School holidays map shows difference in dates and duration around Europe

Some countries have very long summer breaks and almost no other holidays

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A mathematician has created a map in an attempt to show the disparity in the length of school holidays around Europe.

Jakub Marian, a Czech linguist currently living in Germany, said that he noticed there are "huge differences" in the dates and duration of primary school holidays after compiling the data.

"Each country’s government determines the dates and duration of school holidays," he wrote on his website.

'Huge differences' can be seen in the length and distribution of school holidays around Europe

In the map, he noted that it was interesting to see how some countries have very long summer breaks and almost no other holidays, while other countries spread their breaks more evenly through the year.

For instance, while Italy and France are seen to have around the same number of total weeks for school holidays, summer breaks in Italy last for 14 weeks, while those in France last for just eight.

Map by Jakub Marian

Earlier this month it was revealed that half of parents around the UK are prepared to pay an average fine of £210 for taking their children on holiday during term time, according to research.

Almost 2,000 parents with children aged between 4 and 16 were surveyed. 66 per cent of those who would take their children on holiday in term time claimed their actions would have “no effect whatsoever” on their child’s education in the long-run.