Entertainment: 'Full Monty' shows Spielberg the door

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The Full Monty has overtaken Stephen Spielberg's Jurassic Park to become the most successful film in British box office history.

At some point on Tuesday night the film reached a total take of pounds 47.9m. And the film remained at number seven in last weeks' movie top 10 and is still showing on 189 screens after five months on release.

Jurassic Park held the previous record with a box office total of pounds 47.8m - after adding pounds 800,000 to its total to account for money taken at children's cinema clubs over the last four years. The Full Monty, which cost pounds 2m to make and has already taken over pounds 120m worldwide, is likely to prove a bonanza for its stars, who opted to take a share of the film's profits rather than a flat fee.