Farce claim in pay row

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The Gallic contractors who maintain English Heritage monuments such as Stonehenge and Hadrian's Wall came under fire yesterday for allegedly presiding over a "French farce" in their industrial relations.

The Transport and General Workers' Union said a pay offer by SITA - which is owned by Lyonnaise des Eaux - of 6 per cent over 18 months was not worth the paper it was written on because it included a clause which means that management can change conditions of employment whenever it pleases. "If SITA looks after its ancient monuments as well as it looks after its workers, I don't give Stonehenge to the end of this year, " said union official Chris Kaufman.

SITA director Bill Elliott said unions had agreed to recommend the package. "The next thing I hear is that they are holding a press conference in which they attack the deal and the company."