Election '97: QUOTES OF THE DAY

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"Have I delivered greater prosperity? Is that leadership? Yes. Have I delivered it? Yes." - John Major

"I hate seeing my little brother looking so tired, and knowing it's his own bloody side who have done this to him." - Pat Dessoy, the Prime Minister's elder sister

"He would hand over to the trade unions powers not even dreamed of by Michael Foot when he was leader of the Labour Party."- Michael Howard, The Home Secretary, on Tony Blair

"There is no point in voting for the Tories. They are gone, they have committed suicide. The policies they have adopted are abhorrent to those who normally vote for them. The Tories are dead."- Sir James Goldsmith, leader of the Referendum Party

"I think you know what happened to the South Sea Bubble. I look forward to that happening to new Labour on Thursday." - John Major

"I have the advantage of having been in their front rooms for 35 years. They already know me." - Martin Bell, who is standing as an Independent candidate, canvassing in Tatton

"It's always the grumpy ones who are against us." -

Christine Hamilton, wife of Neil Hamilton the Tory candidate, doing the same

"Because I do not think they are worth it. They haven't done what they said they would do and they are having too much for themselves and not enough for the elderly and poor people." - Elizabeth Gresham, 101, on why she has decided to switch her vote after 70 years of supporting the Tories.

"I bought a brand new pair and now I've got holes in them. " - John Prescott, deputy leader of the Labour Party, tells how the long campaign has affected his shoes

"We stand on the brink of the greatest breakthrough any third party has achieved since the Second World War." - Paddy Ashdown

"This country is sleepwalking into the sort of disastrous policies Labour in power have always been responsible for." - Michael Heseltine