Energy: Waste of power prompts campaign for efficiency

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Each British household wastes pounds 278 a year by failing to install energy saving measures and appliances, according to a study yesterday. The results, released to coincide with a pounds 4m television and press advertising campaign called Energy Efficiency, mean a total of pounds 6.5bn is thrown away annually.

The initiative brings together manufacturers, retailers, builders merchants, installers, and trade and consumer groups under the direction of the independent government-funded Energy Saving Trust. A special logo will be used whenever consumers must make an energy-using decision, such as new heating or loft insulation, to indicate energy efficient and technologically advanced products.

Energy Saving Trust chief executive Dr Eoin Lees said: "Consumers found the subject of energy efficiency confusing and wanted a truly independent signposting scheme to help them make their purchasing decisions.

"Anyone buying a product, service or measure where they see the Energy Efficiency symbol can be confident that it will incorporate the latest technology, enabling them to save money on their energy bills."

For more information you can call the campaign hotline on 0345 277200 or write to Energy Efficiency, c/o Intelmark, Aylesbury Rd, Thame, Oxon OX3 3PG