threshfield VC BD23 5NP1587938729.8100.2
Tockwith CofE P VC YO26 7RP2685887728.299.4
Topcliffe CofE P VC YO7 3RG1776717126.898.8
Warthill CofE P VC YO19 5XL4<<<<<
Water Street Community P CY BD23 1PE2996969330.0100.8
Wavell Community J CY DL9 3BJ3589807427.6100.4
Weaverthorpe CofE P VC YO17 8ES3<<<<<
Welburn Community P CY YO60 7DX8100888828.9101.2
West Burton CofE P VC DL8 4JY5<<<<<
West Cliff P CY YO21 3EG2665585824.998.3
Western P CY HG2 0NA5983736427.999.7
West Heslerton CofE P VC YO17 8RD989898927.3100.8
Wheatcroft Community P CY YO11 3BW3379736427.299.4
Whitley & Eggborough Community P CY DN14 0WE1889837827.5100.0
Willow Tree Community P CY HG2 7SG077727026.599.1
Wistow Parochial CofE P VC YO8 3UU1173917327.398.8
Woodfield P CY HG1 4HZ1467736026.199.3
Wykeham CofE P VC YO13 9QB786868627.498.8