Election '97: QUOTES OF THE DAY

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"No political party is in favour of homelessness. No one sets out to encourage it. Unfortunately, the policies sometimes have that effect. It's true it has not featured in the election campaign so far. The truth is it is not a vote-winner. That is absolutely wrong, but unfortunately it is so." - Tony Banks

"The present political battleground in Britain regarding the European Union is an expression of the need to reconcile two critical factors - unity and sovereignty. The widely-held opinion is that it is not possible to uphold both simultaneously, they are seen as mutually exclusive."- Dr Geoffrey Clements, leader of the Natural Law Party, at the launch its manifesto for Europe

"I am very happy at the way the campaign is going and I am increasingly confident as we move forward to 1 May." - John Major campaigning in Scotland

"This is not a campaign just of bread-and-butter issues. This campaign is about constitutional issues as well. As so often in the past, Scotland may well decide the outcome." - John Major

"Peter doesn't have to have his reality made virtual. He's his own reality." - Peter Horrocks, editor of the BBC's election night programme, talking about Peter Snow and his 3D swingometer

"Politicians are not in the best position to pontificate on this subject of drugs. It is largely a generational problem." - Sir David Steel, Liberal Democrat elder statesman

"Everywhere I go in the world, people want to know about Scotland and why we tolerate our affairs being run by someone else's government." - Sean Connery in a letter to 500,000 voters urging them to support the Scottish National Party.