Ex-policeman denies harassing child abuse witness

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A former policeman yesterday accused a series of witnesses of lying and fabrication when he appeared before the North Wales child abuse tribunal.

He also denied an allegation of abuse and being a frequent visitor to a children's home.

The ex-policeman, who the tribunal ruled cannot be named, denied any harassment of a man who has given evidence to the tribunal, and said that he had not harboured any secret desire for boys.

He also described one claim that he had been seen leaving a home late at night as "total rubbish".

Several witnesses had told about seeing the ex-policeman with a care worker and with golf clubs either in the grounds of a home or elsewhere.

One of the witnesses was Alison Taylor, a former social worker. Gerard Elias QC, counsel for the tribunal, said: "Have you any reason to believe Alison Taylor has anything against you?"

The former policeman replied: "It is totally untrue. Mrs Taylor is telling a total pack of lies."

The tribunal also heard that when he had been originally interviewed by police he had said that he could recall visiting a home on only one occasion to caution a boy.

Mr Elias said: "In fact, you appear to have made 15 visits to the home."

The witness had said that he had been distressed at the time and that what he had told police had been to the best of his recollection at that time. The former policeman denied being involved in any harassment.

Mr Elias asked him: "You are not aware, are you, of any steps taken by any police officer or by yourself to harass [a witness].

"Following his information to the police and statement naming you, you are not aware of any steps taken to harass him?"

The witness replied: "That is an outrageous question to ask. I have not, would not, and have no need to. To suggest that is appalling. It is not true at all."

The former officer also dismissed an allegation that he had been a regular and frequent visitor to one home, both in plain clothes and in uniform, as being entirely wrong.

He rejected a claim about boys being lined up as absolute rubbish - "a complete and utter fabrication", he said.

He also denied a claim that he had been seen outside a shower block at the home.

-- Roger Dobson