Let me ask you this: 'Why do teachers teach?'


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What I like the most about teaching, is to teach what I think I should have learnt during my school years but no one taught me.

Mahdi Mazaheri, Iran

I teach because, for me, it's the most effective and most enjoyable way to change the world. That's the bottom line: we need to change this world, and this is the way I'm choosing to do it. Teaching allows me to work on hearts and minds, to guide people in becoming empowered, literate, engaged, creative, liberated human beings who want to join in this effort to change the world. I remind myself of these reasons, and all the others, quite often, because teaching kids, and adults, is hard – really, really hard.

Isidro Lantigua, Dominican Republic

My mother, a woman of vast intelligence, is a teacher. As I have also found a 'passion-based' career, I realise people choose the paths they do because it means more than a lofty paycheck. When I read reviews from challenged students who claim that my mother inspired them to finish their degree or to overcome scholastic dilemmas, I see that she has found an important calling.

Alexandra Drouhard

I teach because it is my life. I can't think of anything else that I'd rather do. It's very rewarding to inspire others to have the same spark that I do about topics I love.

Sarah Thomas

The money is not that bad. The benefits are good. The hours are great. The kids are fun to be around. Summers off. But you know what is really nice? Every year I get to start over.

Glenn Watson

My mother, a teacher, suggested that I try teaching. Much to my surprise, I discovered that I truly loved it. I like being in the classroom teaching students to love (or at least like) science, to look around themselves with curiosity, and to ask "Why?" a lot. I want them to learn that they should not take things at face value but rather to question, question, question. I also enjoy working with teenagers – they keep me current, they are fun to work with, and they are interesting. Teaching is never boring. And while I certainly don't earn a huge salary, I am doing something that I want to do. I get out of bed every morning at the ridiculous hour of 5.20am, and I want to go to school.

Judy Levy Pordes, teacher for 40 years

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