Follower of `live on light' guru dies fasting in hills

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THE BODY of a woman found in the Scottish Highlands is believed to be that of a follower of a New Age movement which believes people can live on light.

The body was recovered near a tent on a hill overlooking Cam Loch, near Elphin, Sutherland, after being discovered by a fisherman last Thursday.

A diary was found among the woman's belongings and police believe she was following the teachings of the Australian "guru" Ellen Greve. Ms Greve, who calls herself Jasmuheen, claims to have had no need for food since 1993, in the movement known as Breatharianism.

Police believe that the woman, who was 50, was overcome by the climate while weakened through not eating. It is understood that she was a member of the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community established 37 years ago in Morayshire, Scotland.

A spokesman for the Northern constabulary said: "The body was found 100 yards from a from tent and was recovered by boat and helicopter. The woman appears to have been on some sort of mission, her diary indicates she was following a religious or cult-type ritual."

This is the second death associated with the movement - another woman died in Australia in July last year. Gerd Lange, Ms Greve's promoter in Britain, said last night the process should only be attempted with someone to look after the one who was fasting.