Flat Earth: No hiding place

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It is logical to assume that if you are going to commit a robbery you should don some sort of disguise to conceal your identity. But a robber in Allentown, Pennsylvania, thought he'd be less obtrusive sans clothes.

Last week he pleaded guilty to robbing a string of convenience stores in the town. He stole $400 (pounds 250 ) from a mini-market completely naked, save for the added flourish of his underwear on his head. He then struck again a couple of days later, leaving two cashiers in paroxysms of laughter before handing over their takings. He obviously had nowhere to hide a weapon, but led his victims to believe he had a pistol wrapped in a flannel shirt around his hand.

"His logic was that the last time he did some robberies, he had clothes on, and was identified by his clothes," explained the local district attorney.