Flower Girl, aged 4, warns dad not to embarrass her at upcoming wedding

Sassy 4 year old Jo Jo tells her father "you don't understand weddings!" as she explains the proper way to behave during the ceremony

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Jo Jo Lomelino, aged 4, explains to her dad that he cannot call her or talk during an up and coming ceremony which she is a flower girl at.

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"You don't know what weddings look like, but now you will know what weddings look like" as her father laughs behind the camera she gets even more serious with her message,  and after a short exchange of words she finally looses her cool and declares "you don't understand weddings! at all!"

The video has received  around 1.2m views since it was uploaded last week, her dad wrote on the video "Don't mess with JoJo when she's being a flowergirl." The video has even inspired a Game of Thrones parody:

Cersei Lannister to Tywin Lannister - "you don't understand weddings":