Fashion: Out of the closet

This week Holly Davies talks to Andrew Fionda and Ren Pearce, the duo behind the label Pearce Fionda
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Ren Pearce

"I BOUGHT two pieces of Galliano when I was a student from Joseph on Sloane Street for a super knock-down price. They were from one of his earliest collections just after he left college, when he was really avant garde. It was about the time when I just started my BA in Nottingham. One piece is this jumbo cord claret-coloured jacket with corks hanging on string from the front, it's completely mad. The other is this shirt which is really, really long; it comes down to my knees. Its made of this patchwork embroidery anglais in really bright colours. The cuffs are huge which gives the whole thing a weird silhouette. They're always the things that I notice once in a blue moon in my cupboard and it brings a smile to my face; I've had lots of good times in both of them!"

Andrew Fionda

"I'M ABSOLUTELY not a hoarder; as soon as I realise I've made a big fashion mistake I throw it away. I'm trying to build a definitive wardrobe of the most essential 50 items. I buy loads of stuff from D Squared. They design for real men, it's quite sexy too. The trousers are low-cut and flat-fronted. I buy it all from a shop on South Molton Street. I'm a complete shopaholic, whenever I'm in town I can't help myself. I've got to the stage of my life when I should be allowed to buy whatever I want. I've admittedly got a fuchsia pink John Richmond shirt at the moment, it hasn't quite made it onto my back yet, and appears to be heading for the edge of my wardrobe rail where I'm sure it will find the floor pretty soon.

"I do keep some of my stuff in a suitcase under my bed, like a sailor shirt that Ren made me years ago. I'd never throw it away but I'd never wear it either.

"My fetish is to collect swimming trunks, I've just got a real thing for them. If I go on holiday I take a different pair for every day. Last year I splashed out on a pair of Gucci flip-flops which cut my feet to shreds. That's the last time I buy anything with big sparkly double G logos."