Election '97 : QUOTES OF THE DAY

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You're not in Nigeria. You can't buy policies with cash here you know

- Millionaire Paul Sykes, who offered to help pay election expenses for Tory candidates opposed to the Government's "wait-and-see" policy on Europe

I have had communications with my grandson. It was not a soundbite, I can assure.

- Paddy Ashdown on the new family member

There are only four parties seeking government, and the Referendum Party is one of them

- Referendum Party lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC argues for more election broadcasts

It did not occur to me that Mr Dorrell would come out with what he said. I was in shock.

- Pet Whittaker, responding to a the minister's suggestion that she change to a fundholding GP in order to secure a heart bypass operation

Good heavens no! ... I have been saying to the candidates, are you trying to become a member of Parliament only to hand over the powers of Parliament to Brussels, a non-elected bureaucracy? I invented the answer - No, no, no.

- Lady Thatcher, asked whether Britain should enter the single currency

We are going to make the most comprehensive attack on crime this country has seen

- Tony Blair`s party election broadcast

We were unable to have nurses here because they were specifically told they would lose their jobs

- Local councillor Jean Smith explains why there were no nurses at a Liberal Democrat campaign meeting in Chard


- Edwina Currie's opinion of the Conservatives' "dummy" adverts