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Today's Independent/Harris poll shows Labour maintaining an 18- point lead, with the narrowing of the gap from last week's 22 points well within sampling error.

Against a background of little movement in public opinion, the poll finds that 56 per cent think the election campaign is "boring" and will be glad when it is over, while 36 per cent said they were "interested" and trying to follow it.

Our findings are in line with the average of all five main polls, except that the Liberal Democrats are two points lower, despite a change this week to remind people of them in Harris's interviews.

But there is scope for movement. A quarter of voters (26 per cent) say they "may change my mind" in the next two weeks, with Liberal Democrats most likely to switch (45 per cent) and the Conservative vote softer than Labour's.

Thirty per cent of Tories "may change", against only 17 per cent of Labour supporters.

% 11 April % Now

Labour 52 49

Con 30 31

Lib Dem 12 13

Others 6 6

Harris Research interviewed 1,136 adults face-to-face in their homes between 11 and 14 April.