Election '97 : QUOTES OF THE DAY

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It says something about the management of the Conservative Party at the present time that people like me are forced into this position.

I hope this embarrasses them. They should feel ashamed - Former Tory treasurer Lord McAlpine, protesting against the closure of Bart's Hospital outside Conservative Central Office.

"He is dead and wooden ... Maggie will find it incredibly difficult to keep quiet on this" - Lord McAlpine on John Major's 'wait and see' policy

"It was perfectly clear, that when the unity of silence had been shattered ... that the people would wake up and would no longer tolerate the lies that were being told to them"

- Sir James Goldsmith on Conservative Euro-splits

"We will see how they handle but the new ones are lighter and easier, especially for female staff ... we are keeping our old polling booths even though one does have a bit of graffiti saying 'Vote Chamberlain'."

- Devon Electoral Officer Peter Smith on the new plastic ballot boxes.

"Do you know what the essence of this is? It is the genius of John Major who has kept these options open" - Michael Heseltine on the Conservative European currency debate

"It's no good trotting out the bulldogs if you are going to be a French poodle"

- Michael Forsyth

"It would be interesting to know what Lady Thatcher's election address would say if she were still publishing one."

- Labour Party campaign spokesman Brian Wilson