Fayed arrested in Rowland inquiry

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MOHAMED Al Fayed was arrested yesterday over allegations by his great rival Tiny Rowland that the Harrods owner tampered with his safe deposit box at the Knightsbridge store.

Mr Fayed, who was arrested after he went voluntarily to a London police station, was released on police bail after being questioned over allegations of theft of documents, tapes and gems and criminal damage to the box.

The Harrods owner, who was accompanied by his solicitors, denies the allegations and was said to want to bring the matter to a "speedy conclusion".

The allegations first emerged last October when former trade minister Neil Hamilton was giving evidence to the Commons Standards and Privileges committee in the aftermath of the cash-for-questions scandal.

Mr Hamilton alleged that when Mr Fayed discovered that his business rival owned a Harrods deposit box he became "excited" and hatched a plan to find out what was inside.

Mr Hamilton claimed that Mr Rowland's documents were copied and a locksmith was paid off with white envelopes stuffed with pounds 50 notes.