First Night: Venetian man of many parts

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Ennio Marchetto

Lyric, Hammersmith

IF YOU never thought you'd ever see the Pope, Fidel Castro and Tinky Winky from Teletubbies all on the same bill, then you've never heard of .

Dressed only in a black body-stocking and a rainforest's worth of paper, the Venetian performer lip-syncs and sashays around the stage as a cut- out celeb for a few seconds before ripping off the disguise to reveal another over-the-top caricature.

Imagine several series-worth of contestants from Stars In Their Eyes crossed with a quick-change artist and an expert in origami - and you're half-way to grasping Marchetto. It's comedy, Jim, but not as we know it.

The show represents an astonishing feat of memory; he runs through scores of celebs in little over an hour. It is also blinding technically. At one point, with just a few carefully folded strips of paper, Marchetto manages to become Dolly Parton bouncing along on a horse. Later, the simple application of a pair of pigtails changes Keith from the Prodigy into Judy Garland and then Godzilla.

For all his mimes and moves, however, the suspicion remains that Marchetto is a one-trick pony. Once you've been dazzled by one breathtaking metamorphosis, the law of diminishing returns sets in. Karaoke night at the local pub might be more fun.