Excalibur lands Druid in hot water

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Arthur Pendragon, Senior Druid and chief of the Royal Arthur War Band, was yesterday committed for trial accused of carrying his ceremonial sword and dagger as offensive weapons.

Mr Pendragon, 43, from Farnborough, Hampshire, was bailed to appear at Southwark Crown Court on 28 August. But an application for the Druid swordbearer to have his gold-plated sword, Excalibur, returned so he can take part in Druid festivals was rejected by Bow Street magistrates. Mr Pendragon (above), who appeared in court in long green and white robes, with a silver head-dress, had been stopped by police as he was walking towards Trafalgar Square after a demonstration in London on 12 April. He admitted having the sword in the scabbard and appeared to have been drinking heavily.