Finance: Unchecked bills mean lost billions

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People are losing billions of pounds a year because of "irritable bill syndrome" - failing to check change or bills - a survey said today. Fewer than half of us (48 per cent) regularly check change, while just 44 per cent check money from cash machines.

Only 55 per cent of people check bills and receipts, although marginally more - 57 per cent - regularly check bank and credit card statements, said the survey, in which 1,000 adults were interviewed.

Behavioural expert Sue Keane blamed the results of the survey, which was carried out on behalf of Direct Line insurance, on high-pressure lifestyles. "We are often too busy or stressed to make the time to benefit from sorting out everyday administration," she said.

Although people seemed casual about money, 91 per cent of those who were questioned said they were furious if they felt they had been ripped- off.

The most common irritation - shared by 52 per cent of people - was being overcharged for refreshments at concerts or football matches.