Election '97: QUOTES OF THE DAY

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The Tory party makes the Borgias look like a happy family

John Prescott

This is certainly no way to run a country. It doesn't have to be like this. It's not difficult to see what needs to be done

Liberal Democrat election broadcast

Look, we are not making empty promises. This is the blueprint to create heaven on earth. By using reliable technology that we know works, transcendental meditation and and yogic flying, we can achieve our goals

Natural Law Party deputy leader Peter Warburton launches their manifesto

The Government is saying wait and see, but we can all see very clearly what is likely to happen anyway

Lady Olga Maitland on joining the single currency

It's not long enough and it's going to be 23

John Major on 18 years of Conservative rule

Labour is now the party for business - the entrepreneurs' champion

Tony Blair, launching his party's business manifesto

The Labour Party are keeping the Labour leader away from you rough lot whenever they possibly can. They are keeping Mr Blair out of the way like he was the Plague or New Black Death as no doubt they would call it

John Major at the Conservative news conference

It is not some tiny mythical group of so-called fat cats who will suffer but the ordinary hard-working people of this country

Michael Heseltine on the windfall tax

We are not giving people just a few bob

Businessman Paul Sykes on his offer to fund Conservative candidates who oppose the single currency

It's not a bad life, is it, old boy?

John Major stroking a racehorse at Newmarket stables