Election '97: Quotes of the day

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I try not not to get ratty with them. Normally, it's only when they don't go to bed when they're told. I threaten them with Jack Straw - Tony Blair, on his kids

John Major is in danger of becoming John Minor within his own party - Robin Cook

You can't tell the truth all the time, can you? No. No. Nobody does - John Prescott

There is one clear, distinct divide between the two main parties, or between the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats. They're essentially federalist. They will go down the route towards a centralist Europe. We will not - John Major

Tony Blair's arrogant remarks that, under devolution, sovereignty would remain with him as an English MP - and his comparison of a Scottish parliament with an English parish council - have exposed new Labour's total untrustworthiness on the constitution - SNP's Chief Executive, Michael Russell

You will never find me selling that birthright for a mess of potage- au-feu and sauerkraut - Referendum Party's Sir George Gardner

This high explosive exchange of insults conducted at Westminster is turning the electorate off in droves. I honestly believe that if this election campaign goes on for the next three weeks as it's gone on for the last three, we will do ourselves terrible damage - Paddy Ashdown