Election '97: QUOTES OF THE DAY

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If I was a fisherman, I would be as concerned about the way some of it is working, as some of the fishermen I met last summer down here, those I met this morning and ... those I'll meet before Amsterdam and after it - John Major

We need your help to ensure that we win the next general election. A donation will go directly towards securing a victory. Please complete the form attached and return it with a donation in the envelope provided - Letter from Conservative Party Chairman Brian Mawhinney to Tom Jones, Labour leader of Swansea Council

I have no intention of waging war on any schools except failing schools - Tony Blair

There are many similarities in the kind of world they would both like to see begin to emerge - Labour candidate Glenda Jackson on Blair and Clinton

There's a complete difference. I transformed Britain into the most successful economy in Europe. He doesn't have to do anything - Baroness Thatcher, asked about similarities between Blair and herself

When I've left politics I will not spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder talking of the days when I was in politics - John Major

Compiled by Ben Summers