Secondary School Tables 2009
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A school's value added score is arrived at by predicting what pupils should achieve when they arrive at school at age 11. If – on average – pupils improve on their predicted performance and do better than fellow pupils in similar circumstances, the school will be awarded a score of more than 1,000. If they do worse, it will get less than 1,000.

The average point score for A-level again takes account of all qualifications gained by pupils. An A grade in general or vocational A-level is worth 270 points, B, 240; C, 210; D, 180; and E, 150. The International Baccalaureate is also recognised with a maximum score of 45 being rewarded with 1,380 points.


= Feeder school for sixth-form centres/consortia.
! New institution. Results will be published as N/A (Not Applicable).
< Statistics based on 10 or fewer candidates are suppressed.
AC Academy.
CTC City Technology College.
CY Community school.
CYS Community school with special provision for children with special educational needs.
FD Foundation school.
FDS Foundation special school.
IND Independent school.
INDSS Independent special school.
MODFC College funded by Ministry of defence.
VA Voluntary aided school (usually faith schools which control their own admissions).
VC Voluntary controlled (faith school with admissions controlled by local authority).


COMP Admits all students.
MOD Secondary modern. Admits all students not selected by grammar schools.
SEL State-financed grammar school.
NON SEL Independent school.

Column 1: School or college name
Column 2: Number of 14 to 16-year olds
Column 3: % with five A* to C GCSEs including maths and English
Column 4: % with five A* to C GCSEs in all subjects
Column 5: % with five A* to C GCSEs in one modern foreign language
Column 6: Value Added Score
Column 7: A-level point score per pupil

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Brierton Community Sch (A Specialist Sports Coll) 205 31 78 4 1011.3  
CY Sp comp mixed 11-16
Dyke House Comprehensive Sch 197 32 82 2 1060.2  
FD T comp mixed 11-16
English Martyrs Sch and Sixth Form Coll 267 51 70 22 1015.2 820.3
VA A,LePP comp mixed 11-18
High Tunstall Coll of Science 237 43 61 24 996.4  
FD Sc comp mixed 11-16
Manor Coll of Technology 207 35 65 5 1006  
FD T,RATL comp mixed 11-16
St Hild's Church of England Voluntary Aided Sch 168 39 44 2 1004.8  
VA E comp mixed 11-16


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