Execution threat: Keith Mangan (left) and Paul Wells

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Perils for tourists: A catalogue of kidnaps

22 October 1994: Miles Croston, 28, from Buckinghamshire, Paul Ridout, 26, from Dorset, and Rhys Partridge, 27, from Suffolk, kidnapped in New Delhi, India, by the Muslim extremist group Al-Hadad. Released on 1 November 1994.

26 July 1994: Mark Slater, 28, from London, was captured by Khmer Rouge guerrillas with Australian David Wilson, 29, and Frenchman Jean Michel Braquet, 27, in a train ambush. They were believed to have been shot dead in September 1995.

6 June 1994: Kim Housego, 16, and David Mackie, 36, both from London, were taken from a group of foreign tourists while on a trekking route in Kashmir by militant Kashmiri Muslims, believed to belong to Harakat- ul-Ansar. Both released on 23 June.

11 April 1994: Dominic Chappell, 25, from London, and Tina Dominy, 24, from Kent, were seized with Australian Kellie Wilkinson, also 24, in Cambodia. Human remains recovered from the area in July 1994 suggest they were killed while in captivity.

22 August 1993: Anna Young, 22, and Michael Paterson, 21, both students from Manchester University, were kidnapped by the Kurdish Workers' Party from a bus in Kozluk, south-east Turkey. They were freed two days later after a shoot-out.

8 July 1993: David Rowbottom, 28, from Manchester, and Tania Miller, 28, were kidnapped by Kurdish separatists in eastern Turkey. Released on 11 August 1993.